What is Universal Numerology?

If you’ve ever had your numerology chart drawn up, then you’ll know how revealing it is. How the numbers it contains SO accurately describe your personality, character traits, life direction, and even your innermost desires.

But Numerology doesn’t only apply to people.

The days, months, and years also hold a vibrational frequency that aligns with the numbers they contain. As the numbers on the calendar change – as the days progress, the months roll by, and one year turns into another, the overarching, or Universal Numerology also changes. This means the numerological effect on everybody changes, regardless of your personal numerology.

Figuring out your core numbers is only a small part of Numerology.

Every single day, there is a mountain of outside influences all affecting you. Sometimes the Universal Numerology may be aligned with whatever you’re trying to do. Sometimes it may not. And sometimes your efforts could be much better suited to working on a slightly different goal. But you’d never know unless you looked at Universal Numerology!

It can help you plan your future. Work on creative projects. And even become more wealthy – if you know when the numbers are going to shits, set your intentions to align, and get to work in the same direction, well, the sky is the limit.

What are Universal Years in Numerology?

Universal Years are pretty straightforward: each calendar year holds a particular numerological vibration, based on the sum of its single digits.


Simply follow the formula below:

  • Start by writing down the digits that make up the current year (just the year – we don’t need the day or month)
  • Now, add each single-digit together.
  • If you reach a number that’s 10 or more, keep adding.

**NOTE: If your result is a Master Number (11, or 22) then don’t reduce any further.


The year 2020 is a 4 Universal Year, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4.

1979 was an 8 Universal Year because 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 26, and 2 + 6 = 8.

So once you’ve worked out the Universal Year Number, what then?!

Well, here’s a quick rundown of the energy held by these years, and what it means for you. Follow the links for more in-depth readings.


A number 1 Year corresponds to new beginnings! As the start of a 9-year cycle, it’s often well anticipated. Its energy is great for starting new projects and taking risks.

More here…


A number 2 year is all about building alliances. The overarching energy of this year pertains to cooperation and companionship, and relationships likely come into focus for many people.

More here…


A number 3 Year is time for self-expression! Its energy is playful and optimistic, making this a great time for creative pursuits and art. Plus a good dose of socializing and fun times!

More here…


A number 4 year is when it’s time to knuckle down to some hard work! There’s a collective focus on building structure and stability, and community values often come to the fore.

More here…


Midway through the cycle comes the number 5 Year. It’s likey that change will sweep through for many people, so be prepared for feelings of restlessness, and some course corrections. Stay flexible.

More here…


The number 6 year cycle often pertains to responsibility and homelife. Domestic harmony (or not!) comes into focus, as well as loving relationships.

More here…


A number 7 year favors study, planning, rest, recuperation, introspection, and meditation. It may not feel like a lot’s going on during this cycle, yet this time is SO valuable.

More here…


A number 8 year is often associated with money, power and influence! Great things can manifest during this stage of the cycle, yet a lot can be lost. Balance is key.

More here…


The last year in the cycle brings closure and endings. It can feel that things are exiting your life, and (depending on your numerology) you may struggle to let them go!

More here…


As a Master Number, an 11 Universal Year can bring huge opportunities for the collective, but also huge challenges. It’s often a time to trust intuition and embark on deep healing.

More here…


As a Master Number, a 22 Year also brings opportunity and challenge in equal measure. There is huge potential to manifest new things into the world.

More here…

Did You Know…

Universal years can be used in addition to your personal numerology, for another layer of meaning – head here to find out more about Personal Year Numbers.

Now, share your Universal Year Number – what are you moving through this year? Let us know in the comments below how accurate this feels for you!

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