Each calendar year holds a numerical vibration. This affects everyone on the planet, as an overarching energy that informs everything we do during those 12 months.

The energy of this number shifts into gear on January 1st and exits the collective on Dec 31st, yet its full power is felt differently, according to the month, and of course, how your personal numerology interacts with it.

It’s easy to Calculate the Universal Year in Numerology – here’s how:

  • Start by writing down the digits that make up the current year (just the year – we don’t need the day or month)
  • Now, add each single-digit together.
  • If you reach a number that’s 10 or more, keep adding.

**NOTE: If your result is a Master Number (11, or 22) then don’t reduce any further.

You can read more about Universal Years HERE.

PinUniversal Year 6 Reading

A 6 Universal Year often comes as a warm, welcome embrace after the changeable, free-spirited energy of the previous year. The energy it holds pertains to the home. To love, unconditional love like the kind of motherly love a woman has for her children.
As such, safety, protection and the sanctuary of home often come into the collective focus during a 6 Universal Year.


What are the keys to success in a Universal Year Number 6?

1. Focus on Family

This Universal Year cycle asks us all to hunker down with our loved ones and spend time with the people we care for.

Family brings different things to mind for different people.

For some, its belonging and security. Yet for others, it’s the polar opposite and they can’t bear to be in the same room. Whatever your experience, expect this Universal energy to bring it all up into the light.

You may be called into healing family rifts. OR moving on once and for all and seeking out ‘soul family’ elsewhere.

Whatever the family-shaped message this 6-year cycle brings you, be sure to take it in. Listen. Give time and attention to the issues in your life. This number seeks balance in these areas and will bring them if you work at it.

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2. Beautify Your Home (or Get that DIY Done!)

As the number of domesticity, the energy of the 6 favors any efforts put into home life.

  • Been thinking of redecorating?
  • Got a piece of furniture you’ve been meaning to upcycle?
  • Have a growing Pinterest board full of design inspo just waiting to be let loose?

Work to turn your home into a sanctuary. Don’t underestimate the power of a home you feel you belong in, to influence wellbeing in other areas of your life, from work to spiritual to creative.

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3. Care

If there’s ever a time to actively express care for others, it’s now!
The numerology of this 6 Universal Year has unconditional love at its core. This means there’s no deserving, no earning or working for love and affection.

Practice what it’s like to give freely.


Practical help.

Genuine interest

Care shouldn’t be a commodity. This Universal year, you can expect people to open up a little and be more generous, but it may take a little practice at first. So pave the way.

4. Get Crafty

Creativity is another feature of the number 6.

Yet unlike the number 3, the kind of creativity expressed by the Universal 6 often has a function attached.

So the homespun crafts, like crochet, ceramics, upholstery, felting, toymaking… etc. all sit well under the umbrella of this year cycle.

What have you always wanted to make? What crafty skills have you always wanted to try? Which SO many online courses and beautiful Instagram accounts to stalk, it’s easier than ever now to pick up a new hobby. Make this the year that you put that effort in!

5. Self-Love

Sometimes difficult for selfless number 6, the expression of self-love is actually paramount this year.
With such service-oriented energy, taking time out may feel like too much of an indulgence (as any Life Path 6s about this delf-depreciating behavior!)

Yet as the adage goes: you can’t fill from an empty cup.

And this year is ALL about filling up. So fill yourself. With love. Yes, the unconditional kind. Taking time out to care for yourself, far from limiting your own levels of usefulness, will increase what you have to offer to the world. It’s a no-brainer under this numerology (and anytime, TBH).


Challenges of the Universal Year Number 6

Maintaining this loving, and giving energy (especially if it manifests in practical acts) all year (!) could be exhausting.

So as above, self-care is paramount.

As is receiving support from other people. In numerology, the energy of the 6 has a tendency to verge on that of the martyr. Meaning, you may find yourself saying yes to too much and then finding it difficult to let go when it all becomes overwhelming… So control issues could flare.

The creative force of this numerology can tip over into perfectionism. Especially in this world of instant imaging, where comparisonitis is a real thing, and self-awareness is at an unnatural high, if what you do/see/are isn’t up to your high standards, then the world could come crashing down.

Let yourself live.

Embrace the chaos when it appears!

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