Numerology Calculator: Make Crunching Numbers Easier on Yourself

Numerology is great fun, plus it’s deadly accurate. Now if only you didn’t have to calculate the numbers yourself and just go straight to the interpretations. Well, you can, by using a numerology calculator.

What is a Numerology Calculator and Why Use it?

A numerology calculator is essentially a computer software designed to calculate the significant numbers in numerology. Although the computation of these numbers can be done by hand and with the use of a regular calculator, it can sometimes be time consuming. This is why a numerology calculator comes in handy, especially if you are not only computing your own numerology numbers, but the numbers of other people as well.

How Does a Numerology Calculator Work?

It’s not so difficult to understand how a regular calculator works, right? How about a numerology calculator? How does that function? How does it come up with a numerical value using your birthday and your name?

In numerology, everything has an assigned value. The months, for example, have their own values based on their placement in the calendar. The same goes for letters. The only difference is that numerology works to simplify these numbers into single digits. Therefore, a value of 23 becomes a 5 by adding 2 and 3, and a 17 becomes an 8 by adding 1 and 7 and so forth.

When you enter your name or your date of birth into a numerological calculator, the software interprets these as numbers by using specially designed algorithms. As a result, you are given a single digit, which you can then go on to interpret. Some calculators also present you with Master Numbers (i.e. 11, 22, 33). These Master Numbers are of great significance in numerology and are therefore revealed to you before they are further reduced.

Types of Numerology Calculators

When it comes to numerology, there are basically two types of calculators found online. The first is one that only calculates one numerological value at a time. The second one is the most convenient one because it calculates several numerology values at once.

Single calculators, say those that compute Life Path numbers alone, are ideal for people who want quick results and for those who want insight into just a single numerological value. These are also the most common type of numerological calculators found on the internet. To use them, you need only to input the data required for calculating a specific numerology value.

The other type of numerology calculator is the collective type. This calculator provides you with multiple numerology values at the same time. It often requires you to input both your birthday and your complete name. From such data, the calculator can compute your core numbers (i.e. Life Path, Soul Urge, Expression Number, Birthday Number) as well as the other numerology values. Most of these collective calculators require a fee, but it convenience of use more than justifies for it. There are also several resources online where they are available free.

Where to Find a Numerology Calculator

With the rekindling interest in numerology and with continuous advancements in technology, finding a numerology calculator online is much easier now that it has ever been. A simple keyword search with Google or any other search engine will reveal hundreds, if not thousands, of resources that provide access to a numerology calculator.

Choosing from such a wide number can be daunting. You may be hard pressed to decide, which one better suites your needs.

One of the best things you can do is to go to a source that you trust. Look for those that are high on Google’s search rankings. Another easy way to find good resources is to ask someone who is into numerology to pinpoint a site for you. If you do not know anyone personally, you can visit numerology forums and inquire from the contributing members.

When using these calculators make sure that you are using the right calculator for the value you want to figure out. Keep in mind that several values in numerology are called by different names. The Life Path number, for example, is sometimes referred to as a Destiny Number. The Expression Number is also referred to as the Destiny Number in some numerological circles.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you are you calculating for the right kind of number, you have to know how each number what data are used to come up with the different values. Information on these are found below.

Data Used to Calculate Your Numerology Values

Life Path Number – Uses the complete date of your birth. The Life Path number is also called the Destiny Number, the Vocational Number, and the Life Force.

The Expression Number – This is computed using the Verbs and Consonants in your name. The Expression is also called the Destiny Number, Self-Expression Number, the Mental Number, and the Outer Self Number.

The Soul Urge – This value is computer by summing up the numerological values of the vowels in your name. The Soul Urge is also called the Heart’s Desire, the Soul Number, the Motivation Number, the Inner Self Number, the Individuality Number, and the Self-Motivation number.

Lastly, a numerology calculator should only be used as quick fix and you should at some point compute the numbers on your own. This is helpful in determining if you have any hidden Master Numbers in your name. Keep in mind that although some calculators value reveal Master Numbers, there are still those which have been programmed to immediately reduce a number to its single value.

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