Welcome to your Weekly Numerology Message.

Which number are you drawn to this week?

5 or 91?

Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath. Open your heart to receive a message from one of these numbers. Which one are you drawn to choose? Go with the first number that pops into your head and don’t overthink it. Do you have it?

Message for 5Pin

Am I afraid of change?

Five is all about change. It’s time for some much-needed change in your life and your spiritual team is inviting you to embrace change with joy instead of fear.

Fear keeps you stuck and immobilized. Joy opens up exciting opportunities that can bring change. These changes may come unexpectedly or be something you’ve had in the works for a while and you’ve been waiting for the perfect time. This card is a sign that now is a perfect time.

As you focus your energy on change this week it’s important for you to go with the flow and not overdramatize situations and experiences in your life. When you understand that all things are happening automatically you let go of resistance and allow spirit to work its magic in your life.

Change can happen in any area of your life including but not limited to mindset, relationships, career, residence and lifestyle remember this is about shifting in an area of your life to serve your greater good. There’s a higher-order at work in your life as you open to more than you are.

Anything is possible.

Procrastination, resistance and fear are smokescreens the ego uses to sabotage your best efforts. Don’t fall for that trap. Stay in alignment and trust that the Universe will bring you everything you need to make this change easy and effortless.

Affirmation for 5

I accept and surrender to the changes that improve the quality of my life.

Message for 91Pin

Is there something in my life that I won’t let go of?

As the Buddha says, “The root of all suffering is attachment.”

When we become attached to wanting things to be a certain way we can often interfere with our highest good. If you chose the number 91 today you are being invited to surrender whatever expectation or desire that you have been hanging onto.

The law of attraction states to manifest we must first decide what we want, but sometimes we block being able to receive that desire by wanting it too much. When we say, “Oh my life would be perfect if I just had this.” or “I can’t go on if this doesn’t happen!”

We become like little children on a long drive incessantly repeating… Are we there yet?!?

State your desire and then LET IT GO.

You don’t need to figure out how to make it happen. You don’t need to know when it’s going to happen. You simply need to surrender into the fact that you’re not the one in control of those things. Once you’ve done all that you can do the only thing left is to surrender and give God and your spiritual team space to deliver your request.

And if what you want doesn’t show up… it’s a sign that something bigger and better is coming.

The key is to make peace with your life as it is today. Find gratitude in what you have now. Focus on all the good that is around you. That’s how you stay in the flow and keep your vibration high. When you do that Divine order and timing will bring the perfect outcome at the perfect time unfolding in your life in the perfect way.

Affirmation for 91

I receive the best possible outcome when I surrender to the Divine.

Go ahead and drop it below, I’d love to know what number you were drawn to and what message inspired you the most this week.

Watch for that number on license plates, digital clocks, grocery receipts and timestamps on text messages. Your spiritual team talks to you through numbers. The more you pay attention the stronger your connection with their guidance will be.

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I hope you enjoyed our Weekly Numerology Message. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

May you surrender your dreams to the Divine and trust that magical things are unfolding in your life now.

Angel Hugs,

Julie Geigle