Numerology is so multifaceted…

Your personal numerology chart tells you a lot about your life, your destiny and your purpose.

The Universal Numerology of a day, month or year reveals trials and tribulations for the collective.

But what about when they’re combined?

Your Personal Month

In Numerology, your Personal Month gives you a good indication of the specific themes, challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in any given month.


To calculate your Personal Month Number, you simply need to add your Personal Year Number to the current month number. Your Personal Year number is just your day and month of birth added to the current year number.

If you were born on June 23, your Personal Year in 2021 is 7



Back to the Personal Month number: 

Simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for March is 3), reduce if necessary. And voila, you have calculated your Personal Month number.

So, someone with a birthday of June 23 would add the current month number to 7 (Personal Year Number) and get their Personal Month Number as 8 for January 2021, 9 for February 2021, 1 for March 2021 etc.

Below, we reveal the specific challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in each month of 2021.

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What Is The Meaning of A #33 Month?

The number 33 is considered a Master Number and, more specifically, this number is this master teacher. So, it’s perhaps not too far of a stretch to understand that during a #33 Personal Month, there will be a lesson to learn.

But before you start to ask yourself, what personal lessons are in store for you, you need to look at the bigger picture. Although the number 33 is ambitious, its ambitions are not selfish. During a #33 Personal Month you’ll feel the urge to use your gifts to do good in the world; the lesson you learn this month will have strong theme of humanity and uplifting mankind.

This number is also deeply spiritual and your connection with the spiritual realm may be your key to success during this month. It is important that you listen to your intuition as it will ultimately guide you to receive the blessings the Universe wants to bestow upon you.

So, during this month, do what you can to search for the deeper, more altruistic meaning in life. Go the extra mile to use the gifts bestowed upon you for the greater good.

If July is a Personal Month 33 for you

July 2021 is a #3 Universal Month, so you must look at your Personal Month combined with this.

When your Personal Month number 33 combines with a number 3 Universal Month, it symbolizes that there’s a lesson to be learned before you are actually able to create the life you want. The number 3 is all about self-expression and creativity and is the persfect month to set intentions for your dream life. You’ll feel the urge to share your truth with the world, but before you say too much, you need to think about the number 33.

You may not fully understand the divine lessons of the universe just yet and this month sees you look within for these teachings. It may be through creative pursuits that you actually unlock what the Universe has been trying to tell you for so long.

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Future Months of 2021

If August is a Personal Month 33 for you

You will now be challenged by social, legal, and ethical issues that will need your close attention. Although before it was more effortless to let things slip by, you must now face some critical decisions. There is a possibility that deception and fraud can have severe repercussions on your ventures. You might need to consider monetary alternatives and financial options to survive and thrive in your business undertakings. You might be questioning authority, and you might be called upon into social action in response to events in your immediate circle. You might be called upon to take a public stand in matters in the community.

If September is a Personal Month 33 for you

Your fate in the workings of the greater one may have gone through periods of doubt and uncertainty. You may now be finding reasons to be more optimistic as spiritual revelations come in. These are difficult to refute and are holding up under the specter of truth. You’re able to see prospects of a turnaround coming in the economy down the road. Your survival instincts may say it is time to take precautions in case of upheavals or civil unrest that could have an impact on your life. Your quest for the truth will have moments of reward as hidden secrets of a high and mighty power come to light.

If October is a Personal Month 33 for you

It would help if you got out of the rut. Hopefully, you are well prepared. Give yourself some slack and allow yourself to do things at the spur of the moment. Be joyous since it is a time of excitement, variety, changes, and travel. If you have been feeling stuck, it may be time for a change of scenery. Because of this, you might have to get your suitcase ready in the next 30 days every day. You might get a sudden invitation or go someplace exciting. Your curiosity is in high gear, so it is an incredible time to check out places to see. You might also want to check repairs around the home and your office. A simple renovation can blow over into a total home makeover. You can’t stop since your brimming with ideas and inspiration to make your home a true sanctuary!

