The rainbow is one of many nature signs that the Angels deliver from above. The angel symbol of the rainbow is composed of a nearly continuous spectrum of colors known as the sevenfold rays.

It is said to be a magical bridge between heaven and earth and has been referred to as “the great ultimate uniting and balance between the spiritual and physical realms made by a Messenger”.


The Ultimate Color Sign

The rainbow is the ultimate color sign delivered by the Angels. The Angels will often send the same sign repeatedly or in different formats to make sure that we have registered the sign and worked out its meaning. Therefore; with the rainbow, we may not only see the rainbow in the sky on one or more occasions but we may also see a rainbow in a book, hear about a rainbow in a song or see rainbow colors radiate through a crystal.

It is important to take notice of your thoughts when you see a sign that is significant or repeated and write it down in your Angel journal with the date and time of the sighting if possible for later reference.

PinIn my own discussions with the Angels several years ago they informed me that we were about to view many more spectacular nature signs in the sky such as double rainbows, different shaped rainbows, rainbow clouds, earthbound rainbows and also that we would start to view some unusual colors within rainbows.

When I received this information I had only ever viewed one double rainbow however since then I have been delivered double rainbows frequently which lead me to request more information on the significance of the double rainbow form the Angels. The Angels explained to me that the double rainbow is significant of a ‘special blessing coming’. Since then I have used the double rainbow in my Angel Altar work to add magical color to amplify the energy of my Angel Altar and also to assist the founding intention of my altar because of its symbolic representation of the special blessing.


Seeing More Rainbows?

It is not surprising to me that this year the Angel signs in the sky are becoming more beautiful and more frequent for everyone. I have witnessed some amazing photographs of double, triple and to my astonishment a quadruple rainbow just the other day. I have also noticed the Angels are spreading their light more frequently too by manipulating photographs.

To my own amazement my photos have started to show orbs and just the other night on a full moon I took a photo which contained colored orbs. Of course, all these new Angel color signs are extremely significant and the meaning of the rainbow sign is amplified when it is presented in magnified form. I would strongly advise that if you are blessed to view such a rainbow that you photograph it and then use it in your Angel Altar work to bring you many blessings.


Connect with Archangel Raziel

If you have received the ‘Rainbow’ as a repeated ‘Angel Sign’ recently then it is possible that it is time for you to connect with Archangel Raziel. This beautiful Archangel radiates all the colors of the rainbow. His name means “Secret of God”. Raziel is said to work very closely with the Divine and therefore it is believed that he has a deep knowledge and understanding of ‘the secrets’ and ‘magic’ of the universe.

Raziel can assist you by elevating your spiritual understanding of concepts related to ancient wisdom such as sacred geometry, sacred scripts and laws for manifestation. He also can assist to increase your psychic abilities on all levels and he will assist you to follow your Divine guidance. Call Archangel Raziel to enter your dreams whilst you sleep and also prior to your meditation sessions, it is during these times that he will deliver ancient wisdom to you.

PinAlso, call on him if you are working on manifesting something particular into your life. Archangel Raziel’s related crystal is clear quartz which of course radiates rainbow colors. It may assist you to connect with him if you hold a piece of quartz as you meditate. You will also be able to connect with Archangel Raziel in my meditation CD: Angel Staircase: meditations for entering the Angelic realm.

Till next time, know that when the sky is filled with beautiful rainbows there are many Angels around you!!
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Wishing you many Angel Blessings
Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady