woman dreaming in the forest floatingPinDreaming in Numbers?

Perhaps You Are, and Don’t Even know it…

First things first, to see numbers outright in your dreams is no ordinary thing. In fact, it’s a pretty rare occurrence, so if you actually DO see numbers blinking back at you from your subconscious mind, it’s likely there’s a powerful message vying for your attention!

What is much more common is to see the expression of numbers in your dreams: to see specific quantities, sequences, symbols, pairs and patterns, for example.

Perhaps you dream of snakes, spiders, or your teeth falling out? Or perhaps that you’re pregnant, being chased or even flying? These are some of the most common dream themes, but rarely are they viewed through a numerological lens. Often so rich with imagery, mood and emotion, counting up quantities of things when you’re sleeping isn’t really a priority! But if you can try to recall how many snakes you could see, how many spiders there were, or how many teeth actually did fall out, you’ll start to reveal a whole other level to your dream interpretation!

It is easy to overlook the hidden number meanings within the psychology of your dreamscapes; but with a little practice and intent, numbers will begin to come to the fore, and so will their messages.

woman lying on the ground asleepPinHere are some of the ways that Numbers Could Show Up in your Dreams:

  •      Actual numbers themselves may appear (or keep appearing).
  •      You may hear a number, or hear the same noise a number of times.
  •      You may observe the same object a number of times.
  •      You may be given a set number of things.
  •      You may have a quantity of money, or be asked to pay a set price for something.
  •      As a date.
  •      As a geometrical pattern with a set number of points, sides or symmetries.
  •      A number of characters or the same character appearing a number of times.
  •      The same thing may happen a set number of times (repetition).

How to Interpret the Numbers in your Dreams

In dreamwork, numbers hold the same meaning and symbolism that Numerologists apply to them in waking life. (Take a look at our Number Dictionary for more information).

But they also mean a whole lot more.

This is because dreams flow and exist in much more right-brained, feminine, mythic, imaginal, illogical and poetical ways, than how our waking life is perceived. The stories, messages, and meanings they contain can’t be worked out and made sense of as you would a day at the office!

Don’t read them literally.

You aren’t going to be attacked by a snake.

Your teeth aren’t about to fall out.

The surface level themes of your dreams are very rarely what they’re really about, so get used to thinking on a deeper level. And to interpret the meaning of numbers in dreams, we also need to move into a much deeper level of numerological dream-interpretation.

Some of the associations and interpretations described below may not seem to make much sense. But stick with them. The messages that they carry (and could be important for you to understand) may take a lot longer than you’re used to, to sink in. The world of sleep and dreams doesn’t offer instant gratification like our Google-fueled reality, so take your time interpreting your dreams and trying to ‘get it’.

Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

So What Do Numbers in Dreams Actually Mean?

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The Dream Numbers

What’s the dream meaning of 0 (Zero)?

Zero isn’t always regarded as a number, more as an absence of any number. SO this is a good place to start your dream interpretation if you’re seeing the zero.

The zero can represent:

  • 0Pin     The void
  •      Lack
  •      A weakness or shortcoming
  •      Something that is missing
  •      A marker, to take the place of something you want, think you should have or something that has been taken from you.

But the zero is also a symbol of potential. Emptiness isn’t always a ‘negative’ and thing the zero could be showing up to offer you limitlessness and infinite possibilities.

The zero can also represent:

  •      Huge Potential
  •      Infinity
  •      Eternity
  •      Immortality
  •      Continuity

It’s worth also noting that the zero appears most often as a multiplier. It elevates numbers up into their higher octaves – so that 1 becomes 10 and 2 becomes 20, or even 200 with the added presence of the zero. So the zero amplifies. It makes things stronger, bigger, more powerful versions of themselves. So is this what the zero is coming into your dreams to show you?


What’s the dream meaning of 1 (One)?

1PinThe number 1 can represent:

  •      Leadership
  •      Power
  •      Direction
  •      Confidence
  •      Individuality
  •      Creativity
  •      Originality
  •      Uniqueness
  •      New beginnings
  •      The Masculine

In dreams, this number can be a huge sign of encouragement and can provide a great energetic boost.

