Know a Gemini? These expressive, curious, and extremely social “twins” of the zodiac have a birthday coming up (sometime between May 21 – June 20 to be exact). Because Gemini is an air sign, they are notorious for their quick-witted remarks and intelligence. And because Gemini is also a mutable sign, this makes them versatile and adaptive.

So basically, they’re social butterflies, who still love sitting home alone from time to time with a good book, and they have no problem with last-minute changes or going with the flow. Sounds like a pretty cool friend to have!

The only, errrrrr, less than loveable thing about this sign is their tendency towards gossip… But hey, that’s not their fault! They are ruled by Mercury, after all.

But despite the gossip, you should count yourself lucky if you have a Gemini as a friend. Show them your love and appreciation this year by giving the perfect gift. Read on to see our top 10 picks. 

#1.) Kindle Paperwhite

Yep, Gemini’s really do love reading, learning, and all knowledge in general – that this HAD to be top of the list. This latest edition is waterproof too! Perfect for relaxing in the bath or at the beach.

Gemini's are book worms, gift them infinite reading possibilities with the Kindle Paperwhite. Pin

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#2.) Astrological Pencil Set

One of the best things about Gemini’s is that they can (and often do) laugh at themselves. And come on, these pencils are SO TRUE.

Funny pencils that perfectly describe the traits of a GeminiPin

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#3.) Rose Quartz Face Roller

Gemini’s like to look polished and put together. Help them achieve perfect skin with this luxurious face roller that can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and even eye puffiness.

Help you Gemini friend look polished and put together with this rose quartz face roller. Pin

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#4.) A Dark, Dirty, & Painfully Funny Card Game

Caution: reviewers say that this is NOT a game for innocent ears and that it’s 1000x more fun than Cards Against Humanity. This game isn’t for everyone, so proceed with caution…

Twisted Vulgarities - a dirty adult part game that all Gemini's (with a good sense of humor) is sure to love. Pin

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#5.) Gemini: The Art of Living Well

Let’s be honest, Gemini’s love learning about themselves (and talking about themselves). So this book that’s all about THEM will be perfect.

Cosmic book - Gemini: The art of living well. Pin

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#6.) Karaoke Microphone

Have I mentioned that Gemini’s love being the center of attention? What’s more fun (and attention-drawing) than getting together with a group of friends to sing badly with one another? They’ll probably hog the microphone all night, but something tells me you won’t care.

Gemini's are the life of the party. Give them a karaoke microphone so they can really shine. Pin

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#7.) Ring Light Tripod Stand

To be honest, they probably already have one of these. Ask a Gemini what their worst nightmare is, and they’ll probably say “bad lighting”.

Gemini's love a good selfie. Gift them a ring light for perfect lighting - every time. Pin

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#8.) Keds

Gemini’s are always on the move. So get them some trendy shoes that’ll help them stay stylish and comfortable.

Gemini's are always on the go. These Ked's shoes will keep them comfortable and stylish.Pin

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#9.) Let’s Get Fizzical: Cocktail Book

A book nerd who loves entertaining? What could be a better gift?

A bubbly cocktail recipe book that every entertaining Gemini needsPin

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#10.) Happy Hour Print

And of course, they’ll need a chic print to accompany their cocktail book.

A chic happy print perfect for every Gemini's bar cartPin

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What’s your favorite thing Gemini’s? Leave them some love in the comments below!