Take a Compatibility Test Together and See if You’re a Good Match

You’re like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together; you have the same interests and you uphold the same values, but like most women, you wonder if everything’s just working out right because of the “newness” of it all and  you’re not sure if, later on, you will find yourself asking who the stranger you’re in a relationship with is. Instead of constantly being suspicious of each other and secretly stalking each other’s social networking accounts or stealthily checking each other’s phone activities, how about doing something fun together that will reveal more about your inclinations and interests, such as a compatibility test?

Back in the nineties, compatibility tests were often found in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Allure and they were always fun to do.  Not a lot of guys were particularly interested in them mainly because they didn’t want to be seen looking quite engrossed with women’s magazines.  Anyway, online compatibility tests are easier to take; all you need to do is click on your answers and when you’re done with all the questions, the program computes the numerical value of your answers and provides you the interpretation of your answers.

Such compatibility tests are not that accurate however because most of the time, the answer choices are basically likelihoods and not really your honest and natural inclination.  Numerologists claim that numerological compatibility tests provide more solid bases in determining the path of a romantic relationship. However, it does not predict how situations will unfurl in your relationship. Alternatively, what this does is assist you in gaining a better understanding of your and your partner’s inclinations in dealing with life’s circumstances.

To determine your numerological compatibility, you and your partner need to know your life path and expression numbers.  They are determined by adding the number value of your birthdays and the vowels of your full names respectively. Once you know these significant numbers, you consult the numerological chart for compatibility and it shall reveal to you a proper evaluation of the workings of the numbers with regards to your dominant strengths and weaknesses.

Numerologists claim that while the determined significant numbers truly reflect easily observable characteristics and inclinations, they do not completely set the path for the future of any relationship.  Numerology is all about furthering understanding on which to base reactions and plans, basically indicating that people are still completely in charge of their destiny.  Whether numerological compatibility tests work or not, there’s something to gain by trying one out; your relationship may just benefit from it.

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