On February 7, 2021 we launch into the first double #7 power day of 2021; a Numerological Power Day. In Numerology, a power day happens any time you have a double (or sometimes triple!) number.

For example, the 7th day of a 7th Universal Month – is a 7/7 Numerological Power Day!

To calculate what the universal month is, you’ll need to do just a little bit of math (easy math, I promise!)

February = 2nd month of the year, and it’s currently the year 2021… so we add all of those numbers up, and reduce the value down to a single number to get…

2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 7

Which makes February 2021 a 7th Universal Month… so on the 7th day of February… we have ourselves…

A 7/7 Numerological Power Day!

How this 7/7 Power Day could dramatically impact your life…

In Numerology, the number 7 pertains to deep thinking and philosophy… and to help put this into perspective for you, think of the number 7 as a wise sage, or spiritual seeker, who is on a quest for deep and inner knowledge…

This is an energy that is all about slowing down, reflecting on your life, asking questions, going within, and taking a good hard look at “the bigger picture” of the things that surround you.

The number 7 forces you to take your foot off the gas pedal, re-orient your focus, and re-evaluate those big questions in your life. Allow the vibrations of this 7/7 Numerological Power Day to draw you inwards to reflect on your life’s purpose, meaning, and the higher wisdom that your personal experience holds. 

You could learn some life-changing things today if you give yourself the right head-space for it.

And it won’t just be YOU who is feeling this powerful energy of deep inner wisdom… On Numerological Power Days, the energy of that particular number (in this case #7) is amplified, and the frequency of its vibration is felt powerfully throughout the collective.

So get ready to feel the energy of number 7 anywhere, and everywhere, you go today.

With that said, just like anything magical – the energy here only works if you choose to embrace it. And the exact way in which the energy of the 7 will impact us, will vary slightly based on our own personal numbers.

If you want to learn more about how the 7th day of this 7 Universal Month can bring untold wisdom and deep spirituality into YOUR life, find your life path number below!

Life Path 1

Your Life Path number represents new beginnings, fresh energy, and supercharged creativity. On a 7/7 Power Day, you can expect some of your high charged energy to be slowed down. It’s a great day to map out the specifics of any big plans you may have brewing up for the future… remember today is a day for planning – not doing!

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Life Path 2

Your Life Path number is all about dualities, polarities, pairs, and opposites. On a 7/7 Power Day, you can expect this “wise sage” energy to draw attention to your relationships – and not necessarily in a bad way! Today is a great time to re-evaluate your wants/needs/desires in ALL of your relationships. Do your relationships look how you want them to? Or are there some adjustments that could be made?

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Life Path 3

Your Life Path number is the number of the child – fun, creative, energetic, communication, magical, and lucky. So this 7/7 Power Day might prove to be a little *uncomfortable* for you. You’re not really used to slowing down, or being too serious, but that’s exactly what today’s vibes are calling for you to do. Instead of reaching for the sky and diving straight into a 20-minute silent meditation… try something a little more active, like journaling or sound healing.

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Life Path 4

Your Life Path number is strong and stable. You’re very serious about commitments, practically, and strong foundations… so on this 7/7 Power Day you can gain a lot of useful insight into how to actually achieve all these wondrous things. You’re not typically a visionary by nature – instead, you opt for practicality and hard work… but today is your opportunity to sit down and actually think about how you plan on getting from point A – to – point B. It’s a great day for researching how things work, systems, and people work!

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Life Path 5

Your Life Path number is super flexible and freedom-focused in nature, we like to call you ‘the adventurer’! On this 7/7 Power Day, you can expect to feel some different vibrations in your supercharged energy. The 7 is asking you to take that foot off the pedal, stop racing to your next destination, and instead… pull over, stretch your limbs, and simply observe the beauty that is all around you. When questions pop into your head, like “wow, that’s beautiful, I wonder what it means?” Allow yourself the time and space to look into it and really explore the question in all its angles.

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Life Path 6

Your Life Path number is centered around love, harmony, and beauty. And this 7/7 Power Day can actually be quite emotional for you… taking you into depths of your soul, possibly even questioning the “meaning of all this”. Your number is often referred to as the Humanitarian out of all the other numbers, as you vibrate with unconditional love for all of mankind and all of Earth’s creatures. Today’s 7 energy is a great time for you to reflect on the big picture, how we’re all connected, what type of ripple effects we’re having on one another, and how we can better serve each other and our planet.

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Life Path 7

A Numerological Power Day in your Life Path Number = mindblowing high energy vibrations! There has never been a better day for you to slow down, go within, ask questions, and search for answers! Deep dive into your spirituality, life’s mission, and your own inner wisdom. Follow your natural cues today – mediation, nature walks, yoga, journaling, reading… whatever feels good to you is going to bring you the peace and wisdom you desire.

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Life Path 8

Your Life Path number is all about the eternal flow of energy (think: infinity symbol). On a 7/7 Power Day, you’re being asked to devote your rational and practical energy of achievement outwards, rather than inwards. ‘Achievement’ might as well be your middle name… it’s something you’re very good at! So today, challenge yourself to think of ways you can harness that energy and give back to the rest of humanity. How can you serve? What can you give?

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Life Path 9

Your Life Path number represents the end of the numerological cycle. On this 7/7 Power Day you have the opportunity to harness the wisdom of the 7 and direct it inwards towards all the lessons you’ve accumulated thus far in your life. Having a Life Path Number that is rooted in so much trust and wisdom, you have a natural ability to communicate with others. Use this day to ponder what that means for yourself, your spirituality, and your

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Life Path 11

Your Life Path number is rooted in impacting the collective… specifically how people connect with each other and the world. On this 7/7 Power Day you could gain some massive insight into the ways in which you can best accomplish this goal. But rather than focusing your attention outwards, center your thoughts inwards. There is where you’ll find the answers you’ve been searching for.

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Life Path 22

Your Life Path number holds very powerful and capable energy. You have an impeccable gift for improving the systems and structures that make up our human societies. And on the 7/7 Power Day, you can expect your energy to be slowed down quite a bit. Instead of striving to improve all of the broken systems that you see… dive deep into the reason they broke in the first place. It’s hard to fix a broken system unless you address the root cause, so use the 7’s inner wisdom energy to your advantage today, and really troubleshoot the deeper issues at work.

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…So, how powered up are you? Let us know how you will be harnessing the frequency of this 7/7 Numerology Power Day in the comments below!