If you’ve ever wondered about your reason for being, your soul number can give you the answers. Discover this core numerology number and find out if your path aligns with what your heart really wants.

What truly gives you fulfillment?

In a numerology chart, the soul number gives you information on what drives you. Knowing and understanding your soul number can give you perspective in life.

It can help realign you with what really moves you. This is especially important during life phases where it seems like you’re going in the wrong direction. The insight you get from this number can help get you on the right track and put that spring back in your step.

All it takes to find out your soul number is to add the vowels of your full name.

The soul number is sometimes called the soul urge number. You may also see it called the heart’s desire number. But these names all refer to the same number in your chart.

The words “soul” and “heart’s desire” are sometimes used interchangeably in reference to this number because of what it represents. When you look at this number, it’s the very essence and energy of who you are.

Do you know your reason for being?

Get confirmation about the inner you by learning why it’s called the heart’s desire number on the numerology chart.


Know the Inner You Through Your Soul Number

Do you know what really makes you tick deep down inside?

Why do you think the way you do? React the way you do?

It all has to do with your essence. And the soul number is your way of unlocking this version of yourself. Discover how your soul number can reveal these secrets of your unconscious.

#1 – Thoughts

You’re a multi-faceted person. There are some aspects of you that everyone sees. The personality number represents the impressions other people have of you.

The soul number, on the other hand, represents the innermost you. That includes the secret thoughts that you have and hide away from the rest of the world. These are the thoughts that feed your spirit and make you feel alive.

It also tells a story about the hidden cravings and urges in you, even if you don’t realize them.

#2 – Habits

This core number can also tell you about your innermost habits. These are habits and talents that seem to come naturally to you. When you express yourself using soul number talents, it makes you feel better than doing anything else.

Many people go through life without ever exploring their innermost habits. But if you study your core numbers in numerology, you can uncover new things about yourself.


#3 – Instincts/Reactions

Why do you do the things you do?

What people refer to as a “knee-jerk reaction” is really your soul number at work. These reactions are instinctual. You may not even realize you do them because they’re intrinsic to who you are.

Think about the last time you had thoughts and feelings that seemed “irrational” – intense feelings you simply couldn’t explain. That was probably your soul number influencing your life.

Some people look at their numerology chart and get a surprise about what this number reveals. But if your soul number aligns with other core numbers like your expression number or destiny number, it may not be that surprising.

How Your Soul Number Works

So, what can you do with this newfound knowledge about your innermost self?

There are a couple of areas in your life where you can use this number with the most impact:

Gravitate Towards People Who Resonate with You

First, when you understand what you want deep in your soul, you can take steps to achieve it. And that includes the people you surround yourself with.

Of course, your loved ones will always be there. But you may find yourself gravitating towards people who can help you fulfill those deep desires.

For example, number 5s want freedom and adventure above all else. They may hold down office jobs to take care of their responsibilities. But they’re miserable and deep down inside they know it.

Instead of living in misery, they may seek out other people and careers that involve travel. They may even avoid that feeling of claustrophobia by finally getting into business for themselves.


Avoid Situations that Will Bring Negativity into Your Life

Knowing what makes your heart skip a beat can also help you avoid negative situations in your life.

Going back to the soul number 5 example:

If you’re a 5, you want freedom more than anything else. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that your feelings of restlessness will eventually pass. But with the deeper understanding of yourself that your soul number gives you, you know they won’t.

So you can take steps to avoid feeling confined or stuck in a routine. Become an entrepreneur or ask for flexible hours at work. Those actions can alleviate a potentially negative situation in a 5’s life.

Are you ready to see how the soul number works in real life?

Take the enigmatic tech entrepreneur Elon Musk as an example. His birth name is Elon Reeve Musk.

Find out his soul number by taking all the vowels from his name. In his case, it looks like this:

(E + O) + (E + E + E) + (U)

Which converts to:

(5 + 6) + (5 + 5 + 5) + (3) = 29

Adding the 2 and 9 gives us 11, which you don’t reduce to a single digit because 11 is a master number.

Soul number 11s are in this world to transform it. The transformation may be through spiritual knowledge, tools, or talents.  They want to be as close to enlightenment or God as possible.

Since Musk doesn’t necessarily believe in a theological God, he’s fulfilling his soul’s purpose another way – enlightenment. In his case, he believes in the simulation theory, which says that we’re all living in a computer simulation.

That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, though.

He is a self-proclaimed agnostic who’s made it his life’s mission to constantly push the envelope of discovery.

How to Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Are you ready to discover your own hidden desires, thoughts, and instincts?

Calculate your soul number by adding the vowels in your full birth name. You don’t need your birth date for this one.

This number is derived from the vowels and not the consonants of the name on your birth certificate. You can count the letter “y” as a vowel as long as it makes a vowel sound. It all depends on the sound in the syllable.

Armed with your soul number, you can find out who you are on the inside.

Some of the thoughts, habits, and instincts you have may come as a surprise. But some of the traits may align with your life path number or expression number. This means that you may already have an idea about who you are on the inside.

Once you understand your number, you can make more fulfilling decisions about your life.

Did any aspects of your soul number surprise you? Or are your core numbers aligned with your inner desires? Let us know in the comments section below.