Oh, Cancer!

You’re a sensitive soul. Your emotions are usually on display for all to see. And we love you for it. But sometimes, you don’t love yourself for it, do you?

In fact, sometimes (scratch that, most of the time), you overthink how your passion comes across and whether others will accept who you truly are.

And that was no exception for this Cancerean Reddit user who (probably after an epic session of over-thinking whether they have any real friends) asked the question, “does anyone like us?”


In typical Cancer style, user redlimeeye starts by apologizing for the needy nature of the post, going on to ponder whether they fall into their zodiac is hated as much as they think it is!

Luckily, redlimeeye’s zodiac brothers and sisters came to the rescue to give reassurance that summation wasn’t exactly accurate. And the responses will warm your heart…

1. This User Who Bravely Trashed Scorpio (And Quickly Took It Back!)

2. This One WHo Couldn’t Live Without Their Cancer

3. These Scorpios Who Understand How Cancer Brings Balance


4. This One Who Provided Some Perspective For The OP


5. This User Who Understands Cancer’s Complexity


6. This User Who Sees The Lighter Side Of Their Family’s Cancerean Traits

7. This Taurus Who LOVES Themselves A Cancer


8. And This One Who Linked To A Whole Cancer-Appreciation Thread

…which you can see here.

So, Cancer, may this put your overactive mind at ease. Yes, you are sensitive and emotional soul but your caring nature is not only loved by the other signs, it is needed!