If your life didn’t undergo some kind of shift in October, you’re in the minority! What an empowering month this was – with two eclipses during a Mercury Retrograde! Now it’s time to embrace a brand new month, with a very different energy.

November promises to be an exquisite month of exploration and growth. In numerology November 2014 resonates to 9 and carries the gift of wisdom.

9 is a big release and transition number. You’re learning to balance the dark and light in your life. You are also processing all the insights you made during Mercury retrograde. Letting go of all beliefs, people and things that are no longer support you, will create new openings in your life to create abundance all month long!

November 6 – Magnifying What You Love & Value

taurus wealth zodiac PinOn November 6 one of the most beautiful Full Moons in years is lighting up the November skies.

This Full Moon is absolutely gorgeous!

You’ll definitely feel a strong urge to open up your heart to joy and abundance during this powerful lunation!

For one, this is a Taurus Full Moon, magnifying what you love and value – including the exchange of money, beauty and your intimate relationships. It has NO challenging aspects from other planets. And it just exudes beautiful Venus and Jupiter “abundance energy”.

Turning On Your “Money” Sectors

With the Sun in Scorpio, we have both “Money” sectors in astrology activated.

Taurus governs the 2nd house of your attitude toward financial security, money and your core values. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus – bringer of luxury, beauty and love. And Scorpio governs the 8th house of money owed to you, as well as partnerships with others who support you in generating wealth. Scorpio is ruled by the power and transformation planet Pluto.

What’s so fabulous about this Taurus Full Moon is how the Sun conjuncts (blends together with) Venus ruler of Taurus and Venus lies at 17 degrees. 17 in numerology is what I call the “Immortality Number”.

17 adds up to the root number 8 (1+7=8), and 8 symbolizes eternity, infinite abundance, leadership and strength.

When 17 is activated, something lasting and powerful is activated deep within you.

Your Career & Achievements

full moon wealthPinAnother wonderful gift we’ll receive from this Taurus Full Moon is the harmonious relationship it forms to powerful Pluto and fiery Mars, which are joined by conjunction in Capricorn, the sign governing your career and achievements.

Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio with Mars being the ancient ruler of Scorpio (before the discovery of Pluto), so together they are giving a natural, effortlessly fortunate and dynamic boost to the Full Moon experience.

Plus, the whole event is stimulated by Jupiter, the planet of plenty and abundance!

Jupiter is injecting a strong dose of drive and purpose into the equation. It’s as if the Universe is saying, “you’ve been through a lot this year, now it’s time to reap your rewards!”

Some Tips For This November’s Full Moon

AS always during any full moon, pay close attention to your feelings and what is occurring around you.

Be conscious of everything you say and do. This one has the potential to leave a lasting miraculous legacy.

Watch my November Forecast Video for more, including the rest of our Wealth Astro-Numerology lineup for November! You’ll love the wonderful opportunities in store for you (especially after a crazy intense October!).

In the video, you’ll also discover how the number 9 Universal Month number for November enhances your power and prosperity from the perspective of wisdom.  And why the New Moon on November 22 has more GOOD news in store for us.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, especially how this beautiful Full Moon is feeling for you.

Now go manifest Abundance!

Love and Blessings,