As a potent sign of new beginnings, the number 1 can be an indicator of being in the very first stages of a new project or phase of life. The 1 also represents the masculine, in particular, the masculine qualities that you have within (dreams very rarely refer to anyone except you). So you could be being asked to explore this part of your inner world.

If seen multiple times (dreaming of 111 or 11:11 for example), the number 1 can indicate that you are moving through some kind of personal gateway and evolving spiritually.



What’s the dream meaning of 2 (Two)?

2PinThe Number 2 can represent:

  •      Partnership
  •      Relationship
  •      Love
  •      Balance
  •      Unity
  •      Equality
  •      Spirit
  •      Duality
  •      Opposition
  •      Conflict
  •      The Feminine

In dreams, the 2 can pull your attention to the “other” – to other people, places, things and ideas which are all outside of you, and with which you need to form a different kind of relationship. It can be a sign that you need to share and co-operate, and allow others into your life to create balance. You can’t do it all on your own!

As a highly spiritual number, the appearance of 2 may also indicate that Spirit is trying to get your attention. Open up to the possibility of help and guidance from above.

Pairs of things in dreams are often indicators of duality – of two opposing forces which are active in your life – like yin and yang, light and dark, new and old. Some kind of internal battle may be taking place, which needs your conscious attention. Or is there an external conflict – are you at odds with another person, situation or idea?

The 2 also represents the feminine, in particular, the feminine qualities that you have within (dreams very rarely refer to anyone except you). So you could be being asked to explore this part of your inner world.



What’s the dream meaning of 3 (Three)?

3PinThe Number 3 can represent:

  •      Creativity
  •      Fruition
  •      Abundance
  •      Luck
  •      Children
  •      Motivation
  •      Drama
  •      Expression
  •      Play

In dream interpretations, the number 3 often indicates personal growth. A symbol of the archetypal child, this number can indicate that something is coming to you through unity – the unity of body, mind and spirit; past, present and future; breath, will and imagination, etc… Or perhaps it contains the message that there is a third ingredient you need to add into your work, in order for it to come to fruition?

For many, 3 is the number of luck (though don’t we all know that in truth, you make your own luck!?) So in dreams, this is generally a very positive sign. It is also very motivating as its energy is inherently lively and dynamic!

Many also believe this number to be an indicator that the ascended masters are close. So if you have been looking for reassurance, this number could be bringing it.

As a number closely associated with expression, the appearance of the 3 in your dreams may indicate an issue around finding, and using your voice. The 3 could be a sign that you need to focus on clarity, authenticity and tact in your communications.



What’s the dream meaning of 4 (Four)?

3PinThe Number 4 can represent:

  •     Strength
  •      Stability
  •      Structure
  •      Boundaries and limitations
  •      Hard work
  •      Practicality
  •      Proficiency
  •      Resources

The 4 is a stable and secure number, indicating safety, commitment and reliability. When it appears in dreams, it is incredibly reassuring, often symbolizing an abundance of resources and available skill in your life.

It can be a sign of hard work – that you’re giving too much OR that you are required to give more. In either case, think closely about what the 4 could be referring to: think about how it showed up in your dream, as this will give you a big clue.

The number 4 may also be interpreted as a limitation, and reveal where you are experiencing restrictions in your life. Are you inhibiting your growth? Are you blocking your potential? Or are there circumstances in your life which are restricting you, that you need to break free from?



5PinWhat’s the dream meaning of 5 (Five)?

The Number 5 can represent:

  •      Freedom
  •      Change
  •      Curiosity
  •      Spontaneity
  •      Adventure
  •      Discoveries
  •      Storytelling
  •      Sensuality

The Number 5 often appears in dreams when change is happening OR when change needs to be embraced. It carries an energy of impulsiveness, risk-taking, and spontaneity, so if your dream-world is holding space for this, it’s a sign that your waking life can too!

Are you allowing yourself enough freedom? Are your routines keeping you trapped? The 5 may appear to show you where (and how) to liberate yourself or to reveal certain aspects of your personality which are not being allowed to fully express.

