Do you know your Tarot Birth Card?

Numerology and Tarot are age-old friends, they intimately connected, and when used together, can be powerfully revealing!

Every single card in a Tarot deck is associated with a particular number. From the Magician to the lovers to the Moon Card, they all have a numerological equivalent. So if you already know a thing or two about Numerology, you probably understand something of the meaning and symbolism contained in the numbers 1 – 9. These hold true for the cards in a Tarot deck too. But this is only the beginning…

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This Post is all About the Life Path 6 and it’s corresponding Tarot Card: The Lovers

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Life Path 6: Tarot Birth Card – The Lovers

The-Lovers-TarotPinThe Lovers is an interesting Tarot card. Traditionally depicting a woman and man with their feet on the ground and their heads in the sky, they symbolize unity: between themselves, and between Heaven and Earth.

Often interpreted as representing romantic love, coupledom or marriage, in fact, its meaning is so much more than this. The Lovers represents hearing and understanding the calling of our soul: the things we love – which may indeed be people – but may also be art, a hobby, a place, a way of life; anything that makes your soul sing!

As people, Lovers are kind, excitable, complicated, and often in a dilemma! More than anyone, these people feel the dual pull towards what is earthly and what is heavenly, and are continually having to choose whether to take the higher, spiritual path or the (perhaps easier or more immediately gratifying) ‘low road’. This Tarot birth card all about choices. Lovers see exciting opportunities everywhere and will flit joyfully from project to project if they aren’t deeply moved by what they find. This is a path of seeking genuine fulfilment.

Lovers do indeed love to love and tend to go from relationship to relationship. With the right people, they do make wonderful partners devoted, romantic and attentive to the details that make love work. But they are also easily distracted – if their partner is not ‘the one’ they’ll end up looking elsewhere, always seeking that extra-special connection that will make them feel complete.

Key Strengths of the Lovers Tarot Birth Card:

You don’t settle for second-best. If something isn’t working for you, you won’t waste time on it and move on fast.

⇢ With the right person, you’re an amazing lover – dedicated, passionate and committed.

You’re fun to be around, seeing opportunities everywhere you look and always up for trying new things.

⇢ You know how to bring the different elements of yourself into play at the same time, understanding that a person is never just ‘one thing’.

⇢ You’re an amazing balance of masculine and feminine, never feeling defined by your gender or others expectations of you.

You understand that there are always at least two sides to a story and try to see both before making your mind up about anything.

⇢ You’re a great communicator.

Key Challenges of the Lovers Tarot Birth Card:

You’re easily frustrated – you’re so keen to find the perfect partner, job, lifestyle that when things don’t live up to your expectations, you tend to take this really hard.

You can be unrealistic, and at times, very dualistic.

⇢ Your habit of flitting when a project isn’t awesome enough for you means you often leave things unfinished.

If you’re not with the right person, you’re prone to ‘cheating’. Try to be more honest with yourself at the start of a new relationship!

Lovers Tarot Birth Card Love & Compatibility:

You love everyone! At first, at least… Of all the tarot birth cards, you’re the most experimental when it comes to love and don’t have a specific ‘type’.

⇢ That said, you’d work well with an Empress (Life Path 3), who would understand your passionate nature and help you to understand when you had found something truly special in life.

⇢ A Magician (Life Path 1) or a Chariot (Life Path 7) could be either a red-hot love match or your worst enemy, depending on how much patience you have for each other! Their very focused energy might irritate you, or on the other hand, you might admire their ability to get a task done and be inspired by their dedication.

⇢ A thoughtful Hermit (Life Path 8) might seem too slow for you, but peaceful Strength (Life Path 9) could be your soul-mate. Of all the birth cards, Strength best understands a Lover’s dilemma and can provide the love and reassurance to help you be your very best self.


Lovers Tarot Birth Card Career, Work And Lifestyle Ideas:

⇢ If you’re an outgoing and confident type, you’d be brilliant on stage or screen – have you ever tried acting?

⇢ You’d make a wonderful journalist, as you’re always able to see more than one side to a story and are good at presenting information in ways that people can understand. If not journalism, then anything where you get to share information, teach, instruct or facilitate would suit you.

⇢ You’d be great in a tech role as you’re excited by new and exciting gadgets. Computing, apps, web development and mobile technologies all may appeal to you, particularly in an ‘ideas’ role.

Anything creative, the more inventive the better, would get you going. If you can’t find a job you like, you could start up on your own, (provided you had back-up for when you got bored!)

Obviously, you can’t gain a true and complete picture of somebody through their Tarot Birth Card!

You are not simply your birth card, your Life Path Number, or anything else you can figure out by adding up the numbers in your life, you are a complex and beautiful creature formed from a myriad of different influences. These are archetypes or universal energy types which move through people in different ways.

But sometimes it can be incredibly powerful to have symbols, numbers, words, cards – anything at all – to hold onto, to help make sense of what we are doing and why!

Have you learnt something about yourself today? If you’re a Life Path 6, let us know how the Lovers speak to you and if your life has followed a similar path. And if you’re not a 6, how have you interacted with Lovers in the past? Is your partner, lover, child, or best friend a 6? Drop us a comment below and share your insights, we’d love to connect!

Image source: The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck (via Little Red Tarot)