October 2020Pin


We have come full circle – January 2020 was also a 5 Universal Month, so this is the second burst of bounteous, freedom-seeking energy we’ve been feeling this year!

Wondering if it’s time to start planning next year’s holiday?

Or even a Christmas break?

One thing is for sure – if you don’t create space for a little change and variety in your life, it’ll come and find you anyway! So stay flexible and adaptable as you move through the next 31 days, and release any fear of the unknown.

With Mercury stationing Rx half-way through the month, double frustration could hit, as it feels like the cosmic brakes are firmly on. Try changing your perspective, before you throw the towel in and self-sabotage!

The number 5 also calls on us to seek pleasure. Life must be lived through the senses this month. Be sure to move your body plenty – stretch out those muscles, wriggle those joints, and feel the full range of your movement.

Any nervous energy build-ups left unchecked will just leave you feeling even more restless and in need of a revolution!

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