numbers birthdayOur date of birth offers a lot of significant information when we have the tools to both reveal and understand it. Isn’t it interesting that we celebrate the day we were born? Why is it so important to us?

In Numerology, the Birthday Number holds some vital information about our personality and our purpose.

I have found that this number is even more intriguing when we can see how it interacts with the Life Path number – given that both numbers are consistent throughout our lives – unlike, say, the Destiny or Soul Urge numbers.

I see the Birthday number as a point of departure. Meaning, this number indicates where we often feel most comfortable. It’s like that well-worn favorite pair of jeans or that comfy robe that we’ve grown accustomed to wearing.

This number indicates a gift you have to give to yourself and to the world – I visualize it rather like a beautifully wrapped birthday present that you are constantly giving away.

Many Numerologists consider the Birthday number to hold as much – or more – impact as the Life Path number. Yet let’s look at how the Birthday number might engage with the Life Path number.

Birthday Number vs. Life Path Number

We can conceptualize it this way: The Birthday number is where we might feel the most point of identification. It’s our comfort zone. Yet we’re always being nudged, pushed, and encouraged to step into the mission indicated by the Life Path number. The Life Path number is what we’re learning about, mastering, and evolving into.

So while we often have specific gifts and talents that we can identify with in the description of our Life Path number, this path is often more of a stretch for us and we can find ourselves “defaulting” into the energies and traits that we feel are “easier” for us with the Birthday number. Yet we’re being called upon to integrate these traits and “step up” to the mission of the Life Path number.

So let’s look at your Birthday number and how it might relate to your Life Path number.

It’s interesting to see how this might present itself.

For instance, let’s say you have a 3 Life Path. And then your Birthday number is the 4. Often you might identify more with the aspects of the 4 – the one who is hardworking and structured. Yet your life has given you experiences that prod you to master the 3 – stepping out of the comfort zone of being the worker-bee and into creativity, communication, and creative self-expression. Perhaps you work in a creative field and capitalize on the grounded nature of the steady and solid number 4.

Sometimes we can combine the aspects of our Life Path and Birthday numbers more fluidly or effectively than others. We’re always being challenged to integrate the most optimal aspects of both numbers into our personal and unique manifestation of it.

Or perhaps you have a 5 Life Path and an 8 Birthday. You find that you excel in business and have led a life that challenges your personal power, yet also you have devoted a good portion of it to traveling for business –and perhaps for pleasure–and you have somehow endured a lot of change and twists of fate that demand your resilience and fearlessness.

These are just two short examples of how to engage in looking at your own numbers and how they work for you.

And sometimes we will have the same Birthday and Life Path numbers. In those cases, we’re getting a double-dose of that number and this usually presents itself in a more straightforward way. If you have a 7 Life Path and a 7 Birthday, for example, more than likely you can truly feel the elements of the 7 playing our in your life with consistency.

Calculating Your Numbers

If you don’t know your Life Path number, click here to calculate it.

The Birthday number is derived from the day you were born.

For example, if you were born on October 5, you would have a 5 Birthday number.

If you were born on June 18, you would need to keep adding until you get a one-digit number. So 18 = 1 + 8 = 9. In this case, you would have a Birthday number 9.

How you relate to the collision of both the Life Path and Birthday numbers will be different depending on your age–the stage you are in life.

Remember: The point is to use the optimal aspects of your Birthday number to enhance and engage more successfully with your Life Path mission.

Here’s a reminder of the basics that the numbers 1-9 and the Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 bring with them. Then it’s our job to see how we might identify with the Birthday number and then also investigate how we are being challenged to embody the elements of the Life Path number.

Take a look at the descriptions and then piece together how this might look for you.

numerology birthdayNumber 1: The Leader

Your purpose is to develop and master innovative creativity, confidence, independence, originality, and achievement.

With a 1, you’re here to act upon your creative ideas and to be a leader. It’s all about believing in yourself in terms of what you’re passionate about – not what other people think you should be doing. Then dive in with gusto and trust your creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. Don’t be a lemming! Your success resides in taking risks and trusting your weirdness. You’re not meant to color inside the lines. Don’t shy away from being an entrepreneur, yet you need foundational skills to have success. Get out there and take charge. Your highest and best use is when you get your creative ideas up and running and then move on to the next idea or to develop and add to what you’ve already created. You’re a pioneer.

What are you totally passionate about and how can you express it using your unique voice?

Number 2: The Mediator

Your purpose is to develop love, harmony, balance, cooperation, and diplomacy.

With a 2, it’s all about feeling needed, loved, and that your contributions are respected and valued. You have a giving nature and are innately intuitive. You blossom when your talents are used to serve the greater good of a group, so stray away from career choices where you’ll be working solo. You have a big heart, so you need to engage in activities where you’re of service to other people. You’re here to act upon your diplomatic skills and to be the “power behind the throne.” Your nemesis? You give and you give and you give some more . . . and then withdraw with resentment. You’re learning how to define yourself on your own terms – not through what you perceive other people think about you. You’re a pleaser and yet that often backfires. You thrive in healthy partnership, either in business or in an intimate relationship.

