If you have the number 2 anywhere in your numerology chart, here are a few helpful hints to assist you to step into the power of the 2.

The following is particularly important if the #2 shows up as your Life Path, Soul Urge, or Expression number. If you don’t know what these are, use our handy numerology calculator to instantly find out.

The following is also relevant if you begin to see the number 2 everywhere you go… on your phone, on license plates, addresses, etc. It may be the Universe trying to send you a message!

The 2’s motto: “All you need is love.”

Here are your Number 2 resources:

Since your key themes are love, patience, relationship, diplomacy, intuition, over-sensitivity and emotional enmeshment, here are some suggested resources that might assist you along the way!


When the number 2 shows up anywhere in your chart, you’re being called upon to develop and act with diplomacy and patience.  Your job description involves being a peacekeeper and also to mediate win/win outcomes on all fronts.  You also need to understand that this is a double-edged sword, because what’s needed if you’re being called up to use diplomacy and mediation?  That’s right.  Conflict.  There’s the rub.  You’ll come up against more than your share of conflict in life because it’s your training ground for becoming a master mediator, yet you tend to want to avoid conflict at all cost. Understand that the conflict you encounter is your teacher.  It’s teaching you to balance your emotional sensitivity with the ability to emotionally detach.


You are an emotional being.  It is both a blessing and curse of the 2 that you’re highly emotionally attuned, almost too much so.  This gift also demands an extraordinary effort to understand, develop, and discipline.  You can easily find yourself taking on the emotional debris of other people.  You’re a pleaser and so a main focus is on giving and receiving love and immersing yourself in relationship.  Yet it takes some doing for you to learn about healthy emotional detachment and turn your external need for approval and outside acknowledgement into self-actualization.

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Since the number 2 is learning all about love and relationships, there will be consistent lessons to be experienced in the relationship department.  One of the key lessons the 2 is learning is how to retire from being a doormat.  Peacekeeping and wanting everyone to be okay is a lofty goal and yet one that can challenge you to stand up for yourself rather than folding into the whims of others.  As Byron Katie says: “Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation from anyone. And watch what happens in reality.”


One of the ways to hone your amazing emotional sensitivity is to learn your own intuitive language.  You’re highly sensitive and that translates into high levels of intuition, yet often it takes a while to understand this important aspect of yourself.  One of the ways to understand and discipline your emotions is by making a conscious and concerted effort to use your intuition mindfully and to the benefit of both yourself and others.  When you can tap into this aspect of yourself you open up to understanding how energy works and how to start clearing your energy and detaching yourself from the energy vampires in your life.


One of the gifts of the 2 is your ability to see all sides of a situation and navigate winning outcomes for the good of the whole.  Often the 2 finds a true “home” when involved in group-related activities, whether it’s group therapy, a hiking group, a spiritual group or any other activity where you engage and interact with others.  You have a deep need for engagement and to feel as though you fit in somewhere and are loved unconditionally.  Seek out places where you feel you can serve the greater needs of the group dynamics while also allowing others to give to you as well.


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