Welcome to our Weekly Numerology Message.

This week’s theme is Balance & You Got This!.

Which number are you drawn to this week?

122 or 222?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel into each number. Which one holds a special message for you today?

Post the number you picked in the comments below.

The cards used are Michell Buchanan’s Numerology Cards.

Messages for #122 Balance


Do things feel out of control?

If you’ve been seeing #122 everywhereundefined the Angels are wanting you to know that routine is super important in your life right now. They see there’s some craziness going on and things are happening that you have no control over but creating a schedule and having some semblance of order will help you regain your power and not feel so helpless.

Resentment is another issue coming up with #122 be careful of resenting work or your partner or a situation for your life being out of balance. Figure out what you’re resenting and why and then create a plan of attack to change the situation so you feel fulfilled and appreciated instead of resentful because you’re the one doing it all.

Fun is as important as work and work is as important as fun. The same thing happens when you’re out of balance in either area of your life. Too much work never lets your brain rest or your body wind down and too much fun or overindulgence is the perfect environment for addictions to pop up and others being resentful of you not being responsible and doing your fair share.

The key really is balance and I’m not saying 50/50 every day all day. I work like a dog in the spring and fall and play more in the summer and around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. So whatever you decide for yourself prioritize what’s important, let go of any guilt around that, and take action to create a beautiful life.

Taking a closer look at our numbers we find…

1 – Make a Wish / Success
2 – Everything’s going to be OK / Cooperation
2- Everything’s going to be OK / Cooperation DOUBLED!
1+2+2=5 – Change / Hope

122 – When you create balance and order you feel more in control of yourself and your life.

Love & Relationships

In terms of love, this is a sign that change is coming accept it or move on. Right now you have some hard decisions to make, you are facing a difficult challenge in the area of romance. This will either move you both deeper into your commitment for each other or you’ll decide it’s not worth it and walk away. There are no wrong decisions only opportunities for different experiences.


I easily create a balanced life filled with love and joy.

Messages for #222 You Got This!


Is your strength being tested?

If #222 has danced into your life today your angels are here to reassure you that everything is working out in a beautiful way and they’ve got your back. They see that you’re struggling and that things have not been easy for you but they are really encouraging you not to throw in the towel. There’s a rainbow on the other side and this isn’t going to last forever!

Remember, mindset is everything when you find yourself suffering. You don’t have control over the thoughts that pop into your head but you do have control over what you dwell on. Stay positive because as you do it will shift your energy and help you stay aligned with your goals.

You’re on the right path. Don’t let someone else make you doubt yourself and the decisions you made. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

You’ve persevered in the past and you will get through this now. Don’t overdramatize the situation because that only adds fuel to the fire and stop telling your story. You’ve shared enough with enough people now it’s time to let the story go, slow down and stay the course.

If we dial back the numbers we find…

2 – Everything’s going to be OK
2 – Everything’s going to be OK / Cooperation DOUBLED
2 – Everything’s going to be OK / Cooperation TRIPLES!

2+2+2=6 – Harmony / Stability

222 – Hang in there it’s all working out in a beautiful way.

Love & Relationships

If #222 rolled into your life regarding love it means that this is the time to be supportive of your partner not a time for judging and adding to the struggling that they’re experiencing. Hold the space for them with love. That will enable your partner to get clarity and take the action they need or simply to process the emotions this is triggering for them. If you are single this is a time to hone your relationships with your friends. Friendships create the groundwork for attracting a lasting life partner.  Be careful not to end up in the “friend zone” for too long but if done right this can be a beautiful portal into the next level of commitment.


I am strong and unshakable.

Which number resonated with you this week?

Go ahead and drop it below. It’s always fun to hear what number you were drawn to and how the message fit.

Your Spiritual Team wants you to know they are with you cheering you on from the sidelines. Watch for the number you chose as you move about this week as confirmation that they really are speaking to you and wanting to guide you toward your highest good.

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I hope you enjoyed our Numerology Message today. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

May you rise up out of the storm a victor and create a balanced life filled with love and joy.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle