Each calendar year holds a numerical vibration. This affects everyone on the planet, as an overarching energy that informs everything we do during those 12 months.

The energy of this number shifts into gear on January 1st and exits the collective on Dec 31st, yet its full power is felt differently, according to the month, and of course, how your personal numerology interacts with it.

It’s easy to Calculate the Universal Year in Numerology – here’s how:

  • Start by writing down the digits that make up the current year (just the year – we don’t need the day or month)
  • Now, add each single-digit together.
  • If you reach a number that’s 10 or more, keep adding.

**NOTE: If your result is a Master Number (11, or 22) then don’t reduce any further.

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PinUniversal Year 3 Reading

A 3 Universal Year holds a playful, creative and expressive energy. It’s one year of the 9-Year cycle that many people look forward to!

It’s said to be a shift into a social year because new friendships can arise, and old ones can be renewed.

The number 3 is childlike and pleasure-seeking, yet can be scattered and lacking in discipline at times.


This is a great year cycle to get creative and figure out what makes you smile!

Read on to discover more about this number or download your free repeating numbers handbook here.

What are the keys to success in a Universal Year Number 3?

1. Hone Your Communication

This Universal Year cycle is all about connection. Yet whilst the 2 Universal Year was finding that common ground and creating equilibrium, the number 3 is about authenticity.

You’ll probably be more conversational, and expressive this year, so ensure that you’re sharing your truth. A shadow of this number is people-pleasing and performing for a crowd. So be sure you’re not falling into this trap.


2. Make Friends

Use the enthusiastic qualities of the Universal Year Number 3 to create new relationships. New people you meet this year could become very important to you in the future, so be brave. Reach out. And enjoy the connections you make.

This is one of those numbers where you may not reach a truly deep level, but that’s not the point. It will come later, in months and years to come. For now, let the joy of your connections be enough.

3. Have FUN!

The numerology cycle is all about enjoyment! Sometimes fun can seem like an added extra, something you have to earn, or which comes after everything else on your list. But under this number 3 cycle, it’s the focus.

Put FUN at the top of your list! Let this year be your new beginning in seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake!

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4. Be Self-Expressed

This is a great year to look at where in your life you’re supporting your own expression of self… And where your energy of expression is being quashed.

  • What activities do you do, that are aligned with the true you?
  • Can you make space for more?

Beware of scattering your energies under this universal year. With creative energy on high, it can be tempting to take on too many new things, yet this will lead to success in none of them. SO try to take a spiritual approach and be a little zen about it –

Express yourself deeply, and fully. Not shallowly, and with half an eye on all your other spinning plates in the room!

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5. Find Your Inner Muse

Your creativity will likely be ignited under this numerological frequency. In fact, expect a new era in collective creativity!

So find something to channel it. Dig into that intuition and find what calls to you.

  • Dance
  • Painting
  • Crochet
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Upcycling furniture or clothing?

What does YOUR inner muse look like?

Challenges of the Universal Year Number 3

As mentioned, focus and sticking power can be a challenge during a 3 Universal Year. Strategy, discipline, and accountability are all great ways to remedy this and make the most of this cycle.

Authentic self-expression can be hard to find during this Universal Year, which seems counterintuitive, yet many people will only skim the surface. Because of this, there’s great potential for healing.

Heightened sensitivity to judgment and criticism may also manifest. Yet this is always the flip side of increasing self-awareness and then expressing yourself. So learning and accepting this could be part of the life path during this year.

Personal Year Numbers

Wanna get personal?

For a more in-depth understanding of how your personal numerology interacts with the Universal Year Number, check out this post on personal year numbers.

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Now, share your Universal Year Number – what are you moving through this year? Let us know in the comments below how accurate this feels for you!

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