Welcome to your Color Numerology Forecast for August 30-September 6, 2020!

In this forecast, you’ll discover how the color mirrors will help you navigate the week ahead. The general theme for this week is stepping into your own power instead of leaning on others. 

Use the color mirrors to help you focus on what energies are most needed for you to thrive during the week. Focusing on this week’s numerology, the color mirrors feed off the sacred vibrations that surround us.

How will you be guided this week? Read on below to find out…

Universal Year Cycle Influence

4 Universal Year– Uranus (Yellow / Deep Turquoise)

This planet signifies change and disruption of the old order.  It is time to clear everything that no longer serves you and let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth.  This is the planet of the future and is about clearing everything that will not fit into the Golden Age of Aquarius.  Expect the unexpected.

2020 Influence

20 – Awakening (Magenta / Copper)

The awakening this bottle refers to is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation.  As you realize that the Divine is in everything, you begin to understand that where you are in this moment is where heaven is.  You never left home in the first place.  You are the Divine in a physical form, and with copper connected to magenta, you begin to understand that your physical form is the link between heaven and earth.  Your soul and body are as one, and your awakening comes when you see that truth clearly.  What seems furthest removed from spirit becomes Divine perfection unfolding when you see it all as Divine, all perfect.

Month Influence – August

8 – Saturn (Pale Violet / Deep Violet)

Saturn holds the strict energy of a father—stern and fair.  He relates to destiny and what you have set up that is not negotiable.  Time passes; you cannot stop its progress.  Saturn helps you see that no one is judging you and that it is time to stop judging yourself.  As you learn to create balance in your life, this bottle brings gifts of wisdom and a deeper understanding of who you truly are.  It helps you overcome feelings of restriction and burden and find the gifts in your experiences.  This is not a time to rush things.  Saturn teaches the value of persistence and insists that any new structure must be built on a solid foundation.

Month Influence – September

9 – Mars (Red / Orange)

Powerful and warlike, Mars is the source of your fire energy.  Use it wisely to change what needs changing rather than just being angry and frustrated.  This bottle urges you not to spend your life being meek and angry.  Say what needs saying rather than holding grudges that endlessly play in your head as:  “I should have said”.  Mars is a powerful ally when things need to be set in motion.  Now is the moment for drastic action.  This bottle energizes you so that you can do and say what you need to.

Day Number Influences for week commencing 31st August – 6th September 2020

Monday, August 31 – The Hermit (Pale Green / Deep Green)

This bottle relates to the Hermit in the Tarot and is about badly needing your own space and boundaries.  It indicates that you are overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities and need a time out to rest and reflect.  When life has presented you with challenges, it helps you stop and go within so that you can integrate the lessons you have learned.

This bottle is about being able to function at the deepest levels from your heart, in the sense of making a difference in the world.  If this gift is blocked or unexpressed, however, it could easily turn into martyrdom.  Learn to be at peace in your own space rather than craving what others appear to have.  No one has more than you.  Green relates to the earth as well as the human heart chakra.  As you heal your heart, you heal the earth.  You have a deep connection with the earth and the Devic realms.  Everything you touch will grow.

Tuesday, September 1 – The Sun – I Am (Yellow / Yellow)

This bottle vibrates to the energy of the sun – the light source and the life force of the world.  It also resonates with the energy center at the center of your being, the solar plexus.  This first bottle acknowledges your “I AMness”, that feeling of being totally connected with your highest aspect.  This is true power – the recognition that the Divine is in everything and oneness is the natural state of the universe.  This bottle clears confusion and fear and is helpful for SAD and depression.  Yellow is the color of intellect, brightness, light and joy.  The Color Mirrors system as a whole is a journey of Ascension, and as Ascension is a by-product of joy, the only way the system could really begin was with a bottle that reflects that joy.

Wednesday, September 2 – The Moon – I Feel (Pale Blue / Royal Blue)

This bottle carries the energy of the moon and the tides, the seasons and cycles of existence.  It relates to the throat, choice and taking responsibility for your word.  It is helpful when you have difficulty communicating and making yourself heard.  This bottle brings peace, connecting you with the angelic realms and enfolding you in a protective blue cloak.  So far very few of your fears have manifested.  Begin to have faith that what has kept you safe until now will continue to do so.

Thursday, September 3 – Jupiter (Coral / Coral)

Jupiter is huge, expansive and powerful – and this bottle reminds you that you are too.  The colour coral is made up of pink (love) and yellow (wisdom) and indicates a shift from old patterns of giving your power away, to fearlessly reclaiming who you are and what you are for.  Now is the time to finally stand up and say:  “This is who I am”.  When you are able to do that with conviction, you will feel the full support of the universe and Jupiter’s beneficence in your life.  This can be a time of great blessings if you are willing to unconditionally accept yourself with love and compassion.

Friday, September 4 – Uranus (Yellow / Deep Turquoise)

This planet signifies change and disruption of the old order.  It is time to clear everything that no longer serves you and let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth.  This is the planet of the future and is about clearing everything that will not fit into the Golden Age of Aquarius.  Expect the unexpected.

Saturday, September 5 – Mercury (Green / Pale Green)

This bottle links to Gemini:  movement, communication and versatility.  It relates to those who are mercurial and quick-minded, with a sense of feeling that is swifter than logic.  Begin to be the magician; the old pattern of being the trickster no longer serves you.  You will need to be upfront and clear in your dealings.  The number five relates to issues of discipline and freedom, and the color green signifies change and new beginnings.  This bottle is about letting go of all the masks:  everything you have used to hide behind has to be removed.  The truth about your magnificence has to be told clearly, and if any part of you still wants to hide, it will make life quite difficult.  The answer to the dilemma that this bottle presents is to be constantly aware of what makes you feel small and change that.  This is your time.  You can only be free by being honest with yourself.

Sunday, September 6 – Venus (Pink / Pink)

Venus relates to love, harmony and joy in relationships.  She brings love into your life when you learn that love from the outside comes when you reach a place of deep self-acceptance.  Pink is the color of unconditional love, and its message is that the more you are able to love yourself, the more abundant your life will be.  A feeling of ‘not enough’ inside will always lead to a reality reflection of ‘not enough’ outside.  This color relates to all things feminine, including mothering.  Now is the time to treat yourself to some of your own nurturing energy.

Let us know in the comments which color mirror message resonated with you?

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