Each calendar year holds a numerical vibration. This affects everyone on the planet, as an overarching energy that informs everything we do during those 12 months.

The energy of this number shifts into gear on January 1st and exits the collective on Dec 31st, yet its full power is felt differently, according to the month, and of course, how your personal numerology interacts with it.

It’s easy to Calculate the Universal Year in Numerology – here’s how:

  • Start by writing down the digits that make up the current year (just the year – we don’t need the day or month)
  • Now, add each single-digit together.
  • If you reach a number that’s 10 or more, keep adding.

**NOTE: If your result is a Master Number (11, or 22) then don’t reduce any further.

You can read more about Universal Years HERE.

PinUniversal Year 7 Reading

A 7 Universal Year is often little understood by most people.

At odds with our relentless forward-marching pace of modern life, the energy of the number 7 isn’t about achieving more. Instead, it can feel slow, (or unmoving), introspective and highly spiritual.

Yet even if it appears that there’s not much going on during a 7 Universal Year, it’s an absolutely vital part of the 9-year cycle.


What are the keys to success in a Universal Year Number 7?

1. Slow Down

This Universal Year cycle asks us all to let go of the striving and sow down. This number holds a restful energy, yet even though all appears to be calm from the outside, there can be a lot going on under the surface.

Deep healing.

Working out problems.

Personal paradigm shifts.

This is tiring work.

So don’t make it harder on yourself by whizzing around at a hundred miles an hour! Align with the numerology of the year by consciously doing things more slowly on an everyday level. This will send the message to your body and mind that it’s safe to do that deep work.

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2. Go Within

This is a year when everyone’s going to be thinking a little more deeply. The Universal energy of this cycle favors self-inquiry and introspective pondering. Remember – you have all that you need inside of you!

So as much as it may feel like you don’t have all the answers, and just a few more google keyword searches will bring you the truth you’re looking for… it’s just not true. The energy of the 7 wants you to down tools and trust that inner navigation system.

Not as psychic or sensitive as the number 2, the 7 is more focused on deeper spiritual truths. This isn’t’ about anybody else. This is all about YOU.

3. Cultivate a Spiritual Practice

… BUT if this kind of inner soul searching seems like a foreign concept to you, then maybe a spiritual practice is what you need? A daily way to slow down, and connect to your inner world and learn to listen to its messages?

There’s no better time to begin than a 7 Universal Year. This numerology is connected. So channel it.

  • Daily meditation – just 5 minutes is enough!
  • Waking meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Moon ritual
  • Yoga
  • Shamanic journeying

You don’t need to make it hard for yourself – there are many avenues to go down. Find one that suits you.

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4. Look for Deeper Solutions

This Universal energy does not skim across the surface of life.

Don’t expect small talk or for things to be brushed under the carpet.

So if issues come up for you as the month’s progress through this year, look for deeper solutions. Don’t accept the first remedy or explanation you’re offered. Ask question. Probe deeper. What underlying patterns do you see? What are the root causes of the situation you find yourself in?

This number is highly analytical, it activates the mind, so join-the-dots thinking will come easily. Make the most of it.

5. Make Space

With all the thinking, healing and below-the-surface change that’s bound to be happening during this number 7 year, give yourself the gift of space.

  • Space from people
  • Space from routine
  • Space from your work

This numerology can make you feel like isolating at times, often if you’re not indulging this part of yourself often enough, in small doses.

So schedule in alone time.

Book yourself an AirBnB for a night and escape the kids!

Or plan a mini-retreat at home and send everyone else away.

Far from being indulgent (or selfish) this kind of behavior will help you make the most of this numerology. It’s how you’ll find the balance between the ordinary, everyday demands (which won’t do away) and the inner work and spiritual seeking that this year is really all about.

Challenges of the Universal Year Number 7

As mentioned already, isolating yourself can be a shadow of this number – the 7 can be associated with hermit-like behavior. So try to keep a balance between social time and alone time.

As such a mind- centered number, thinking can quickly become overthinking. SO be sure to retain a healthy balance of the mind and the heart – realize that not all solutions will come from the mind. The logical mind can solve a lot, but not everything. This is something that the 7 can forget!

Be sure not to push your friends and family away during this universal year. Because the collective focus is all on the same thing, we can drift apart under this numerology. Keeping connections whilst keeping enough space to do the work is a challenge. But a worthwhile one.

Personal Year Numbers

Wanna get personal?

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Now, share your Universal Year Number – what are you moving through this year? Let us know in the comments below how accurate this feels for you!


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