If you’ve ever landed a role as an actor, you’ve had the experience of analyzing a script.  It’s a vital factor to any successful performance.  When you analyze a script, it’s necessary to look at the entire script and all the characters, factors, and “given circumstances” within the script as a whole.  After you get a handle around the overarching trajectory of the entire story, then you look at your specific role and see how it fits with all the other elements.  There are lots of different ways to analyze a script and to break down your character’s role within the play or screenplay.


Your Numerology Chart As Your Life’s Script

In many ways, we can see our numerology chart as our life’s script.  We can see the flow and overall plotline through our cycles, transits, and other elements of time.  We can understand our “personality profile” and basic character through our Life Path, Expression or Destiny, Soul Urge, Personality, Birthday, Maturity, and so on.

And while one can certainly just kinda-sorta show up and bumble through their role within the play, certainly the chances for an engaging – if not award-winning – performance can be enhanced with research, study, analysis, and focus.  One of the ways to analyze a role with the play is to break each line into actionable and active verbs – “I want to hurt this person.  “I want to earn his trust.”  “I want to prove my love.”  That sort of thing.  And then you can dig deeper and make a decision about what you feel the character’s “through-line of action” might be.  This is the one thing that drives your character.  It’s the one thing that’s the underlying motivation for everything you say and do with the world of the play.

And as Shakespeare has observed:  “Life is a stage and all the men and women merely players.”  In many ways we can see this to be true if we analyze our numerology as our “life’s script.”   And there is great value in making some decisions about the “through line of action” that’s the guiding principal to your personal success and happiness.  And while it’s challenging to come up with one word that’s at the heart of each of the numbers 1-9,  here’s a way of distilling the core driver for each of the numbers.  Remember that these mix-and-match given your unique chart.  Yet for this purpose, consider just your Life Path number and see how it might fit.

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1: ACHIEVEMENT.  The driving force for the number 1 is “I want to achieve.”

2:  LOVE.  The driving force for the number 2 is “I want to love and to be loved.”

3:  EXPRESSION:  The driving force for the number 3 is “I want to express myself.”

4:  RESULTS.  The driving force for the number 4 is “I want results from everything I do.”

5:  EXPERIENCE.  The driving force for the number 5 is “I want to experience everything.”

6:  TO BE OF USE. The driving force for the number 6 is “I want to help and support.”

7:  MEANING.  The driving force for the number 7 is “I want to know why and how.”

8:  POWER.  The driving force for the number 8 is “I want to be powerful.”

9:  COMPASSION.  The driving force for the number 9 is “I want the world to be a better place.”

Sometimes cutting to the chase and seeing the core to what drives us, triggers us, challenges us, and brings us happiness and satisfaction takes some concerted effort and a deep desire to perform your “role” in life to the best of your ability.  Knowing what you’re after – exactly what you want – is a powerful tool to actually getting it.

Writing Your Numerology “Script”

So you might write your own synopsis like this. Fill in the blanks with your corresponding number’s keyword to see how your numerology script plays out. If you don’t know how to calculate that number, click on the links to find out how.

My Life’s Purpose is    ___(insert Life Path Number)___.  The way in which I’ll go about ___(insert Life Path Number)___ is with ­­­­­­­­­­­­­___(insert Destiny or Expression Number)___. My soul’s calling is centered around ___(insert Soul Urge Number)___.  While I realize that others see me as primarily as ___(insert Personality Number)___, a secondary gift I have to give to the world is my ___(insert Birthday Number)___. As I evolve and  mature, I’m heading toward ___(insert Maturity Number)___.

Let’s use this “chart” as an example:

  • Life Path:  4 (results)
  • Expression or Destiny:  9 (compassion)
  • Soul’s Urge:  2 (love)
  • Birthday:  3 (expression)
  • Personality:  1 (achievement)
  • Maturity:  13/4 (results)

My Life’s Purpose is to produce tangible results with whatever I do (life path).

The way in which I’ll go about producing tangible results with whatever I do (life path) is

with ­­­­­­­­­­­­compassion by making the world a better place in whatever way I can (destiny/expression).

My soul’s calling is centered around  giving and receiving unconditional love (soul urge).

While I realize that others see me as primarily as an achiever (personality),

a secondary gift  I have to give to the world is my sense of joyful self-expression (birthday).

As I evolve and mature, I’m heading toward basking in the results of my hard work (maturity).

So, what did your Life script reveal about you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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