A wonderful Taurus NEW Moon blesses us with magic and alchemy on May 15. This New Moon is especially powerful, since Uranus moves into Taurus the SAME day!

When you consider that Uranus hasn’t been in the sign of Taurus since between 1934-1941, you can see that this New Moon moment is a BIG deal!

  • Taurus makes sure we feel secure, grounded and in sync with our core soul values.
  • Uranus is the Great Awakener, opening wide horizons – encouraging expansive freedom – introducing (often unexpectedly) a brand new experience of life…

Uranus in Taurus encourages us to take risks in order to feel a stronger, more secure connection to Source, to our Soul. It’s a delightful paradox!

Your Awakening is REAL.

Know that this New Moon will BIRTH something in you that will change you forever.

It happens on May 15 at 24° in Taurus. Both 15 and 24 reduce to the number 6 – symbolizing love, nurturing, family and abundance – just like Taurus does!

15 is the number of Spiritual Alchemy – a palpable joy uplifts you vibrationally and nourishes your soul with love. This changes your frequency and results in an internal alchemy – truly a stunning code for this Taurus New Moon.

Fabulous planetary meetings are triggered by the New Moon:

Sun and Moon form an incredible Trine to both Mars and Pluto.

This TRINE between the New Moon and Mars/Pluto infuses you with so much energy! You will be determined to achieve your goals in a very unique way, because Uranus moving into Taurus is all about being special – valuing who you are at soul-level.

Your courage and ambition will magnify.

Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn, an EARTH sign, just like Taurus – so this transit will leave a long impact on you.

Sun and Moon are opposite Jupiter.

This opposition invites your Light to embrace more joy and abundance, which expands and grows as long as you surrender to divine wisdom and love.

Surrender and trust brings you inner peace. So, if something feels out of sync in your life, Jupiter opposite Sun is bringing that area into balance.

Always ask yourself when making any decision – does this make me feel happy?

Mercury and Uranus are square to Mars.

Squares in astrology facilitate movement and activation. In this case there is excitement and a restless energy that will spur you on to communicate in a unique and new way. You’ll make discoveries that awaken your perception.

Definitely, something will make you fired up – so use this exciting energy to create something, otherwise you may feel nervous, anxious or irritable.

Jupiter Trines Neptune.

Saved the best for last… What a gorgeous transit this is – a gift from the heavens!

Jupiter trine Neptune sets the stage for long-term good fortune and spiritual fulfillment. When you are aligned with what brings you joy, you’ll experience bigger financial windfalls, an expansion of your imagination and overall enrichment.

Your psychic awareness and intuition are super enhanced…

What you set your intentions on, dream about and visualize now will multiply, leaving a long-term, positive effect on your life.

As you can see, this year’s Taurus New Moon coupled with Uranus’ move into Taurus for the next 7 years creates fantastic opportunities for you to initiate fortunate breakthroughs and embrace a brand new way of life.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

About Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle, Wealth Astro-Numerologist, has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them design fulfilling and abundant lives. She has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Yahoo.com. Tania is the creator of Numerology Academy™ - the first online certification course integrating Astrology and Numerology. Learn more about Tania at TaniaGabrielle.com.

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