Welcome to your Color Numerology Forecast for September 7-13, 2020!

In this forecast, you’ll discover how the color mirrors will help you navigate the week ahead. The general theme for this week is trust, letting go of anger, and finding perfection through imperfection. 

Use the color mirrors to help you focus on what energies are most needed for you to thrive during the week. Focusing on this week’s numerology, the color mirrors feed off the sacred vibrations that surround us.

How will you be guided this week?


Universal Year Cycle Influence

4 Universal Year– Uranus (Yellow / Deep Turquoise)

This planet signifies change and disruption of the old order.  It is time to clear everything that no longer serves you and let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth.  This is the planet of the future and is about clearing everything that will not fit into the Golden Age of Aquarius.  Expect the unexpected.

2020 Influence

20 – Awakening (Magenta / Copper)

This bottle refers to is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation.  As you realize that the Divine is in everything, you begin to understand that where you are in this moment is where heaven is.  You never left home in the first place.  You are the Divine in a physical form, and with copper connected to magenta, you begin to understand that your physical form is the link between heaven and earth.  Your soul and body are as one, and your awakening comes when you see that truth clearly.  What seems furthest removed from spirit becomes Divine perfection unfolding when you see it all as Divine, all perfect.

Month Number 9 Color Mirrors Influence

9 – Mars (Red / Orange)

Powerful and warlike, Mars is the source of your fire energy.  Use it wisely to change what needs changing rather than just being angry and frustrated.  This bottle urges you not to spend your life being meek and angry.  Say what needs saying rather than holding grudges that endlessly play in your head as:  “I should have said”.  Mars is a powerful ally when things need to be set in motion.  Now is the moment for drastic action.  This bottle energizes you so that you can do and say what you need to.

Day Number Influences for week commencing 7th September – 13th September

September 7 – Neptune (Turquoise / Deep Turquoise)

Neptune was the Roman god of the sea, ruling spirituality and the depths of the unconscious.  The color turquoise relates to mystery, illusion, miracles and faith.  If this is your bottle, you are always able to hear others’ troubles.  You are perceptive, intuitive and a great peace-bringer to those suffering difficulties, yet you tend to carry your burdens alone and may find it difficult to share your secrets with others.  This is a time to trust that miracles can happen and that you are on the brink of something wonderful.  Trust the process – it works.

September 8 – Saturn (Pale Violet / Deep Violet)

Saturn is old father time, stern and fair.  He relates to destiny and what you have set up that is not negotiable.  Time passes; you cannot stop its progress.  Saturn helps you see that no one is judging you and that it is time to stop judging yourself.  As you learn to create balance in your life, this bottle brings gifts of wisdom and a deeper understanding of who you truly are.  It helps you overcome feelings of restriction and burden and find the gifts in your experiences.  This is not a time to rush things.  Saturn teaches the value of persistence and insists that any new structure must be built on a solid foundation.

September 9 – Mars (Red / Orange)

Again, Mars is the source of your fire energy. Draw on this energy wisely and ask yourself what you need to change rather than surrendering to anger or frustration.  This bottle wants you to consider how it would feel to let go of anger. Say what you need to say to get it off your chest and then let it go. In this sense, Mars is a powerful ally when certain things need to be set in motion. So, if there’s something you what to say or do, this bottle will energize you.

September 10 – Wheel of Fortune (Gold / Olive)

This bottle says that now is the time to access your inner wisdom (gold) and activate your feminine power (olive).  Olive is the green of the heart mixed with the gold in the solar plexus – your power center.  When power is connected to love it can never be abused and will always be a soft, feminine power.  This bottle relates to an Egyptian lifetime and asks you to remember who you were at that time.  Your power can be reactivated now as you stand before great changes in your life.  You can do it.  The wheel has turned and you have everything you need to make it work.   Trust your heart.

September 11 – Duality (Deep Magenta / Clear)

The number 11 is a master number, and the hidden message in this bottle is that it is the last look at issues of separation (think of the twin towers on 11th September).  It indicates a difficult life path as you struggle to bring together the light and the dark.  Look deeper.  The dark is deep magenta, the color related to Divine love and healing.  Hidden in these colors are the answers to all issues of separation.  This is where you finally let go of your judgment of God who got you into the mess in the first place.  This bottle helps you see that there has only ever been perfection in the imperfections of your life.  Be willing to claim this level of mastery and fully accept the gift of Divine love that is available for you now and always.

September 12 – Heaven on Earth (Violet / Red)

Number 12 in the Tarot is the Hangman, which shows an image of a man hanging upside down – but with this bottle, the colors are the right way up: violet is above red; the crown is above base; and, heaven is above earth. This placement implies that everything in between is also in its proper place.  Yet with this bottle, you are asked to look at what you believe is not perfect about your world.  What are you still judging as not heaven and therefore not Divine?  Where do you judge yourself or the world as imperfect?  What is keeping you from living in heaven on earth?  Let this bottle show you the core beliefs that are keeping you from living your perfect life.

September 13 – Transformation – Pluto (Dark Violet / Pale Violet)

The number 13 relates to Scorpio, the sign of death, regeneration and rebirth.  This bottle relates to the scorpion and the phoenix and is about being able to go through the dark night of the soul and come out stronger.  These colors signify the release of grief so that it might be used as a service to the world.  Stand up and let the world see the new you.

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