tarot card interpretationsPinHave you ever wanted to learn to read Tarot, but were put off by having to memorize 78 Tarot card meanings?!

What if I was to tell you that with just one simple technique, you could be reading Tarot in no time?

Here’s the deal. If you know even just a little bit about the meanings of the numbers 1 to 10, you’ve already got a head start with learning to read Tarot.

Yes – I’m serious!

You see, numerology and Tarot go hand-in-hand. Let me show you how.

The Numbers In The Minor Arcana

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot deck – 40 numbered cards and 16 Court Cards.

The 40 numbered cards are separated into 4 Suits – Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands – with each Suit running from Ace (1) to 10.

An easy way to get to know the 40 numbered cards of the Tarot is to learn basic numerology. Here are a few keywords to get you started:

pents06Pin1 (Aces). New beginnings, opportunity, potential

2. Balance, duality, partnership

3. Growth, creativity, groups

4. Structure, foundation, stability, manifestation

5. Instability, conflict, change

6. Communication, cooperation, harmony

7. Reflection, assessment, knowledge

8. Movement, action, accomplishment

9. Fruition, attainment, fulfilment

10. Completion, end of a cycle, renewal

The Meaning Of The Suits

It also helps to know a little about each of the Suits:

⤠ Cups (element = water): Emotions, creativity, intuition, relationships

Pentacles (element = earth): Material wealth, manifestation, money, career

Swords (element = air): Communication, truth, intellect, thoughts

Wands (element = fire): Inspiration, energy, enthusiasm

Combining The Suits & The Numbers

Now, you can marry up what you know about the numbers and what you know about the Suits, to determine what each of the 40 numbered cards mean.

For example, Two of Cups is partnerships (2) in love and relationships (Cups). And Five of Swords is change and conflict (5) in communication (Swords).

See – I told you it would be easy!

You might be wondering how to interpret the 16 Court Cards with numerology. Well, that isn’t quite as straight-forward because the Court Cards don’t traditionally have a numerological association. So we’ll cover those cards another time with a couple of other handy techniques I have up my sleeve.

For now, let’s jump into the Major Arcana cards.

The Numbers In The Major Arcana

the empress - tarotPinYou can apply the same technique for the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. The Fool is the first card, but starts at 0, and the final card is the World (21). Each card in between has its own number and you can apply what you know about the numbers to the Major Arcana Tarot cards.

You don’t have to know double-digit numerology either. Simply add together the numbers and interpret the single number. For example, the Tower is Card 16 and 1 + 6 = 7. 7 is about assessment and evaluation – an aspect of the Tower card.

That said, it can help to understand the meanings of the numbers up until 21 to add extra depth to your Tarot interpretations. For example, Death is Card 13 and both Death and the number 13 relate to upheaval. 13 is also a Karmic Debt Number – a sign that we need to learn a life lesson in order to evolve spiritually.

So there you have it – an easy way to apply everything you already know about numerology to Tarot so that you’ll be reading the Tarot cards in no time!

Happy Tarot reading,


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 Image of the Empress and the 6 of Pentacles above are from the Rider Waite Deck.