If November is a Personal Month 33 for you

It is a time for settling down and attending to your responsibilities. This month is about love, family, and responsibility. It may also be a time of marriage and divorce; although not on paper, it will be in your mind and heart. But keep in mind that if it is not happening in your reality, it may not happen at all. Never trade truth for illusions. If something needs to be done, it must be done on your terra firma! Never be deceived. It is critical to be harmonious and right all wrongs. It will help if you strengthen your business and personal relationships. If you have issues with your significant other, it may just be the best time to either make the relationship better or part ways.

If December is a Personal Month 33 for you

You probably had more than your fair share of responsibilities in the past month. It may be time to cut ties with others and allow them to stand on their own. It is a time of reflection and meditation. You are in desperate need of some quiet me-time. It is awesome that it’s going to be the holidays, so there is extra time for all. Take advantage of this vacation time and recharge your batteries. You might want to go on a weekend getaway on a mountain seaside or even a simple staycation in your backyard. Regardless of what you do, you must get in touch with your inner soul by spending time in solitude, reflection, and meditation.

Past Months of 2021

If January is a Personal Month 33 for you

These can be troubling times but rest assured that things can be productive. Things are moving positively towards opportunities. Work hard and take a significant stand against any adversity and let your inner light shine. Keep in mind you are courageous. You must articulate your thoughts at the right moment and be willing to take leadership roles when the occasion demands them. It can be one of the most enlightening moments of your life, and you feel poised to make huge strides of personal growth. You are caring and willing to take on the critical steps of responsibility to make transitions in the situation around you.

If February is a Personal Month 33 for you

It is the best time to see through the illusion of duality and become more centered in the soul’s multidimensional aspect. It can come as a surprise or as a result of your time spent preparing for a leveled-up consciousness. You like to see the collective vision of humanity awakened in a way that allows all people to see the true unity that binds every creation. You will soon have the opportunity to do this. Someone has been holding back critical information that can benefit you immensely. It is time to utilize your intuition and see through misguided information being thrown at you. You might find yourself going through emotional highs and lows as you passionately play the game of life.

If March is a Personal Month 33 for you

You might find yourself revising your expectations of how you expect to change the world around you. Your ego will be taking a backseat to being true to yourself and others in a time of so many lies and falsehood. Be true to yourself naturally, and you will be pleased to realize that there is much less pressure than trying to perform most of the time. You can see various new alternatives even in these limited times. For many people, it is a time of remodeling or face-lifting some features in your immediate surroundings. You might contemplate moving to a different workplace due to the rise of cost-of-living and transportation.

If April is a Personal Month 33 for you

Social and political changes may have placed some roadblocks in your life, keeping you from living the good life. Compared to other mortals, you have probably been through numerous ups and downs. But you are blessed with learning many lessons. Because of this, you may be called upon to share your multiple lessons of coping with life. Since you have been extremely blessed, you are now on the verge of developing abilities and skills of a spiritual nature. You currently found new power and peace moving through your inner core and is revealed in the behavior in your exterior demeanor and presence. Those who intimately know you will be blessed with the guidance and wisdom you now offer.

If May is a Personal Month 33 for you

Conflicts within your family or circle of associates can come closer to the surface and suddenly erupt. It is difficult to repress tension that has been building up over time. It may be a favorable cycle to recognize how the negative ego is sapping your life more than you may think. You must come face-to-face with parts of yourself that you would sincerely like to let go of. The right person may enter your life to assist you. You might need to seek help from a professional mentor, trusted friend, or trained caregiver. You might also be entering a more mature and harmonious path than your present one with your significant other.

If June is a Personal Month 33 for you

You will benefit significantly by paying attention to your emotional world and giving attention to aspirations coming from deep in your soul. Keep in mind that you are outstanding in your intuitive insight and assessment of the situation. You will dare to act bravely in the face of adversity and speak out that which is wrong. You’ll find yourself surrounded by others who are becoming emotionally invested and taking a serious stand for the same causes.