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cosmic currentMercury Goes Direct!

The week of January 25 starts off with Mercury moving direct again at 14° in Capricorn! 14 is the “Media” number and governs communication – perfect for connecting and getting your message back out there! In Capricorn the emphasis will be getting serious about those business projects you dreamed up in the last three weeks while Mercury was retrograde – share and implement your big ideas!

Jupiter Conjunct Moon’s North Node For Fortunate Expansion

The exciting news over these next two weeks is that Jupiter continues the lucky conjunction with the Moon’s North Node. This attracts many opportunities for fortunate expansion. Your vision of the future gets a lot of clarity and your ability to forge new lasting relationships is super strong as well (North Node). It’s all happening in Virgo (healing, health, self-growth). This is one long lucky transit you want to take advantage of!

February – 11 Gateway Month

To magnify the luck of this two-week period is the welcoming of February – an 11 Gateway Month this year (2 + 2+0+1+6 = 11). 11 opens the portal into limitless abundance and joy. 11 only knows how to live in the present.

If you haven’t felt quite motivated yet this year… get ready! February will energize your nervous system and propel you forward. 11 is the number of Double New Beginnings, so o be super engaged and conscious of what you want to start, since it will lay a strong foundation for your future. That means tuning in to your intuition – 11 governs your sixth sense which is amazingly amplified this month. One-on-one relationships (11 and 2) are in the spotlight too –you could experience a new lease in your love life!

Other fabulous highlights:

January 27 doubles up the 9-1 code of big shifts (release, restart, rebirth) that is active throughout January – watch for changes that result in fast forward momentum today.

January 29 is an 11 Day and 3 Universal Date bringing heart-centered breakthroughs, and coincides with the Moon opposite Uranus – triggering the same emotional breakthroughs.

February 1 activates the 1-2-3 “ready-set-go” numerology code while the Moon conjuncts Mars, which also fires you up for new beginnings! We are shooting out of the gate on Day 1 of February into the Double New Beginnings energy of February’s 11 Universal Month!

February 2 unveils a 2.2 code in an 11/2 Month – a super day to connect with and deeply communicate with any partnerships.

On February 5 Venus conjuncts (joins with) Pluto at 16° in 2016 – a passionate, sensual day of transformation – with potential big breakthroughs in your love life.

February 6 is a 17/8 date of infinite abundance. With the Sun sextile Uranus, you could receive surprising news. The code today fills you with a wealth of ideas, and business connections are favored as well – so it’s not you’re normal Saturday!

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