How can you find a career and intimate life where you’re part of a group where you feel simpatico?

Number 3: The Communicator

Your purpose is to develop creative self-expression, emotional sensitivity, joy, and inspired communication.

With a 3, you might feel that everyone can do what you do –because you find it to be oh-so easy. Yet let me tell you: Not everyone can drink from the fountain of creativity as readily as you. The trick is to develop the verve to know that you can make a living at it. And side step the naysayers or those who wish you’d choose a more practical path. You’re often the person who has a file folder of degrees and certifications and yet has a hard time committing to something specific. Also, you can be scattered and lacking follow-through. You’re here to embrace your creative self-expression, tap into your deep emotions while speaking you truth, and communicate clearly – with humor and joy. You’re funny, the Host or Hostess with the Mostess, energetic, and dynamic.

Can you move through self-doubt and commit yourself to developing – and making a living with – your amazing creative talents?

Number 4: The Teacher

Your purpose is to develop process, security, stability, and work hard to meet your goals.

With a 4, you ultimately seek a sense of stability and security. Your work is extremely important to you and yet often you must go from job to job before you settle on something. You’re a “literal” thinker and thrive when you’re using your amazing process-oriented brain. You make a superlative teacher – whether you end up being a teacher or not. You’re apt to excel in management. You’re also the “master builder” and are an optimal systems person. Work at thinking outside of your own box. Also know that following your true passion is all-important for you because you struggle with defaulting to the more mundane or practical path rather than doing what you truly love. You’re the “slow and steady wins the race” person who thrives when you know the rules, use your systems-building skills, and have a sense of routine in your life. You’re all about hard work and meeting goals and get great satisfaction when you spread your vast knowledge to others. You’re here to learn about how to work with limitations.

Can you decide upon career that you’re passionate about, not just one that will “pay the bills?”

Number 5: The Freedom Seeker

Your purpose is to develop fearlessness, adventurousness, resilience, and the constructive use of freedom.

With a 5, it’s all about experiencing the world in all of its tactile glory. You’re at your best when you can tap into a fearless sense of adventure, use your versatility in a focused and dynamic way, and see the world as your big oyster. Usually being a bank teller or any 9-to-5’er just won’t cut it for you. Anything where you can act on your adventurous spirit is perfect. Just give yourself permission to experience the world before you settle down. That can come later. Caution: Beware of going overboard in the party scene. The 5 is the number of excess. You are destined to experience a great deal of change throughout your life.

Can you embrace the fact that you are meant to explore the world and be adventurous?

Number 6: The Nurturer

Your purpose is to develop nurturing, balanced responsibility, acceptance, service to others, and visionary pursuits.

With a 6, you’re a “Big Picture” kind of person. Ultimately, you’re meant to be your own boss (Translation: You don’t like be told what to do!). So pay close attention and learn how to build your own business in an effective way. You can be a natural entertainer – creativity is a forte. You’re also a natural counselor, lover of beauty, and cultivator of loving service. Anything in the justice field is enticing. Home and family are important for you, so you might lean toward anything that enriches that aspect of your life.

Is there a way for you to key into your visionary capabilities and let go of your need for control and perfection?

7 numerology birhtdayNumber 7: The Seeker

Your purpose is to develop spirituality, data-driven analysis, intuition, trust, and openness.

With a 7, you’re always seeking answers to life’s big (and small) questions. You live mostly in your head and tend to over-intellectualize everything. You’re learning how to manage and understand the emotional side of life. You’re actually quite a sensitive and emotional person, yet that part of you feels foreign. Understand that you’re on a different wavelength than most people. You’re great with any career in which you can work alone for part of the time – research, science, data collecting, computers. Yet you can also feel the pull of your more intuitive side and be drawn to the healing arts, metaphysical thought, and self-exploration.

Can you accept that you’re both an intellectual and a psychic?

Number 8: The Manifestor

Your purpose is to develop your positive relationship with money, power, control, and authority. You’re here to experience the satisfaction that comes with financial abundance and material achievement.

With the 8, you’re destined to make a big splash in the world of money, power, control, and authority. Yet it won’t be an easy dash to get there. You need to key into your sense of personal power – and that will be tested from very early on in your life. Once you get a handle around that, then it’s off to the races. Yet know that you have authority issues needing balance. And understand that it’s up, down and all around for you – not a linear path to riches. You must be resilient. You must focus on your goal and move toward it with good management, organization, fortitude, heart, and most of all, integrity.

Can you accept the fact that you’re meant to think big and be a financial success?

Number 9: The Humanitarian

Your purpose is to develop spirituality, humanitarianism, creativity, wisdom, and integrity.

