Numerology is so multifaceted…

Your personal numerology chart tells you a lot about your life, your destiny and your purpose.

The Universal Numerology of a day, month or year reveals trials and tribulations for the collective.

But what about when they’re combined?

Your Personal Month

In Numerology, your Personal Month gives you a good indication of the specific themes, challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in any given month.


To calculate your Personal Month Number, you simply need to add your Personal Year Number to the current month number. Your Personal Year number is just your day and month of birth added to the current year number.

If you were born on June 23, your Personal Year in 2021 is 7



Back to the Personal Month number: 

Simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for March is 3), reduce if necessary. And voila, you have calculated your Personal Month number.

So, someone with a birthday of June 23 would add the current month number to 7 (Personal Year Number) and get their Personal Month Number as 8 for January 2021, 9 for February 2021, 1 for March 2021 etc.

Below, we reveal the specific challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in each month of 2021.

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If July is a personal 9 month for you

The number 9 is all about the end of a cycle, so this month is the perfect time to cull and let go of things that are no longer serving you. It is important that, during this month, you remind yourself that although the number 9 is all about endings, it does not indicate finality. In fact, this month, you should be thinking about new beginnings (which will come next month for you).

During this month, you are not simply putting an end to certain things. You are making space for yourself to accept new blessings, fresh starts and a new path come next month. For the past few months, you have probably accumulated baggage which has been subconsciously blocking you from your true path, or things that have served their purpose on your current path, but won’t serve you at all as you launch into a new era for you. This month will bring those things to light.

When you do identify that things that have been holding you back (they could be people, unhealthy habits or limiting beliefs), the number 9 will give you the strength to let them go. It may not be easy but trust in the #9 and trust the process and the Universe will reward you.

Personal Month #9 + #3 Universal Month

July 2021 is a #3 Universal Month, so you must look at your Personal Month combined with this.

When your Personal Month number 9 combines with a number 3 Universal Month, it symbolizes that the things you should be letting go of are things that are stifling your self-expression of creativity. The number 3 has a strong self-expressive energy and it wills you to find your voice and share your truth loud and proud. This is a good time to think about the things that are holding you back from this.

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Future Months of 2021

If August is a personal 9 month for you

Your health might be taking a nosedive this month. It is necessary to invest in your health and well-being and apply changes in your diet and routine. Melt stresses whenever you can, especially when things are a pressure cooker in the workplace. Things can turn out favorably in your career since you will be getting the support of peers and colleagues, helping resolve any workplace frictions. It will also be a convenient time for people who own their business since it is the best month to expand operations and get higher profits.

If September is a personal 9 month for you

Career-focused people will get positive results this month. In the month, you will be working hard, and you will be pursuing all your tasks with enthusiasm and fresh energy. Expect to reap the fruits of your labor by the month’s end. Anything you undertake will have success because of the vital energy of the number 9. Expect perks such as promotions and salary increase at some point in the next 30 days.

If October is a personal month 7 for you

It is an incredibly spiritual month, which is lucky for students of esoteric subjects. However, it would help if you were cautious about the beliefs you follow. Make sure it aligns with your deepest values. You may have to test them and validate them at some point in the next 30 days. Make sure that your truth is something that can survive anything. Owners of businesses must be cautious with their decisions since the month’s vibrations are not favorable for moneymaking ventures. Try to be conservative and research any investments thoroughly before committing.

If November is a personal month 9 for you

Expect rough roads ahead in your romantic relationships. However, any misunderstanding will spice up your routine with your significant other. Kissing and making up is sure to be a sizzling affair. In the end, you will be spending your time happily together with the one you love. The storm will only serve to increase the attraction between you and your significant other. You may be taking long trips. These travels may be eye-opening and help you confront the truth of your soul. Although it promises to be a very social month, you must take breaks to replenish your energy and do your self-care.

If December is a personal 9 month for you

You will need to invest additional time and energy to make it in your career. It is a good thing that the power of the number 9 will provide you with the enthusiasm needed on the job! You can deliver everything over the finish line since the number 9 encourages completing projects and tasks. It will also be an incredible month for coupled people. The best thing you can do as the year winds down is to finally say your I do’s to the one you love. It is especially true if you have been in a committed relationship. It is a perfect event to end the year with a bang!

Past Months of 2021

If January is a personal month 9 for you

For students of mystical subjects, this month will be advantageous for you. You will succeed in all your learnings, but you need to be prepared that your belief might be challenged. It is crucial to do your research and validate your theories. Businesses must be careful about their financial health since the month is not auspicious for money matters. Avoid making significant investments and significant financial decisions. Expect your business to flourish if you make the right moves.

If February is a personal month 9 for you

If you are partnered, expect some tricky challenges ahead. However, expect your mutual understanding between you and your significant other to remain healthy. Overall, you will have a happy time with the one you love. After the storm, expect the romance between you and your significant other to level up. All things will be sizzling and hot! It is possible that you will be taking long trips and might even go on a spiritual pilgrimage journey. When it comes to your home life, everything will be warm and fuzzy since family members will be treating you affectionately.

If March is a personal 9 month for you

It would help if you worked harder in your career to become successful this month. Invest the necessary time and effort to crush it in the workplace! There will be numerous chances for you to succeed in any training or learning. This month is also incredible for couples in love. But things will be more fortunate if you finally say your I do’s to your beloved this month.

If April is a personal 9 month for you

Expect things to be romantic this month. Although there will be several misunderstandings between you and your significant other, things will be ironed out eventually and turn out even better than before. This month will be full of love, and both you and your partner will be very emotional about your relationship. When it comes to career-oriented people, the beginning of the month up to the middle portion will provide you with a strong vibration so you can make significant strides with your goals and ambitions. Expect astonishing results associated with management and social services.

If May is a personal 9 month for you

Expect some rough roads in the domestic sphere. This is because you have less time for your family, and they are beginning to complain about your no-show in important events. If you are the type of person who prioritizes their career over family, you need to change. Don’t make your home merely a hotel where you visit to eat, sleep, and bathe. Make an effort to be more involved with your family. Spend quality time with them, and you will find that you will have great enjoyment conversing, having fun, and relaxing together.

If June is a personal 9 month for you

Things will be warm and fuzzy on the home front this month. Your family will be taking good care of you, which will help you develop a sense of affection and love for them. Their emotional attention will help increase your self-esteem. If you are a career-oriented person, expect the next 30 days to be auspicious for you. Although it will present you with challenges such as changing jobs or transitioning to a different company, you will be getting better job satisfaction and financial rewards. Keep in mind that these events can happen in the middle of the month. People who own their businesses will also have fantastic benefits due to the powerful energy of the number 9.


The number 9 is incredible when it comes to finishing tasks and have everything reach its completion. It kickstarts a fresh and new cycle that will enliven your spirit and bring positive vibes to your doorstep. Harness the energy of the number 9, especially when you feel that you need to let go of old and outdated things, ideas, beliefs, and things that hamper your progress and development.