October 2020

October 2020 is NUMBERED 10+2+0+20 = 32, which reduces down to 5. While it’s important to look at the number 5 in relation to this month, it is also vital for us to look at the components of that number itself.

The #32 indicates October will be a month of favorable changes. Goals will be met, difficult situations will be overcome. Do not allow pride in accomplishments to alienate friends and family.

Your Daily Forecast

1/10 – Today we meet our obligations effortlessly. Be of good courage and stand up for what you believe. Placing the needs of others over our own will be fruitful today.

2/10 – Expect good news/messages today. Things that have been stagnant will move forward under today’s influences. Spend time in quiet reflection giving thanks.

3/10 – It’s a day of reaping!! Expect promotions, inheritances, approved loans and catching up on money that is owed to you.

4/10– Today we can use our intuition to arrive at creative solutions to temporary obstacles. Let go of old ways of doing things.

5/10 – Expect new beginnings and favorable changes today. It’s a day for travel and to enjoy friends, family, and new opportunities.

6/10 – Today’s energy is very favorable!! Many advantages come our way as we reap rewards and receive recognition for work well done. Romance is in the air!!

7/10 – This is a day to rest and enjoy pleasurable activities. Do something good for someone else today and you too will be rewarded. Delays today will reveal fraud and deceit.

8/10 – A new order is coming into realization. Expect breaks and endings. Stick to your budget and work in and orderly fashion. Obstacles are a blessing today.

9/10 – A day of dramatic changes. If you have a risky venture or what to take a chance on something new, today is the day to go for it!!

10/10 – Love and cooperation are the order of the day. Long pending issues can be resolved. Contracts and agreements are settled win/win. Be of service.

11/10 – Rest, healing and abundance bring favor to us all. Creative types (singers, painters, musicians,etc.) get a burst of productive energy today. ESP experiences are very likely.

12/10 – Today, the truth will set us free. Seek truth from within. Can it be that all suffering is self-imposed?

13/10 – There’s no need to cry over spilled milk. Learn from the past and let it go. Wait for tomorrow to start anything new.

14/10 – Today everything changes to our favor. Be temperate in all indulgences. We are off to a new beginning.

15/10 – A great day for tuning in to our inner guidance. Our values are being tested. Marriage and all partnerships are favored. Truth is revealed.

16/10 – Pride precedes the fall so don’t give in to it when you reach your goals. Don’t gloat share with those in need. A great day to spend with youth and for creative expression.

17/10 – Today’s energy will confirm the notion that hard work pays off. Be careful about the type and amount of food you eat today. New millionaires are created by today’s energy of abundance.

18/10 – Finally, the changes we have been waiting for take place. Let love govern all actions and expect good news.

19/10 – Today true and false are separated and justice prevails. Stand up for the right to overcome rivals. A great day for defeating internal “enemies” as well.

20/10 – After quiet contemplation, be prepared to make decisions based on true values. Use time alone to meditate on the substance of your being.

21/10 – Sudden events test our faith today. Financial increase is likely for those in business. Be of good courage Trouble comes and goes.

22/10 – Today’s energy can reveal secret activities, so look for the truth beneath superficial appearances. Keeping emotions under control leads to successful conclusions.

23/10 – Today’s culminating energy can bring successful conclusions and the honors that go with them.

24/10 – Today’s energy is about balance, cooperation and decision making. A great day for making peace.

25/10 – There can be separations and delays today. They are designed to help us grow. Happiness and integrity go hand in hand.

26/10 – A day to seek solitude for rest, relief, retreat and healing. Today’s thoughts are the seeds for future manifestations.

27/10 – Avoid impulsiveness in traffic and decision making. Remaining positive and accepting responsibilities are the key to a great day!!

28/10 – Today’s energy favors settlements and coming together for happy conclusions. We may encounter lawyers, judges or the courts in some way.

29/10 – Who turned on the LIGHT?? By being tolerant of others, maintaining our faith and integrity, we can expect to make the most from today’s revealing energy.

30/10 – Today an impasse or stalemate can lead us to the path of inner tranquility. Looking within can reveal real values and the wealth that outshines materialism.

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