Numerology is so multifaceted…

Your personal numerology chart tells you a lot about your life, your destiny and your purpose.

The Universal Numerology of a day, month or year reveals trials and tribulations for the collective.

But what about when they’re combined?

Your Personal Month

In Numerology, your Personal Month gives you a good indication of the specific themes, challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in any given month.


To calculate your Personal Month Number, you simply need to add your Personal Year Number to the current month number. Your Personal Year number is just your day and month of birth added to the current year number.

If you were born on June 23, your Personal Year in 2021 is 7



Back to the Personal Month number: 

Simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for March is 3), reduce if necessary. And voila, you have calculated your Personal Month number.

So, someone with a birthday of June 23 would add the current month number to 7 (Personal Year Number) and get their Personal Month Number as 8 for January 2021, 9 for February 2021, 1 for March 2021 etc.

Below, we reveal the specific challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in each month of 2021.

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If July is a personal month 3 for you

The number 3 is lively, upbeat and social, meaning your month will be a largely positive one, filled with fun and fancy. As a good communicator, the number 3 allows you to form good relationships with other and, as a result, your social life may be busier than it has ever been this month.

That said, just because the number 3 has a fun side, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a job to do.

The number 3 is all about self-expression and creativity. It gives you the space and intention you need to go within, find your truth and share that with the world through whatever creative form that may take. This number inspires you to create your dream life.

Personal Month #3 + #3 Universal Month

July 2021 is a #3 Universal Month, so you must look at your Personal Month combined with this.

When your Personal Month number 3 combines with a number 3 Universal Month, it symbolizes you really really need to find an outlet for your creative expression. You need to shout your truth from the rooftops who you are and who you want to be. You don’t necessarily need to put brush to paper but you do need to find a way to creatively channel your message. In doing so, you’ll be actively showing the Universe who you are, so it can bestow your dream life upon you.

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Future Months of 2021

If August is a personal month 3 for you

Don’t be afraid to go out there and show the world what you’re made of! You feel fierce! You are on top form, and you feel enthusiastic. Your mad rush to the top absolutely cannot be stopped this month. Don’t be afraid to show the world what you are capable of, especially in your career. Prove what your worth to your peers and colleagues so that they will acknowledge what you are bringing to the table. It is an excellent year for any activity you undertake for your career. You will have significant strides and positive changes in your position in life. Although you may be accepting more responsibilities, this will be balanced by salary increases and perhaps even that much-anticipated promotion!

If September is a personal month 3 for you

Many people place importance on the needs of others. However, in this month, it is crucial to pay attention to yourself. Have an appointment with yourself and honestly examine your needs. Take a hard look at yourself and know where you are in life. Are you where you need to be? Dive into your emotional waters, take a pilgrimage to know yourself, and decide what makes you happy. This gentle metamorphosis will transition you to better opportunities. It will help you get rid of resentments and grudges you’ve been holding on to for months and even years. Take a breath and relax this month, and let those negative emotions go!

If October is a personal 3 month for you

It is an incredible month to let down your hair and be free! Give in to your thirst for adventure and do something new. It is also crucial to connect with the people close to your life, even those you deal with purely on a professional level. Get to know these people better and deeper. You may also want to get involved in community activities such as charity organizations. It is crucial to be kind this month and see the best in people. Keep in mind that you have the power to make a positive impact in the world. Please acknowledge that others need you, so you must go out of your way to be present for them. Share what you know and give give give. Keep in mind that anything you start will create good karma for a better world for yourself and others.

If November is a personal 3 month for you

This is a mystical month. It is a fabulous time to make something creative and innovative. You may feel your creative juices flowing. However, do not apply that uncanny inspiration for merely decorating your house, although that can create positive vibes! You can make great strides in your career and presenting your ideas in the boardroom. Make sure that you create something big in capital letters. Flashes of intuition that cross your mind should be jotted down for review later. It can be the idea that will change your life forever.

If December is a personal 3 month for you

This month promises to put you into overdrive. You will be experiencing numerous entertainment and activities not only because it is the holidays but also due to the month’s vibrations. Because of this, you should try to prioritize and calm your body and mind. Make sure to take crucial breaks, especially in a whirlwind of excitement, to bring yourself back to balance. Jot down any plans that cross your mind that can be applied next year for more significant successes!

Previous Months of 2021

If January is a personal month 3 for you

Prepare for a busy month! You may be on the verge of creating a masterpiece or an innovation that will be presented to your colleagues in the boardroom. You might be getting together with your close friends and acquaintances. You might be involved in a brainstorming session where you come up with mutual goals. If not, you might be in a session where you share insights on spirituality. It would help if you made plans to hang out with friends and coworkers to revitalize your spirit. This month is fantastic for getting the exposure you need. However, do not overdo the fun or the partying. This month will prove to be exciting, creative, and extremely social!

Overall, you are more determined than ever to achieve your personal and professional goals. No one can intimidate you. Once you define your priorities, you can get the ball rolling and spend hours on your tasks without suffering fatigue. Look around you and see that all signals are green, so go for it! All your wildest plans are coming true!

If February is a personal month 3 for you

Although the number 3 is a number of self-expression, you may have to work quietly this month. Don’t give in to the doubts and overthink. By now, you should have known that overthinking is harmful to your health and even prevents you from moving forward. Expect this month to be calmer than the previous one. You are now more mature and more serene. Deep inside, you already have a growing idea of who you are and what you want out of life. It is crucial to factor in the precious advice of people close to you, which will take you to the next level.

If March is a personal month 3 for you

By this time, you already know what you want. Be sure to roll up your sleeves and get ready for a busy month—fortunately, you’re determined more than ever to succeed. You have the confidence to take center stage and tell an audience your ideas and projects. You know you can win even the most challenging audience. Once you have specified your priorities, you can set to work accomplishing them. You can go through 12 hours without experiencing fatigue since you feel so passionate and inspired. Don’t hesitate to give it your all since all signals are green!

If April is a personal month 3 for you

You may be feeling that it is crucial to base every choice on stable and concrete value. You want to be meticulous and logical. If you haven’t realized this yet, it is critical to apply them to your life since these are your best friends. If you are a person who is excited by change and adventure, there may be little of it in the next 30 days. However, expect to make significant strides in your projects and crucial plans. Investing your time and effort daily will undoubtedly pay off.

If May is a personal month 3 for you

You may be feeling an intense need to make some changes in your life. It is crucial to make transitions that can enhance your well-being and lifestyle. Discard what no longer serves you. When you admit that certain things must be let go of, it will be incredibly beneficial to you. You will find that you will be accomplishing tasks and goals easier since nothing is getting in your way. However, your most significant challenge for the month will be silencing all doubts and uncertainties which tend to take root from within. It prevents you from moving forward. It is up to you to make breakthroughs and establish your rules!

If June is a personal month 3 for you

You might be doing a lot of thinking this month, which concerns your relationships, whether on a professional or personal level. You might also be rethinking your role in society. Although you feel that you are evolving, numerous questions still hound you, and you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, at some point in the next 30 days, you will find that your point of view becomes more refined and enhanced, giving you astonishing results. It would help if you understood that it is crucial to reflect before acting on anything. Only fools rush in, and don’t be one of them!


A number 3 month is fantastic for entertainment and having fun. Days with a number 3 vibration promises to be the most memorable on the calendar. It is crucial to harness this number’s energy for creative endeavors and making significant strides in your career. It is also great for connecting with people, sitting back, relaxing, and simply letting yourself be!