What Does Numerology Compatibility Say About Your Relationships?

Have you found your perfect match? Your numbers can give insight about the relationships in your life.

One of the main reasons why people look to astrology and tarot is for information about your relationship compatibility.

Most want to know about love.

Will they ever find love?

Is the person they’re with their soulmate?

Numerology is another popular way to answer these pressing questions. Many have questions about their romantic relationships. However, you don’t need to stop there.

Relationships span the scope of your life. You have a relationship with everyone you come into contact with on a regular basis. That includes business associates, friends, and family members.

And a numerology compatibility reading can give you more info about your relationship potential.

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What Is Numerology Compatibility?

Numerologists use different techniques to study your unique numbers for compatibility. They start with core numbers derived from your full name and date of birth.

These two sources yield 5 essential core numbers that make up your numerology chart. They include the:

  • Life Path Number
  • Expression Number
  • Soul Urge Number
  • Personality Number
  • Birth Date

Depending on the numerologist, they may use some or all of these numbers as a basis to gather insight on your relationship compatibility. Some numerologists, though, create a separate number for compatibility called the relationship Number.

The relationship number looks at a relationship as a whole instead of two separate pieces that match or don’t match.

Is there a right way to read compatibility in numerology?

It really depends on what you’re seeking. Looking at two Life Path numbers side by side can give you some insight into who the individuals are by themselves. But looking at a relationship number gives you a little more insight into how the two individuals are together.

You may find all sorts of compatibility calculators online.

Keep in mind that compatibility calculators generally look at the two people in a relationship as separate pieces. That means that you may receive educated guesses based on the main qualities for each person.

But that’s like looking at two separate paint colors on a palette.

It may provide some insight. But it doesn’t give you a deeper understanding of what happens when you combine the two colors.

One woman discovered the answers aren’t quite as simple when you simply compare common numbers.

She asked if having the same Birthday number as her boyfriend denotes that they’re soulmates. Her question is a valid one. After all, the Birthday number is also known as the Destiny number.

So, doesn’t that mean that they were “destined” to be together?

But the response she received from her numerologist was less than satisfactory.

The numerologist told her that at times she may feel as if they’re soulmates because of their commonalities. Yet, those same traits that made them feel so connected may also be a source of contention.

She went on to say that there’s no guarantee that they’ll stay together. There’s no compatibility match that can predict that.

As you can see, only looking at one aspect of a numerology chart yields a generalized answer. It isn’t necessarily wrong.

However, most relationships have ups and downs. And that advice really applies to any relationship you enter into – whether you’re comparing compatibility or not.

Finding Your Relationship Number

To find your relationship number, you simply compare two Life numbers. This is not the same as Life Path numbers, though.

Find your Life number by adding your Life Path and expression numbers together and reduce it to a single digit. The exception to the rule is if they are mastery numbers – 11 and 22.

When you have both Life numbers, add them together for the relationship Number. Don’t forget to reduce it down to a single digit.

After you calculate the Relationship number, you can interpret your relationship compatibility.

Common Misconceptions About Compatibility

Many people look to methods like astrology and numerology for answers about their love life. But there are a few things that people misunderstand about it.

Myth #1 – Lack of Compatibility or Mismatching Dooms a Relationship

Imagine that you received a reading from a numerologist or you did one yourself. You found out that your level of compatibility with someone else isn’t very high.

Does that mean that your relationship won’t work?

Not at all!

All relationships take a certain amount of work from both parties. Some relationships may take more work than others. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can never work.

All relationships require some degree of work. But the relationship starts with you. Just because there are different facets to a relationship doesn’t predict whether a relationship will or will not work.

It really depends on what both parties choose to do in the relationship.

Myth #2 – Compatibility Depends on Your Life Path Numbers

As mentioned before, there are many books and compatibility calculators. They claim to give you insight into relationships. Unfortunately, many of them only compare one or two core numbers.

That isn’t necessarily wrong. But it also doesn’t tell the full story about your relationship potential.

Having compatible Life Path numbers doesn’t guarantee long-term compatibility. The only thing it really shows is that you may share some similarities. But similarities do not make a relationship.

Myth #3 – You Should Only Form Relationships with Ideal Number Matches

You can have a relationship with anyone you want. The degree of work may change depending on who you get into a relationship with. And it may not last for the rest of your life.

But every relationship is a teaching experience that gives you an opportunity to grow.

Your Relationship Painted in Numbers

Every one of your core numbers can tell you something about your relationship compatibility. You may trust a compatibility calculator to point you toward a good match. But sometimes, generic calculators only look at a Life Path number.

Relationships are multi-faceted. So, you need to look at different aspects of your chart to see how well a relationship works.

Birthday Number and Compatibility

Life Path numbers may be one of the most popular ways to decipher your relationship compatibility. But it’s not the only way.

The other core numbers in your chart can also give insight into different aspects of your compatibility potential.

Your Birth Date is the second most popular way to look at compatibility. The numerical vibration indicates the “Cycle of Productivity in your Life Path. Generally, it runs between the ages of 27 and 56.

This is the most productive time of life – at least for most people. So, it’s also the time that they’re most likely to enter into long-lasting relationships.

Even if a relationship doesn’t last forever, these ones are great teachers. And they’re instrumental for directing the biggest personal growth potential in your life.

The Soul Urge and Personality Number Connection

The Soul Urge number is another indicator of how a relationship works. It’s the root of your relationship with yourself and with others.

Living in harmony with your heart’s desire can lead to healthier and happier lives. But choosing to go against the vibration of your Soul Urge can have negative consequences. And suppressing your own Soul Urge vibration can make it unlikely that you attract others that nurture them.

Remember that you can’t attract love if you don’t love yourself first? This is the same principle.

Even worse, silencing your heart’s desire may impede your early warning system for toxic relationships.

On the other side of the coin lies the personality number. Where the Soul Urge reflects your inner qualities, the personality number is what you show the outside world.

Having both in harmony is essential to getting your relationships in order.

Numerology Compatibility for Greater Understanding

A compatibility calculator is a great way to see if your new relationship is a good match. But you should know that there is so much more that goes into a relationship.

Like a multi-faceted jewel, relationships have different aspects. They have harmonious and contrasting elements. And no single piece or calculator can guarantee a loving and caring relationship prospects.

Looking at core numbers can give you great insight into yourself and the other person. And a better understanding can enhance the experience.  But ultimately, it’s up to you. Your openness and willingness to let another person in, can steer your relationship more than a calculator can.

What does numerology reveal about your relationship compatibility? Did a compatibility calculator work for you? Let us know below.