Your Numerology Report:What Does It Tell You and What Should You Take From It

Getting your numerology report can be a life changing experience. It may provide you with answer to some of questions you have been carrying around all your life. Your report may also come as a wake up call. Giving you the courage to take your life towards a new direction – hopefully a better one. You may also see it as a challenge, one that you have to live up to.

So, what exactly is contained in your numerology report? Here are some of basic details that you’ll find:

Your Life Path

Considered by many numerologists as the most important number in a numerology profile, the Life Path number is one that represents the path that you will take in life. It is an unchangeable number and is retrieved from the sum of your birth month, birth date, and birth year.

Your numerology report interprets your Life Path number. It often reveals your talents and abilities. You may be or may not be aware of such talents and traits. Nonetheless, those listed will be the skills you need to help fulfill your destiny in life. An interpretation of the life path number also includes a revelation of both the positive and negative aspects of your life path.

It is also likely that your Life Path number will reveal to you the careers or vocational choices that you can benefit most from. Therefore, if you find yourself struggling to find happiness in the job that you have, then there is a good chance that job may not be on your Life Path. The Life Path number is also said to set the tone for the life experiences that you will encounter.

Your Expression

Have you ever had an experience where you felt that a person you were talking too feels like his name should be a ‘Brian’, even he hasn’t introduced himself yet? This is because names are powerful and they have the ability to shape us and shape how we live out our lives; and it is exactly this power that your Expression Number aims to define.

The Expression Number in your numerology report reveals your purpose in life. It tells you about the ideals that you must live up to. It is computed using the numerical equivalents in your full name.

In numerology, a person’s name is said to vibrate energy that is instrumental in spelling out pattern that your life would or should follow. Each letter in your name has a numerical equivalent and as is with everything in numerology, each number has its significance. Your name also has the tendency to reveal the real you.

Many people who are given their reports don’t find any commonality with the traits in their Expression Number and with the person they are at the moment. This is because many of us do not necessarily live up to whom we are supposed to be. However, with knowing comes the power of change. Now that you know what your expression or what your destiny in life is, you can work to meet that and in the end, you will find yourself happier and much more fulfilled.

Your Soul Urge

The heart and the head do not always go hand in hand, do they? More often than not, these two are constantly butting heads and tugging at you making you choose one over the other. However, there are those instances when we do not really understand what our heart’s desire is. It can be clouded over by other needs and sometimes it can be overpowered by logic and expectations. The Soul Urge Number in your numerology report aims to uncover such desires and knowing the number and knowing what it stands for can help you live out life happy.

The Soul Urge Number is also fittingly referred to as the Heart’s Desire number. What exactly are the things that your Soul Urge Number reveals about you? It usually includes you Heart’s Desire, your true motivation in life, what you long for the most, what you need in order to feed your soul, and more.

You can use your Soul Urge interpretation when making decisions in life. Some decisions that can benefit from an awareness of the Soul Urge include Career Decisions, Family Affairs, Friendships, and Romance.

Aside from the Life Path Number, the Expression Number, and the Soul Urge Number, a numerology report can also contain information about your birthday number, your personality number, your maturity number, and so much more.

When reading your numerology report, it is not rare to be concerned or distressed when you find that you exude more of the negative traits associated with your number than you do the positive ones. The feeling of not living up to potential of your numbers is also a common occurrence. It is therefore, important to realize that the power to change you life for the better is in your hands. Don’t let the negative rule you and make changes in your life that will lead you to better and bigger things.

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