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Stuart, a 5 Life Path writes: 

“I find that there is a constant struggle to balance my impulsive and adventurous side, with my more stable and grounded side.

I am now struggling to find a relationship that lasts. I have never done anything to hurt anyone but I think that sometimes my personality can overwhelm people. One minute I will want to be calm and relaxed and the next minute I will want to suddenly go off and do something crazy.

I find my sexuality can also put people off as I am very passionate in my nature. I have to try my hardest to actually suppress these feelings if I am dating someone. Previous partners found me to be far too energetic and impulsive. I find that being a 5 is like walking along a line…. with good on one side… and bad on the other… How do I create a long term relationship free from these issues?” ~ Stuart

Key points:

  • The inner villain of the 5 is the Escape Artist; the part of us that would opt to run away from something rather than move toward something.
  • When the Escape Artist shows up it is a sign that you are meant to be a catalyst for reinvention, progress and evolution in the present moment.

5 Freedom-Rider Training for Longevity in Relationship:

  • The Black Out: Choose one day a week where you tolerate less stimulation and open yourself up to the subtleties of pleasure. No electricity beyond 5PM.
  • The Gratitude Practice: At the end of each day write down 3 things that went well and why. (The grass is greener where you water it!)

What About You?

I want to hear from YOU! Is there something that you are struggling with in your life? Comment below with a straightforward question and your birth date. It might be featured in the next Q&A with Nat’s Numbers Episode.

I appreciate all of you – and sending you big hugs in the week ahead…

~ Nat

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