Each calendar year holds a numerical vibration. This affects everyone on the planet, as an overarching energy that informs everything we do during those 12 months.

The energy of this number shifts into gear on January 1st and exits the collective on Dec 31st, yet its full power is felt differently, according to the month, and of course, how your personal numerology interacts with it.

It’s easy to Calculate the Universal Year in Numerology – here’s how:

  • Start by writing down the digits that make up the current year (just the year – we don’t need the day or month)
  • Now, add each single-digit together.
  • If you reach a number that’s 10 or more, keep adding.

**NOTE: If your result is a Master Number (11, or 22) then don’t reduce any further.

You can read more about Universal Years HERE.

PinUniversal Year 4 Reading

A 4 Universal Year holds a solid, methodical and hardworking energy. It’s one part of the 9-Year cycle that many people regard as the year to knuckle down and get your hands dirty!

It’s said to be a year of great progress, because big material shifts can come into being.


This is a great year cycle to think carefully about the kind of life you want to be living, and the practical steps you’ll need to take, to make it a reality!

What are the keys to success in a Universal Year Number 4?

1. Act Methodically

This Universal Year cycle is all about working through things step-by-step.

If the last year was all about self-expression, then this one is about grounding that creativity into something of tangible value.

This number is expressed in its highest form through efficiency, diligence and a thorough approach. Meaning this is no time to cut corners!

You’ll find fulfillment this year if you work methodically. Follow the rules. Sure, it may not be an exhilarating energy (wait til next year for that!) but it can be deeply rewarding. This numerology rewards patience and effort.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Ever the number of realists, the energy of the number 4 isn’t fantastical or especially conceptual. So align with it, by setting goals you can picture… and achieve.

Be realistic.

You can build on what you create, but get to first base before you’re starting to dream bigger dreams (ok, we can all dream, but for this year at least, bring your focus down to earth just a little).

3. Work With a Coach or Mentor

This numerology cycle is also about learning. About building up your range of skills and expertise, to be of use to the world in practical ways.

OR… learning got effectively put to use those skills you already have, but perhaps don’t know how to apply. The number 4 loves efficiency, so if you’re working with your nose to the grindstone this year, then you’re missing the point.

Yet it can sometimes be really difficult to see ourselves (and our shortcomings!) clearly, and to know HOW to take the necessary steps to success.

So hire a coach. Hire someone to guide the way, who’s been in your shoes before. This numerology favors teachers and instructors of every kind. This means that their message will be conveyed in ways that you can receive. It’s a win-win.

4. Set Down Roots

As well as the materiality of life, this numerology pertains to the past – to family and ancestors and history.

A 4 Universal Year is a powerful time to listen to that inner voice, calling to you in the quiet moments, asking the deep questions. It’s not a sensitive, psychic, intuitive energy like the number 2. This is more about deep roots… and the kind of healing that can come with ancestral work.

  • Where do you come from?
  • Who were your ancestors?
  • What did those people believe?
  • What could they teach you?
  • How can you connect to them?

Begin to set down roots.

This may not mean in the place where you currently live (but by no means does it mean moving halfway across the globe!) Connect in other ways – through ritual, practices, and meditation.

5. Give Your Body Some Attention!

As the number of materiality, this is a great year cycle to give your physical vessel some love. And being a number that loooves routine, what better a year is there, to implement a little method to your attempts at exercise?!

Find something that suits you. You’re unlikely to stick to a regime that you don’t enjoy (4 Universal Year or otherwise!) so plan something that you will want to do every day/week/weekend. The power of this number means that if you’re willing to put in the effort, universal energies have your back! Your well-being levels could really raise this year if you put the hard work in.

Challenges of the Universal Year Number 4

With such a tenacious energy, this number can have a stubborn streak.

Changing direction mid-course may be a challenge, and leaping at opportunities may not come naturally to you this year.

Collectively, this cycle requires balance, lest we all become workaholics. Whilst the Universal energies favor a hard-working approach, it’s important to lighten up and let yourself have a little fun. Even if this means scheduling it in!

Opinions and ideas may get a little rigid during this Universal year too. It’s not really a time of free thought or innovation, so beware of stick-in-the-mud attitudes if you bring a revolutionary new idea to the table.

Personal Year Numbers

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