This September, you’re invited to join our community of over 1 million enlightened beings as we embark on an incredible collective journey into self-care, self-improvement and self-love!

As our busy lives sometimes take over, we often forget to take time for ourselves. But what if you had an team of likeminded accountability partners? What if you had a ‘done for you’ self-care plan to take the ‘thinking’ out of the equation? And what if you had a direct line to some of the world’s leading experts and bestselling authors in this space to answer your self-love questions?

Well, now you don’t have to wonder…

Introducing The Numerologist Book Club

You’re invited to join one of the world’s most unique book clubs! Not only will you get to read some of the most incredible, life-changing books, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions to the author themselves!

Each month, we’ll handpick a bestselling book for you (along with our huge community of book club members) to read as part of your daily self-care routine. It’s an incredible opportunity to stop making excuses when it comes to putting yourself first. Each book is carefully considered and intended to help you live a happier, more abundance and aligned life! And with the power of the collective intent, the benefit you’ll get from your read will be supercharged!

Then, after you’ve soaked in the self-loving goodness of each book, we’re taking things up one more level! Once the month is done, we’ll invite you to ask questions direct to the author, allowing you to gain so much more insight that you could if you were reading alone.

How To Join The Numerologist Book Club

  1. Follow on Instagram. We announce all of our books and provide Book Club updates there.
  2. Buy the book for the relevant month. Again, links can be found on Instagram, or you can sign up to the numerologist newsletter here to get book announcements.
  3. Read the book before the end of the month
  4. Then, DM us your questions on Instagram for us to ask the author!

So, ready to get your September 2020 book?



September’s Book: How To Be Fine

By Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer 

A humorous and insightful look into what advice works, what doesn’t, and what it means to transform yourself, by the co-hosts of the popular By the Book podcast.

In each episode of their podcast By the Book, Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer take a deep dive into a different self-help book, following its specific instructions, rules, and advice to the letter. From diet and productivity to decorating to social interactions, they try it all, record themselves along the way, then share what they’ve learned with their devoted and growing audience of fans who tune in.

In How to Be Fine, Jolenta and Kristen synthesize the lessons and insights they’ve learned and share their experiences with everyone. How to Be Fine is a thoughtful look at the books and practices that have worked, real talk on those that didn’t, and a list of philosophies they want to see explored in-depth.’

Get How To Be Fine here.



Want to buy your books now for the next couple of months?

October’s Book: Dear Universe

By Sarah Prout

Get Dear Universe here.

November’s Book: For Small Creatures Such As We

By Sasha Sagan

You can get For Small Creatures Such As We here.

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