“It’s 11:11! Make a wish!”

In your childhood, did you and your friends shout this when you spied 11:11 on a digital timekeeper? We sure did. Seeing the series of ones on a microwave or clock was cause to take note and tap into the magic moment.

So what IS 11:11?

The answer is subjective, but many of us recognize how poignant it is.

The 11:11 signal is holographic and ever-expanding, just like the universe. Seeing 11:11 is an indication to recognize the ONEness in everyday life. Whenever you happen to notice it, take a moment to become present to your circumstance, location, or thoughts in that moment.

The UNIverse is ONE

The number 1 is the basis of everything, symbolizing new beginnings, innovation, independence, and achievement. Think of all the complex tasks computers perform—but at the core, binary code is just 0s and 1s.

In numerology, 11 is the first Master Number that does not reduce by adding the digits. 11 can be considered higher level 2 energy, and 2 stands for balance and harmony.

11 symbolizes:

  • higher intuition and insight
  • duality transcendence
  • a gateway to higher dimensions
  • instant manifestation
  • time loops and matrix glitches
  • energetic portals
  • illumination and transformation
  • a call to master your own life
  • the ONEness of the universe

1 & 1 is also symbolic of the Rastafari way of referencing others: they don’t say “you & me,” they say “I & I.” As I write this, I’m talking to you, but I’m really just talking to myself: there’s only One of us here.

My 11/11/11 Activation

For me, 2011 was my year of energetic activation; a veritable turning point in the focus of my awareness. I’ve always been introspective, but that year I became even more dedicated to cultivating my inner spiritual life.

In 2011 I was energetically drawn to new situations, people, and experiences that were radically different from all my previous years. As I said, I’d always “made a wish” at 11:11 in my youth, but that year I began seeing it so much more.

11/11/11 itself was a real mystical portal of a day for me. The moon was full, and my meditations during that gateway begat intense death and rebirth experiences.

DSC09073PinWhile doing a 7-candle meditation under the copper pyramid with the man who would, months later, become my husband, I experienced my first ego dissolution, where I transcended the physical confines of my body and recognized that my consciousness was infinite—connected to the entire universe.

I went through something like a life review. Every person I’d known, every song I liked, every adventure and challenge I’d experienced all came together and made sense.

It was then that I realized that the universe was FOR me. I AM the universe, and everything in my experience was connected and purposeful.

After that, my paradigm shifts continued to fire off regularly, shaking up everything in my life.

Once you recognize the ONEness, you can’t go back. Once you see it ALL, you can’t unsee it.

The 11/11/11 Gateway

The 11/11/11 gateway prompted me to take direct action as the author and creator of my life. In retrospect, I’d always been the type of person to manifest the unthinkable; to make amazing things happen using pure force and will. With my new perspective of the power of ONEness, I was now able to be a conscious creator, and operate from a place of power, knowing the holographic nature of reality.

When I became pregnant in the Spring of 2013 and discovered my baby’s due date was 11/11, I nearly fell out. You can’t make up this stuff! My husband and I never found out our baby’s sex, but as the pregnancy went along so smoothly and peacefully, I knew I was going to name our child Eleven, whether we had a boy or girl. The signposts were everywhere.

BreastfeedingGoddesses2PinOn 11/10/13, I was ready for labor to begin, but 11/11 came and passed. In her own proper timing, my Eleven birthed herself three sunrises later; three days before the full moon, in the very mystical Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago.

The full circle, 24-hour labor cycle gave way to yet another death and rebirth of my very being. At the moment of Eleven’s emergence, I experienced yet another zero-point time moment of dissolution into the ALL of existence. I became the phoenix rising from the ashes yet again, of course under the transformational sign of Scorpio, at the stroke of sunrise.

Living in Trinidad with my new trinity of a family, I birthed yet another 11: my company, The Age of Eleven, a lifestyle brand dedicated to recognizing the ONEness in everyday life. We opened our first retail store in Chicago, and the address was 5204. 5+2+0+4 =…

When people meet my family, learn our daughter’s name is Eleven, and then see our business card, it often sparks interesting discussion on the number 11. “Oh my goodness, I see 11 everywhere! What does it mean?”

The number 11 also happens to be a wonderful icebreaker. :)

11:11 and Subjective Reality

The universe is holographic; full of patterns and symbols and synchronicity. You know how when you buy a new car and then you suddenly see it everywhere on the road? Before, that type of vehicle never really mattered to you. But now you’ve tuned your awareness to a new perspective, and are tapped into that particular frequency.

Similarly, once you begin to tap into certain universal laws, you begin to see more and more magic. It’s like the Law of Attraction—the more you give thanks for, the more you continue to have things for which to be grateful.

1111PinNow, 11:11 is a universal phenomena—I liken it to a DNA-encoded glitch in the matrix, causing us to see beyond the general consensus of an objective world.

Even people who aren’t necessarily into spirituality or mysticism can relate to noticing 11:11. When it keeps showing up everywhere—in the digits of your phone number, in the summation of your address, on your receipt at the grocery store—you start to take notice. What IS the nature of reality?

Sometimes the “glitch” expands to other numbers; perhaps 1234, or 333, 4444, or 77. Either way, anything that causes you to pause is something to which you should pay attention.


The 11:11 signal is a gateway to new levels of existence. The subtle hint that becomes increasingly pervasive is an invitation to recognize how mystical everyday life can be. Use the recognition of the 11:11 to become a master of your own affairs—focus your attention on your highest good and what you truly are as an infinite being having a human existance.

The universe is the YOUniverse. Everything is ONE, and connected. Whatever you choose to call “it,” it is all a part of you because it interfaces through and projects from you.

Our lives speak to us in each moment. What is life speaking to you?

With discernment and self-knowledge, we all can awaken to the holographic nature of reality and see the ONEness everywhere.

Think of 11:11 as a cosmic alarm clock. What are alarm clocks used for?