Numerology is so multifaceted…

Your personal numerology chart tells you a lot about your life, your destiny and your purpose.

The Universal Numerology of a day, month or year reveals trials and tribulations for the collective.

But what about when they’re combined?

Your Personal Month

In Numerology, your Personal Month gives you a good indication of the specific themes, challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in any given month.


To calculate your Personal Month Number, you simply need to add your Personal Year Number to the current month number. Your Personal Year number is just your day and month of birth added to the current year number.

If you were born on June 23, your Personal Year in 2021 is 7



Back to the Personal Month number: 

Simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for March is 3), reduce if necessary. And voila, you have calculated your Personal Month number.

So, someone with a birthday of June 23 would add the current month number to 7 (Personal Year Number) and get their Personal Month Number as 8 for January 2021, 9 for February 2021, 1 for March 2021 etc.

Below, we reveal the specific challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in each month of 2021.

But before you read on, if you want to reveal the 5 most telling numbers in your Numerology Chart, you can quickly calculate them here

If January is a universal month 8 for you

It is an excellent time to start a new project or relationship. You have the signal to create anything new. You may find yourself centered on healing or having clarity in your life. It is a fantastic time to meditate on your goals and to manifest your unlimited success. Keep in mind that anything you do this month will have long-ranging effects so make every moment count. If you are looking to add to your family by getting pregnant, it would be an excellent time to try!

If February is a universal 8 month for you

It is critical to creating balance in your life. You must spend time with your partner or get the perspective of close friends. If you have lately been a loner, then it is time to seek friendship and romance. Keep in mind that it is the love month, so you might want to get lovey-dovey with someone. But if you’re going to stay firmly single, take a look at where you have gotten on your own and try to see if you can make several adjustments. Keep in mind that you cannot get it all done alone at the moment. Having the second opinion or support of a close friend can create fantastic opportunities for you. People who are dating or thinking of starting a relationship must go for it. Creative people will also find that their work will be improved by the intuitiveness of this February month.

If March is a universal 8 month for you

Be prepared to get on the hyperdrive. You may be creating a masterpiece of some kind. You will be getting together with friends as well as colleagues to make it come true. You might find yourself involved in a brainstorming session where group goals are shared. It is critical to make plans to hang out with friends as well as coworkers. If you are the type who is creative and artistic, it is essential to put your work out there and get some recognition. It is a great month for getting the exposure you need. However, do not overspend or overdo it on partying. For the most part, this month will be inspiring creative as well as social. Make sure to enjoy every minute of it.

If April is a universal 8 month for you

It is the month to get things done. Without a doubt, this is a hard-working month, so if you’ve got a significant project underway in your job, then you must work diligently on it. When it comes to relationships, take some time to examine how you can improve the situation with your significant other. Traverse the deep waters and see what you can do in your relationship to level it up. If you have discovered the answers, do it! When it comes to your career, any action you take may be small, but follow-through will produce extraordinary results no matter how challenging it may seem. You will get numerous things done more than you think.

If May is a universal 8 month for you

It is time for a huge change! It is the month wherein your plans may get rearranged with or without your approval. You may find that appointments get canceled, or you may have to use an entirely different approach to something that you do routinely. When it comes to your career, you may find things shaking you may have additional responsibilities. Don’t fight the changes happening at work or your family. Just find a way to adjust and work with it. If you find that you are feeling stuck or unhappy, then it may just be the month when you’ve got to make a shift. Analyze where you have been and where you’re going. If you find that you have been lost in the wrong direction, turn yourself around and go in the right direction. Keep in mind that numerous commitments may call your attention at the same time. However, rest assured you got the energy to get it all done. For those embarking on a relationship, this incredible month will be passionate, exciting, as well as fun!

If June is a universal 8 month for you

This month is all about peace, tranquility, and domesticity. If you find that you are in the middle of a tense situation in your home or you need to make some additional changes to your relationships, make sure to do it at once. It is critical to examine what needs to be changed and follow a strategy. Keep in mind that what you don’t find solutions for will come back to haunt you later on this year. Don’t wait for things to happen. If you and your significant other have been too busy to spend time with each other, then make it a point to go out together. It would help if you had some time to make things sizzle and be alone with each other. It is also an excellent time to try something good for your health, such as a yoga class or a session at the spa. Meditate or take the time to relax. Keep in mind that whatever makes you feel rested as was peaceful is a fantastic idea. You might also want to redecorate your room or take a creative class such as painting, writing, and even pottery.

