Surviving Life’s Checkpoints: Pinnacle Numbers

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The Pinnacles are periods of time during which a given vibration expresses itself most fully, yet responds to the choices you make. Some authors call them Attainments, because if one’s life is being lived in a positive way, the best qualities of the numeric vibration that defines the Pinnacle will manifest.

Finding the Pinnacles

There are four of them in the life, and they change on the birthday, because they are counted by age rather than the calendar:

The first Pinnacle, or the Pinnacle of Attainment, is calculated by subtracting the Life Path Number (reduced to a single digit) from 36. For instance, if a person has a Life Path of 5, then 36-5 = 31 and will last from birth until the 31st birthday.

The second Pinnacle, or the Pinnacle of Obligation, lasts for 9 years, therefore 31+9 = 40: the second Pinnacle will last until age 40.

The third Pinnacle, called the Pinnacle of Foundation, also lasts for 9 years, which means that it will begin where the second leaves off and continue until the 49th birthday.

The fourth Pinnacle is known as the Pinnacle of Retrospection, and remains in place for the remainder of the life.

Calculating the numerological values of the Pinnacles is also easy. Let’s say our example person was born on August 3rd, 1983.
First, let’s work out the Life Path for practice: (August) 8+3 = 11; 11+1983 = 1994; 1+9+9+4 = 23; 2+3 = 5.

Now on to the Pinnacles –
The first Pinnacle is the sum of the month and day: 8+3 = 11/2
The second Pinnacle is the day plus the year: 3+(1+9+8+3 = 3) = 6
The third Pinnacle is the sum of the first and second, reduced to a single digit: 11+6 = 17; 1+7 = 8
The fourth Pinnacle is the month plus the year: 8+3 = 11/2
Following this method exactly will keep you from missing any Master Numbers.

Interpreting the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles represent high points of power for the vibrations they carry, and can be pleasant or difficult. Most people experience a mixture of the qualities of the dominant vibration, because we tend to be distracted, and accept whatever others have told us is right and good, at the expense of knowing what we truly want from life. We are the product of our choices, and the Pinnacles can help us choose in favor of our own best interests, when they are properly understood.

If the Pinnacle Vibration agrees with the LifePath, the period will run smoothly; there won’t be much difficulty in realizing opportunities that are presented as feedback from one’s actions and efforts.
If a Pinnacle agrees with the Soul Urge, then there will be little or no difficulty in manifesting one’s desires of the heart during its period.
If a Pinnacle agrees with the Expression, then one will find themselves in circumstances that aid them in their aims and goals; it will be a time of support from others and from the world at large.

A Pinnacle may also agree with one of the numbers you are lacking from your name, or a challenge you have not overcome; this might be the reason why you occasionally make choices that aren’t leading you to the best the Pinnacle has to offer.
Most everyone experiences a mixture of the positive and negative attributes of a given vibration during any Pinnacle. The good news is that you can change most of these effects, but the bad news is that the negative aspects are usually the results of mental and emotional habits which may take some effort to break.

Let’s say that someone has an Expression of 8, and 8 is the value of one of the Pinnacles. It may indicate a time during which they become so materialistic that they lose sight of caring for others, making it impossible to attain the most positive aspects of that vibration. But again, this is a matter of choice, although we may not think so. It’s all a matter of choosing to live life based on the positive feelings that let us know we are acting in our own best interests.

The Fadic, Karmic and Master Numbers have been described by various articles and eBooks here at – there is no need to repeat them. Simply calculate your Pinnacles, look up how they coordinate with your basic 3 chart elements, and try to attain the best aspects of the vibrations that can be humanly achieved. You’ll see a big difference in your circumstances, and gain the satisfaction of creating a positive and harmony-filled life for yourself and those you love.

What events in your life have aligned with Pinnacles? How do you keep your vibration high at low or challenging points?
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