With a 9, you’re versatile and unusual. You can be successful at virtually anything for which you feel passion. You feel fulfilled when serving a humanitarian service – large or small. You’re creative, compassionate, and giving. It’s through creativity and helping others that you find your groove. It’s only a lack of concentration that can keep you from enjoying the success of your projected goals. Understand that you’re challenged with asking for support or help, so the sooner you can learn to ask, the better. A lesson you’re learning is how to both give and receive. You’re also here to master the fine art of letting go.

How can you go with the flow of your creative and giving impulses?

MASTER NUMBERS 11, 22, and 33

The Master Number brings with it an intensity that is undeniable and “ups the ante” substantially. You’ve come with a higher spiritual purpose, no matter how you might define that. The Master Numbers bring with them a higher vibration.

So in practical terms, this means that you’re going to feel high-strung when you’re working with a Master Number as your Life Path, Birthday number or any other number in your chart.

You’re going to feel a constant push and pull to be more and do better, sometimes to the point of distraction. You might also notice that you have higher expectations for yourself, even when others can’t see that those feelings are going on inside of you.

So what does that mean for you on a practical level? It means that you’re here to “master” your life. It means that you have some significant strengths and more intense challenges. The bottom line for you: It’s not easy! The Master Numbers are innately in conflict with themselves.

Number 11/2: The Inspired Healer

Your life’s purpose to become an inspired healer, creative artist, and spiritual catalyst.

Please read the description of the 2 Life Path, because that is the foundational energy that defines your life’s purpose.

The 11 is a double 1—all about the self, creativity, initiation, independence, innovation, and self-confidence.
Yet the foundational energy for the 11 is the 2—which is all about others, partnership, loving group dynamics, and being supportive behind the scenes.

So can you see how—if you’re working with an 11/2—you might feel ever-so conflicted much of the time?

With the 11/2, it’s all about experiencing intensely challenging circumstances in your life and coming out the other side stronger, more spiritual, and ready to help others who have experienced similar issues. It won’t be easy and yet it’s profoundly deep and gratifying when you tap into your high-level of artistic creativity and psychic gifts. Understand that your contribution is through the experience you provide for others, which is almost impossible to measure. You must learn to trust that the “butterfly effect” you have on people is immeasurable and that you’ll never know the way in which you change people’s lives through your loving heart, intuition, and artistic expression.

How can you take your “wounded healer” status and evolve it into creative and inspired healing for yourself and for others?

Number 22/4: The Master Teacher

Your purpose to become a master teacher and change people’s lives in a practical and tangible way.
Please read the description of the 4, because that is the foundational energy that defines your life’s purpose.

The 22 is a double 2—all about diplomacy, love, emotional sensitivity, intuition, service behind the scenes, and cooperation.

Yet the foundational energy for the 22 is the 4, which is all about security, stability, hard work, and systems building.

So can you see how—if you’re working with a 22/4—you might feel ever-so conflicted most of the time?

With the 22/4, it’s all about breaking out of your safety and security zone and making more of an impact in the world around you. Know that this is rather scary and somewhat foreign for you because you gravitate toward the tried-and-true and erring on the safe side. Yet know that the 22/4 is the most powerful number in Numerology. (Did I just hear you “gulp?”) Yes. It’s a rather big deal. You’re meant to achieve and build something that makes a difference on a grander scale —and that won’t feel comfortable. You must blast past your childhood wounds, through and around your very real (and also your self-imposed) limitations, and work tenaciously to define and achieve your goals.

How can you expand your ideas, “think big,” and get out of your own way as you build something of lasting value in the world?

Number 33/6: The Illuminated Nurturer

Your purpose is to use your nurturing and healing gifts to serve yourself and others in a joyful and accepting way.

Please read the description of the 6, because that is the foundational energy that defines your life’s purpose.

The 33 is a double 3—all about creative self-expression, communication, emotional sensitivity, performance, and joy.

Yet the foundational energy for the 33 is the 6, which is all about home and family, responsibility, higher service, and visionary pursuits.

So can you see how—if you’re working with a 33/6—you might feel ever-so conflicted most of the time?

With the 33/6, it’s all about coming to terms with your need for perfectionism and control and instead using your talent for inspired creativity to help and heal others—wherever they happen to be in their life journey. Honestly, I find that this Life Path number is tremendously challenging and can try the patience of a Saint—because let’s face it—it’s a rather “Saintly” job description! It’s a delicate balance between your over-weaning sense of responsibility (or irresponsibility) and joyfully diving into using your emotionally sensitive and creative gifts in the service of others. It’s an intense mission and takes a lifetime to understand and act upon in a constructive way. It’s not only service-oriented, it’s also highly creative.

How can you make your mark as a compassionate healer, compelling visionary, and joyful and inspired creative communicator?

About Felicia Bender, Ph.D

Felicia Bender Ph.D – The Practical Numerologist is the author of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology To Create the Wildly Optimal You. She’s passionate about helping people use numerology as a tool to improve their everyday lives. She’s a contributor for The Elephant Journal, The Numinous, and is resident numerologist for See her at



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