Happy October!

This is a blue moon month! That means there are 2 Full Moons in this month, meaning there will be a LOT that is brought to light this month! So, prepare for your emotions to be heightened…

That’s not all though! Mercury goes Retrograde this month, from 13th October to November 3rd. If that date sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the US election day – so in the lead up you can expect a lot of confusion and miscommunication! Great timing, right?!

If you live in the US, you need to be more prepared when it comes to voting – things may not go to plan. So, vote early, take your vote in person and prepare for something to go awry!

All of the Mercury Retrogrades have been in water signs this year, and this one is no different. This Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will connect you to your truth!

Do you need a little extra emotional support at this time? Type “YES” in the comments below for a cosmic boost!