We don’t need to tell you what an absolute disaster 2020 has been…

While nobody could have predicted how this year would pan out, astrologers knew all along that something ominous was brewing in the Cosmos.

And while there were a few planetary alignments which were cause for concern, two planets were at the center of all the foreboding forecasts…

Jupiter and Saturn

In 2017, celestial titans, Jupiter and Saturn moved into serious, intense Capricorn. And the intensity of this alignment has been building since then to create a Cosmic outlook practically bubbling over with possibility (and not necessarily the good kind!).


Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac. It teaches us about boundaries, limitations, and discipline. It understands that rewards come with hard work, structure and practical application. This is officialdom, governance, and playing by the rules. It is stoic, persistent and devoted.

While Jupiter and Saturn usually have a positive influence on our lives, when they are influenced by Capricorn, we are forced to learn hard lessons, go through harsh transformative periods and experience tough times in order to come out the other side a better, strong collective.

And while we’ve suffered through most of this year thanks to these intense planetary alignments, things are about to change.

Jupiter and Saturn Move Into Aquarius

On Thursday, December 17th, Saturn entered Aquarius and then on Saturday, December 19th, Jupiter moves into this gentle sign. And that means one thing…

It’s time to rejoice!

This alignment is one of the best Christmas gifts the Universe has given you for some time. While it’s hard to truly predict what this means or 2021, one thing’s for sure: freedom is on the cards (which is more than we can say for this year, right?!).

This incredible Cosmic move gives the collective a sure sign that the drudgery, chaos and misery of 2020 are all about to end. It signals the dawn of a new, happier era in which the wheel of progress will be kickstarted after a year of stagnancy.

At this time it is SO important that you shake off any of 2020’s nasty baggage before you welcome in the beautiful Aquarian energy. The last thing you want is to taint 2021 (and beyond) with 2020’s bad juju!

So, now is the time to think about the things that are no longer serving you (hint: think about the toxic traits, habits and beliefs you’ve picked up this year) and release them. Doing this as part of a ritual or personal ceremony can help you not only effectively let go but also set intentions for how you want to fill your newly-made inner space.

If you don’t have your own ritual to follow, our Ritual of Release program is specifically designed to help you work with the cosmic energies at play so you can take back control and step into the lead role of your own life. Click below to get yours.


This zodiacal shift by these celestial titans is just the prelude to the main event though… 

Come Monday, the biggest day that we will EVER see on the Cosmic Calendar in our lifetimes will be upon us.

The Great Conjunction 2020

After the year we’ve had, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that 2020 is ending with one of astrology’s most auspicious events.

On Monday 12/21, Jupiter and Saturn will come within kissing distance of each other in a super rare conjunction at only 0.1 degrees apart.

Although Saturn and Jupiter conjunct once every 20 years, they rarely do so in such spectacular fashion. During this conjunction, the two brightest planets in our solar system will combine to create one super-bright star (or so it will appear from our position here on Earth). This is the closest these two planets have come during their conjunction since 1623 and the closest observable conjunction since 1226.

So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal!

This meeting of these two Cosmic giants sees them combine forces and bring out the best in each other. You can expect expanded horizons, unexpected opportunities, liberation and freedom across the board! Yippee!

New Beginning Energy

At Numerologist, we’re firm believers that there are no coincidence, and it’s very telling that the Universe is offering up a Cosmic concoction of transformative energy just when we need it most.

You see, it’s not only the influences of The Great Conjunction itself that should make you sit up and take note. It’s the other astro-events which ‘coincidentally’ coincide with it…

Winter Solstice

Each time a Great Conjunction graces the skies, it’s always on the same day: The Winter Solstice. Being so close to Christmas, many believe that it was this planetary alignment at the core of the tales of the “Star of Bethlehem”.

The Winter Solstice marks a turning point of the year. The shortest day of the year delivers a new sense of hope when dawn breaks the following day that better days are ahead.

It is both a powerful time of release and of rebirth, full of meaning and symbology. Ancient cultures told many myths about the Winter Solstice. From Frigga the Norse Goddess who sat at her wheel, spinning the fates (the origin of our modern Christmas wreath); to the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon who rode through people’s dreams on the darkest of nights, offering them visions; to the Egyptian Goddess Isis who gave birth to the sun god Horus on this day, symbolized by a winged Sun.

Age of Aquarius

It is not lost on many astro-folk that this Great Conjunction occurs at 0°29′ Aquarius. There has been talk about the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in spiritual circles for many years, yet there is no definitive date that signals when this coveted ‘Age’ will begin.

But with such a monumental moment happening in our skies in the very sign of the much anticipated new age, it’s hard not to see the link.

If it is the case that the Age of Aquarius is beginning, the paradigm-shifting vibes coming your way will be much more life-defining than you could ever have imagined. Though changes won’t all hit you at once, The Great Conjunction is a sure indicator that it’s time to begin doing what you can to open your consciousness. You must actively make as much space as you can within yourself to ensure you have room to accept to magnificent waves of transformative energy coming your way.

Prepare Yourself

With such opportunity for change and transformation in the Cosmos, it is vital that you make room within your soul to accept the blessing which you’re about to receive.

Like many of us, you may have picked up extra baggage this year, but head this warning…


Make those three little words your mantra from this moment forward.

If you don’t release the things that are no longer serving you, you have absolutely no chance of receiving the incredible gift the Universe is trying to give you. If you hold on to your emotional traumas, toxic beliefs, or even just mundane habitual ‘stuff’, you will not have the room to receive and you will let this opportunity slip through your grasp.

We get it though, letting go is sometimes easier said than done.

With our Ritual of Release program, we guide you through the steps you need to take to create the space you need to channel endless positive energy.

Click below to get yours and get on the fast-track to turning your life around in time for 2021.


About Rose Foster

Rose May Foster is a writer for Numerologist.com with a penchant for the lighter side of numerology, astrology and all things divination. Often found in the depths of the Twitterverse or scouring #hilarious Instagram accounts, Rose uses YOUR thoughts as her research to bring tongue in cheek and binge-worthy articles that'll have you LOL'ing along with her!

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