If July is a universal 8 month for you

It would help if you spent time on yourself. Otherwise, you won’t get the full blessing of the universe. It is time to make a change in your life and allow your intuition to work for you. Keep in mind that you are incredibly psychic this month, and you will be sensing things that you may not have been aware of before. If you are a creative artist, you will find that your work is inspired and creative. You must nurture yourself and get advice from an intuitive friend, special counselor, or minister if you require support. Do not allow yourself to get to a point where you think so hard about what is going on that you start feeling depressed. Never beat yourself about anything that is going on. Just look at what you need to accomplish and fix the problem immediately.

If August is a universal 8 month for you

It is a terrific month to get things done. Everything is falling in its proper place. Your blessings are coming, whether in terms of finances or career opportunities. This month is all about money, resources, leadership, as well success. Just make sure that you are channeling your money to a good cause. Keep in mind that to receive from the universe, you must be willing to give to others. Never go after money just for money’s sake. You can attract tremendous resources if you have the best interest of yourself and others in your heart. If you have been struggling the past month, this could be a month of changes. If you have been waiting patiently to get a new job or sell a critical project, this may be the month to market yourself or get in touch with someone who can help you.

If September is a universal 8 month for you

If you played your cards well this year, you are reaping the fruits of what you have sown. If you feel a little overworked, you need to take some time off to take care of yourself. You might want to clean storage spaces such as the closet or your desk. Reorganize your plans and prepare for the new energies that are coming your way. It is critical to take time to relax and pray to connect to the higher forces. People contemplating taking a study, class, or going back to school for higher learning then go for it. If you’re still finding life to be a challenge, you may need to rethink what you are doing now. Maybe sometime in the past, you have invested your energy in the wrong areas; if you are holding onto a relationship that is not going anywhere or pushing yourself into a dead-end job, you need to make some critical decisions. Never allow yourself to dwell in the past. You are alive and blessed today, and you need to focus on how you can enhance your life for the future. Keep in mind that your energy will be utilized for the next months to create more hopeful months ahead.

If October is a universal 8 month for you

You might feel that you will feel a tad bit out of place during this period and feeling uncomfortable. Also, you might be feeling frustrated and in a bad mood. You are unable to explain the reason why you are feeling this way. It is a very emotional time for you. People around you will feel the same way which will create a hostile atmosphere. It is in your best interest to mitigate clashes and misunderstandings with the people around you. Never forget in times of trouble, you can relieve yourself by merely talking with a close friend. Find productive ways to distract yourself. Doing routine things can help you meditate while learning something new enables you to distract yourself from negative energy. It is also critical to offer your help to others since nothing is more fulfilling than helping another. You may want to think about your life decisions and things that should be eradicated from your life.

If November is a universal 8 month for you

During this month, it is critical to avoid making important decisions. You might also want to steer clear of people who might influence your life and career choices. Instead, spend time on contemplation and self-reflection. Find activities that make you feel happy and relaxed. You might want to treat yourself to a relaxing spa and have some rest. It is a period favorable for doing things we generally adore, such as watching favorite episodes of TV shows, YouTube videos, playing games, and listening to music. You might want also to invest some time in your hobby and probably find a new and unexpected art or craft to explore. All these activities are favorable for November.

If December is a universal 8 month for you

You will find yourself to be extremely busy this month. You are required to have organizational skills to extract maximum profits. It would be awesome if you could utilize devices and applications to help you plan everything. It is very favorable. So, make sure you work optimally for things to work the best for you. It is in your best interest if you work hard to be extra productive. However, it is also critical to find time for your self-care. It is up to you to know how to prioritize your time. If you find that you have enough energy, this incredible month will have you immensely rewarded.

Final thoughts

This Universal month is incredible with the energy it brings. The number 8 Universal month is compelling since it is a number invested in your success. Harness the potential of this astonishing number and make it an unforgettable month!