Understanding Your Life Path & Overcoming Life Challenges

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It is hard to find an aspect of the Life Path that is more interesting than the Life Challenges. They help the Numerologist understand the Life Path Cycles, as well as the Life Path itself.

The Life Path number is fixed, but is made up of the vibrations of the month, day and year of birth. These three vibrations define the major stages along the Life Path, and help us understand how we change over time.
The Life Challenges are also fixed in that they remain with you throughout life, but that’s not a bad thing. We need to understand that they are not problems; they are aspects of our behavior that are likely to attract trouble to us. It could be said that they are what causes “now why did I do that” moments.

The good news is that they can be overcome. When we do so we adapt to the “high road” that the vibration takes, and we have reclaimed some of the power inherent within us. If we leave them alone, we give that power away.

The Life Path’s 3 vibrations are also used to find the challenges. First we must reduce each of them to a single digit as follows: April 3rd, 1986 = month 4, day 3, and 1+9+8+6 = 24/6. Please remember that the sum of these reduced digits is not the Life Path. We do not reduce the Life Path until the complete numbers have been summed. In this case, 4+3+6 would equal 13/4, but the proper calculation is 4+3+1986 = 1993, 1+9+9+3 = 22/4.

Find the 3 Challenges

The first step in finding the Challenges is to subtract the month and day digits, making sure to subtract the smaller number from the greater. In this case, we have 4 – 3 = 1, the First Minor Challenge. Then we subtract the day and year digits by the same rule, so the Second Minor Challenge is 6 – 3 = 3. Lastly, we perform the same operation on the two Minor Challenges; 3 – 1 = 2, which is the Major Challenge.
Most Numerologists write the numbers out as an inverted triangle as follows:

The Major Challenge will be felt throughout life, the First Minor Challenge harder to overcome during the early life, and the Second Minor Challenge will more in force in later life. In the cases of the minor challenges, the vibrations will persist throughout life, but will be felt more strongly during the 1st and 2nd periods of life respectively.
Understanding the Challenges

1 – The desire to impose one’s will on another must be held in check. Sometimes there may not be enough drive, or sense of individuality.

2 – One may be too dependent on others and follow their lead blindly. There is also a need to learn how to cooperate and follow directions.

3 – This represents a need to socialize and to be more expressive; there will be trouble when one becomes isolated and withdraws.

4 – This challenge works two ways; either the individual needs to apply themselves to work and details, or is overly focused on them.

5 – This person needs to accept change and learn to let go of people and things, and to avoid over-indulgence, especially in sensual activity.

6 – One must learn to accept things and people for their own worth, and to bounce back from disappointments, especially in domestic or love matters.

7 – It’s important for those with this challenge not to isolate and watch the world go by; to develop trust and understanding of others is the goal.

8 – This challenge also has a dual nature; one must avoid being overly focused on material issues like money and power, or focus more on them.

0 – There cannot be a 9 challenge, but there is a 0 challenge; those having it must give attention to all challenges, and not focus on any one.

These challenges need a lot of attention if they are the same vibration as the Life Path or one of its Sub-Cycles. The Major Challenge tends to be more severe, but they all must be given attention under these conditions.

Our subject’s Productive Cycle is vibration 3, and began asserting itself in Personal Year 1, 2010; she announced that she was retiring from acting. In Personal Year 2 she “un-retired”, but in Personal Year 3 she retired again. 2013 began Personal Year 4, but also marks her 27th birthday which makes it the year in which her Productive Cycle swings into full force; it is the same vibration as her Second Minor Challenge. Her behavior while driving, in public and on the Internet has alarmed many people. Can you guess who this person is?

What is your life challenge number and how will you practice overcoming these Life Challenges?

Your Master Numerologist,

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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