On August 30th, 2017 Louise Hay, one of the best-selling inspirational authors in history, passed away. I found out scrolling through my Facebook feed and… I had to take a moment because Louise was truly special. Her Numerology can help tell us why.

Louise had a hard childhood. She was abused by her stepfather, raped at 5 years old by a neighbor and on her 16th birthday gave her newborn baby up for adoption. With no high school diploma in hand, she moved out on her own.

She made a life for herself becoming a successful model in New York City. She fell in love with and married an English businessman, whom she traveled the world with, meeting royalty and dining at the White House.

And after 14 years of marriage her husband left her for another woman leaving Louise devastated.

Louise Hay’s #9 Life Path

By happenstance (or not so happenstance) … Louise was given the opportunity to step more fully onto her own yellow-brick road of success: the 9 Life Path in her Numerology chart; a path of wisdom, higher causes and humanitarianism.

A girlfriend called and invited her to a service at the Church of Religious Science. On a whim, she decided to go. Her girlfriend no-showed that night but what Louise would learn would change her destiny forever.

That night she was introduced to the idea that if you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. 

Why I Love #9s

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE 9’s. Yes. They’ve been to dark places. They might even have set up shop there for a bit. But when they find a way out? They grab your hand and guide you to the light with fierce focus. They go BIG and shout it out off the rooftops becoming the impassioned, all-in devotee writing stirred poetry, posting full-tilt on Facebook, using dinner parties as pulpits to get everyone and their sister on board with their movement.

As a 9 Life Path, Louise was here to learn how to love the world with her superpower of utopian vision, helping the rest of us who aren’t so ‘9-like’ see the best in ourselves and each other.

When a 9 finds their cause – the WAY OUT of the darkness – magic happens.

How Louise Hay Found Transformation

Louise dedicated herself to learning about and becoming a teacher in the transformative power of thought.

Why did SHE become so successful? Why amidst so many other motivational speakers and inspirational authors did she make such an impact? Because 9’s don’t just take the hands of a chosen few, they see the light and reach out to the most exiled of places.

At the height of the AIDS epidemic she opened her heart space to the ill and downtrodden. The people who were cast out of their families and rejected by society were welcome in her living room. THAT’S the Utopian Vision of the #9 in Numerology; the ability to see the best in others and the world… even if we don’t see it yet ourselves.

Oh… the idealistic, wise old soul of the #9, thank you for being the light.

An Important Task For #9s

Now that Louise is gone we need more of the 9 than ever before.

If you have a 9 in your core chart as your Life Path, Expression or Soul’s Urge Number, step out into view. Align with that cause that opens and swells your heart into a sisterhood and brotherhood of man. Raise your hand and let us know that you are out there so you, too, can take our hands into a better future.

We’ll miss you Louise but I think that the 9’s got your back. The magical work continues…

~Nat from Nat’s Numbers

P.S. If you have a 9, raise your hand below!

About Natalie Olson

Natalie Olson (Newly married! Previously known as Natalie Anastasio Pescetti) is your Numerologist and philosopher-friend with a passion for decoding the mystery of life. She is here to help you tap into your own personal magic (hidden in your birth name and birth date) so you can access yummy love, radiant health, abundant success and sparkly happiness. Nat has been lucky enough to be the secret weapon for Wall Street financiers, CEO’s, actors, soldiers, best-selling authors… and soon.. maybe you? To learn more about her work, or have a one-on-one session, visit www.NatsNumbers.com. .

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