Your Tarot Birth Card – Life Path 5: The Hierophant (Thoughtful, Wise & Grounded)

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Welcome back to my series on the Tarot Birth Card! This week we’re all about Life Path 5 – The Hierophant!

If you missed out on last week’s post, then head here to find out how to determine your life path number and your associated tarot birth card. Every week, I’ll be discussing each of the nine tarot birth cards and their person-centered interpretations.

And if you’re not a Life Path 5, head here to read about Life Path 1, The MagicianLife Path 2, The High PriestessLife Path 3, The Empress, and Life Path 4, the Emperor.

We’ll look at typical strengths and weaknesses, who you’re likely to fancy (and who turns you off), and the kind of work or lifestyle you might find satisfying. Whilst a single tarot card could never sum up an entire person, it can be fun and helpful to learn which tarot archetype represents you, and how you can use its energy in different areas of your life.

Again, if you’re not sure what your tarot birth card is, read this first!

Life Path 5 – The Hierophant

‘Know thy roots’

The-Hierophant-tarot-cardThe Hierophant is the ancestral figure of the tarot – as an archetype she represents our universal connection to what has gone before us. How the past has shaped our lives and how its energy still touches us.

As a person, she is thoughtful and wise, someone who understands her own roots, and the roots of humanity. She knows where she has come from, and is interested in the stories and lessons of her ancestors. A history-lover, she is able to translate tales from the past into relevant guidance for modern life.

She is caring and community-minded, sharing her wisdom with others and providing sanctuary for people in need – it is to her that people often turn when in crisis or needing guidance.

Key Strengths:

Tarot Birth Card StrengthsYour warmth means that people come to you for help.

You are intelligent and a good communicator, sharing your wisdom readily with others.

You are a good listener, and a good storyteller.

⇢ You have a way of getting people to listen when you speak.

Learning from the past comes naturally to you – you have this amazing ability to understand history in a modern context, and you know what lessons to bring forwards (and what to leave behind).

You have a lot of respect for tradition, coupled with a sense of social responsibility.

Key Challenges:

Tarot Birth Card Challenges⇢ Despite your warmth, people may be put off by an aloof quality in you.

⇢ You have a tendency to ‘live in the past’…

⇢ …which means you may find it harder than most to forge your own way in life.

⇢ You may often struggle to feel ‘grounded’, despite having strong roots.

⇢ You can be impatient with the world’s fixation with novelty and always looking forwards, fearing that society fails to learn from from the past.

People can easily become dependent on you – it takes effort on your part to discourage this.

Who You Hookin’ Up With?

Tarot Birth Card - Love⇢ Hierophants and Emperors (Life Path 4) go well together as both have an appreciation of tradition and of things being done properly.

⇢  A High Priestess (Life Path 2) would complement your spiritual side. You’d be attracted to her ability to see into the depths of your soul and really understand you.

⇢ You’d also be suited to a Hermit (Life Path 9), who would enjoy long discussions with you on the nature of humanity.

⇢ You’d likely be comfortable with a Lover (Life Path 6), who would appreciate your counsel when making tricky decisions.

⇢ A Magician (Life Path 1) would help you to do something practical with those lofty thoughts of yours, which would tend to excite rather than intimidate you… provided you didn’t feel bossed around!

Work And Lifestyle Ideas:

Tarot Birth Card - Work & Lifestyle⇢ You’d make such a great youth worker – you have this ability to connect people with what’s really important, especially in their moments of crisis or when they feel they’re losing track of who they are – often a semi-permanent state for young people!

Teaching would similarly be right up your street.

Storytelling – whether as an actual career or something on the side – would really suit you. You have this knack for finding what’s important in a story and conveying this to others with clarity and depth. Seek out spoken word and storytelling nights and get inspired.

⇢ Ghostwriting, copywriting, biography – telling stories through writing would also be a great idea for you.

What’s Up Next?

Next week we’ll be focusing on Life Path 6, The Lovers!

Until then, drop me a note below. If you’re a Life Path 5, let me know how you relate to The Hierophant and if you’ve seen similar characteristics appear in your own life. And if you’re not a 5, how have you interacted with 5s in the past? Is your partner, lover, son, or best friend a 5?

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