The 5 is also a really sensual number, so can show up in dreams when you’re awakening to the more sensual aspects of life. It encourages an exploration of how your physical and spiritual sides interact with the world around you.



What’s the dream meaning of 6 (Six)?

6PinThe Number 6 can represent:

  •      Love
  •      Union
  •      Family
  •      Domesticity and domestic spaces
  •      Creativity
  •      Personal needs and balance

The Number 6 relates to relationships and love, both in a romantic sense and in terms of family and community ties. It’s a deeply harmonizing number, so in dreams, it can be a sign that you need to settle and find balance in your life.

The 6 will often show up in your sleep when you need to come into a better relationship with yourself. Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating right? Nurturing your body, mind and spirit with the right sustaining inputs? The 6 holds a frequency which resonates closely with maternal instincts, so seeing this number could be a sign that you need to ‘mother’ yourself a little more.

As a double 3, the 6 holds a huge creative potential. Is it showing up in your dreams as two 3s? Or a rhythm which could relate to the 3? If so, you’re being asked to nurture your creative side and let this part of yourself out to play!



What’s the dream meaning of 7 (Seven)?

7PinThe Number 7 can represent:

  •      Spirituality
  •      Mysticism
  •      Inner Worlds
  •      Healing
  •      Self-love
  •      Self-trust
  •      Sacrifice

The Number 7 is the number most closely associated with the other realms. So when it shows up in your dreams, it should be interpreted as a powerful sign that there’s more going on in your slumber than first appears!

You’re being given a mystical sign.

Pay attention to what else is happening in your dreams and consider closely in what way the 7 is appearing. These are all clues you need to follow, in order to receive more insight from the Spirit realms.

The 7 can also be a good indicator that you have some soul-searching to do. How often do you look within for guidance and answers? If you’re prone to searching everywhere but your own heart and mind, the 7 could be a sign to re-tune that inner compass.

The 7 often comes in dreams as a reassuring sign of divine presence, so if you’ve been looking for one, you got it.



What’s the dream meaning of 8 (Eight)?

8PinThe Number 8 can represent:

  •      Success
  •      Achievement
  •      Authority
  •      Power
  •      Money
  •      Financial and material gains
  •      Balance
  •      Flow
  •      Regeneration

Many people associate the number 8 with abundance and seeing it in dreams is a sign of imminent success and reward. Which can be true. But in fact, the 8 is an ancient symbol of the flow of energy: of giving and receiving, coming and going, winning and losing.

If the 8 shows up in your dreams, it could mean that you’re too set on the reward and preoccupied with money. Perhaps you need to re-engage with the ebb and flow of life? Or perhaps you ARE on a winning streak, and the 8 is appearing as a sign that you’re almost at the finish line! In which case, you’re being strongly reminded to let go of the outcome, and enjoy the ride.

Another significance of the 8, is its association with power. So if this number is appearing in your dreams, consider your relationship to your own power, to other people in power, to the concept of power in general and how it sits with you. This number can show up as a sign you have work to do in this area, in your waking life. So the way in which it appears could offer significant guidance and extra information for you.



What’s the dream meaning of 9 (Nine)?

9PinThe Number 9 can represent:

  •      Idealism
  •      Leadership
  •      Collective Concerns
  •      Spiritual Advancement
  •      Completion
  •      Closure
  •      Endings and beginnings

When the Number 9 shows up in your dreams, it can be interpreted in a myriad of different ways. It’s a number which resonates strongly with idealism and highest potentials. So it could be a sign that you need to strive for more. Or perhaps your expectations around something are actually too high, and you need to lighten up? 

The 9 can often be a sign of the work which is required for the greater good. Perhaps the contents and message of your dream is of importance for the collective?

The meaning most often attributed to the 9 in dreamwork is completion and closure. It often shows up in the subconscious when an ending is close (it could refer to a project, a relationship or any number of things. Again, its context in your dream will be key!)


Are you dreaming of Numbers!?

What are the subconscious messages you’re being given?

Share with us in the comments below so we can all benefit from your dream-time guidance!


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