This week’s theme is Potential & Transformation.

Welcome to our Weekly Numerology Message.

Which number are you drawn to this week?

79 or 555?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel into each number. Which one holds a special message for you today?

Post the number you picked in the comments below.

Messages for #79 Potential


Are you living up to your potential?

If you were drawn to #29 the Angels want you to know that you are destined for greatness and still have untapped potential to become realized.

Don’t give up! Stay the course you are doing an amazing job and it’s not gone unnoticed.

Your intuition is on fire and you are advancing at warp speed in terms of your spiritual development. All a beautiful cocktail for realizing your FULLEST potential and truly experiencing the highest and best version of yourself.

Watch for coincidences and unexpected blessings to propel you on this path where failure isn’t even an option.

The Angels have your back and will ensure you step into your Divine Life Mission and if you already have they are about ready to take it to the next level.

It’s GO time baby!

Taking a closer look at our numbers we find…

7 – On the Right Path / Persistence
9 – Service / Endings
7+9=16; 1+6=7 – On the Right Path / Persistance DOUBLED!

79 – You have untapped and unlimited potential just waiting to be revealed!

Love & Relationships

In terms of love, you have come up against some challenges and it’s important for you to know this is a part of life. Things aren’t always going to be great. We live in a world of duality where there is good and bad so you have to learn to roll with the punches and not give up.

Find things in your relationship or in your life if you are single to be grateful for. This will shift your vibration from lack and frustration into prosperity and EASE.


I achieve my fullest potential daily.

Messages for #555 Transformation


Is it time for a facelift?

If #555 has danced into your life today your angels are here to let you know that MAJOR life changes are coming. This number is a call to action. It’s not about sitting idle waiting for the knock on the door. Go plant your own garden and create your own joy.

The Angels also want to remind you that it’s important to create balance in your life and stay grounded during this time of change. Don’t get caught up in fear of the unknown or not being able to control what’s going on around you.

Be comfortable with chaos.

Because after the storm ends the rainbow comes.

This is a lesson in trusting the process. Embrace new opportunities before they pass you by and you find yourself on your deathbed filled with regret. Listen to your intuition. Your Spiritual Team is guiding you daily in right action and the next best step.

Let go. Stop trying to hold onto what’s not working and step into “the happening” of life. When you do that you’ll be given a leg up to the next level of your experience and things will start moving fast.

If we dial back the numbers we find…

5 – Change / Freedom
5 – Change / Freedom DOUBLED!
5 – Change / Freedom TRIPLED!

5+5+5=15; 1+5=6 – Harmony / Balance

#555 – You are in the midst of an exciting transformation!

Love & Relationships

If #555 rolled into your life the Angels are telling you that it’s time to fully invest yourself in your relationship whether that’s with a partner or with yourself. Your love life is taking a positive turn but you have to show up every day and do the work. This is a time to GIVE more than you receive. It’s always great to be lavished on but it’s important to take your turn as well and reciprocate for your partner. As you heed this advice things will start to unfold in Divine ad perfect order.


I am in charge of my own transformation.


Which number resonated with you this week?

Go ahead and drop it below. It’s always fun to hear what number you were drawn to and how the message fit.

Your Spiritual Team wants you to know they are with you cheering you on from the sidelines. Watch for the number you chose as you move about this week as confirmation that they really are speaking to you and wanting to guide you toward your highest good.

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I hope you enjoyed our Numerology Message today. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

Your fullest potential is just waiting to be revealed as you say “yes” to more in your life and when you do, a beautiful transformation will occur!

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle