Numerology is the study of the spiritual connection and meaning found in numbers and letters. It works on the premise that the numbers in your life influence who you are and how you live.

Step Out of the Dark

Life, for many of us, is a walk in a darkened room. The lack of illumination can lead you to grasp at straws, unaware about where to go. Some people thrive in this situation, while others falter. Many herald the importance of taking your life into your own hands – taking that first fateful step, even if you cannot see the rest of the staircase. That is life after all. It’s an adventure and it has its ups and downs.

There is no contest that an adventure can be exhilarating. Getting lost can be scary and fun at the same time. However, wouldn’t it be better if you have an idea, even a vague one, of what you are supposed to do and who you are supposed to be? That way, you can spend your time enjoying what life has of to offer instead of wasting every moment calculating your every move and forgetting to have fun.

This is what numerology is offering you. It is, in essence, a guide that can provide you information on who you are as a person, what you are meant to do, what your true heart’s desire is, and more.

If you’ve been living your life in the dark, in misery, and in total unawareness of who you really are and what you should do, don’t worry because you are not alone.

Let Your Numbers be Your Guide

In numerology, it is believed that the numbers in your life do not exist by accident or chance, everything occurs for a reason. It is said that your soul chose the day you were born and for that reason, you are what you are. Your name, aside from being an integral part of your identity, has also helped shape who you are on the inside and it has also helped to determine what you are to do in this life.

At this moment, you are probably wondering, what has my birthday and name have to do with numbers? In numerology, every letter and month has a corresponding numerical value. We practice in daily life whether it is connected to numerology or not. Think about it, the months of the year are often referred to based on their placement on the calendar – January – 1, February – 3, March – 3, and so on. The letters as well are numbered from 1 to 26. In numerology, however, every number is reduced to a single digit, with an exception for Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99), which have special significance.

Below is a quick look at how some of the basic and most important numbers in your numerology profile are extracted.

The Life Path Number – The sum of all the numbers in your date of birth
The Expression Number – The sum of the numerical equivalents of the letters in your name
The Soul Urge – The sum of the numerical equivalents of the vowels in your complete name
The Birthday Number – The single number representation of the day you were born

What Your Numbers Can Tell You

The above numbers are considered by many numerologists as your core numbers. These are the most important numbers in your numerology profile and they are the ones that carry the most significance in your life. Here is what the numbers represent:

Life Path – This reveals the path that you will follow in life. Some of you may already be in the right path as determined by this number. Some may be lost, but there is hope yet as nothing is ever final. The Life Path number also helps you shows your talents and your natural gifts. These factors can help you decide how you will live your life.

Expression – Also known as your Destiny Number, the expression represents what your purpose in life is and in what direction you should take it.

Soul Urge – The Soul Urge, also known as the Heart’s Desire, reveals what you really long for. You may or may not already know what your Soul Urge is. If you don’t, then you can use the revelations of this number to help you live life happier.

Birthday Number – The birthday number is one of the easiest numbers to determine in numerology. After all, it is just the single digit representation of your birth date. Simple as it may be, your Birthday Number still has the potential to reveal great things about who you are and who you should be.