yin yangPinHey everyone, it is November, and we are in the thick of Scorpio season! This is a powerful time. How has it been for you so far?

Some Scorpio themes we may work with & experience this month are:

  • Death, Rebirth & Transformation
  • Desire
  • Power
  • Emotions
  • Depth
  • Secrets
  • Mystery
  • Subconscious
  • Sexuality
  • Shadow Work
  • Reflection
  • Introspection

November is a prime portal of personal TRANSFORMATION.

It is a time when we may feel a call for change, like a snake shedding its skin or a phoenix rising from the ashes. So some questions we could ask ourselves this month are: What can I release, to bring in the new?

In Tarot, the card that links to Scorpio is Death.

Another question to ask is: What needs to die?

The answer to these questions could be something external in your life, or it could be internal. It may even be some part of yourself; a way of being that no longer serves you.

Some other Scorpio-themed questions we could ask ourselves are:

  • What are my desires? My deep desires?
  • What are my deep emotions?

Scorpio is very much about DEPTH.

And Pluto, the lord of the dark underworld, is the ruler of this sign. For this reason, this is a prime time for shadow work – and for exploring what is hidden in our subconscious.

This is also a time when the veil between the worlds is thinner, and so it is a good time to delve into the mysteries, divination and to connection with the spirit and faery realm.

The Scorpio/Taurus Axis

It’s important to consider polar signs, as opposites are linked to one another. The polar sign to Scorpio is Taurus, and whereas Scorpio represents darkness and death, Taurus represents light and life.

But like the symbol of the Yin/Yang, there is always a little light in the darkness and a little darkness in the light.

This can feel like a heavy time, but the yin/yang symbol reminds us that there is some light and life to be found in this month as well!

Some examples of this are shown in the Tarot & Oracle readings below…

Tarot Reading

Here are the cards I’d pulled for the month of November:

99a32b94b2554496afa2ae169cb0a514Pin9 of Cups/Happiness-

The message of the 9 of Cups is to place importance on your emotions this month; prioritize and focus on them.
A question you could ask to check-in with yourself every now and then is: “How do I feel?”.

In the world today, we tend to be so much in our heads, and not give enough value and acknowledgment to our feelings. I find this ironic, because humans are really such emotional beings!

Asking how we feel is so important because it brings awareness, and this awareness of how we actually feel can help facilitate powerful revelations and transformations in our lives.

Journaling could be really good for this sort of reflection..

I’d also recommend doing heart meditation this month so that you may tune into and open your heart.

To do the meditation, simply sit, focus your attention on and feel into that area. You could also even place your hand there and/or visualize white light expanding there. I’d recommend doing this for at least ten minutes each day. Doing this will be very clearing, centering and healing.

This card also signifies expansion, which can be attained through following your desires, dreams- and what simply makes you feel good! So again, the message is to prioritize how you feel. What makes you happy? What makes you say “YES” inside? Let those feelings guide you, and you will expand in a profound, even spiritual way.

knight-swords-thothKnight of Swords-

This card appeared in our reading for October, and here he is again! And his message is pretty much the same, this time.

The color blue is prominent in this image, and blue is a color of truth and communication. And like Scorpio, the Knight of Swords is known for being DIRECT.

The message here is to be honest, communicative and direct to yourself as well as to others about what you desire, where you stand and what you really want.

the devil tarot meaningPinThe Devil-

The Devil signifies carnality; our needs and desires. And since he is pictured on a platform and with an open third eye, it indicates that by following our drives and desires, we encourage our own spiritual ascension (as was also mentioned with the 9 of Cups).

He can also signify doing shadow work and facing our inner “demons”. The Devil is known for living “down below”, so this also can signify finding what is hidden in the depths, and exploring what we may have feared to explore before…

Mermaid Oracle Message – Play!

The message from the Mer realm is a much lighter one. It is: to have a sense of play!

Scorpio season can feel serious, but as mentioned before with the Yin/Yang symbol, in darkness there is also a bit of light. The advice here is to make sure to play; to do what makes you feel bubbly and exuberant.

Again, like with the 9 of Cups, make sure you focus on what makes you feel good; on what gives you a sense of joy!

Colours of the Month

Here are the colors I recommend wearing and having around you during November:

  • Purple – A color of transformation
  • Black & Red – These are, along with purple, other colors linked to the sign of Scorpio
  • Blue – For encouraging more truthfulness and communication this month

Thank you so much for reading.

Wishing you all a magical, transformative next few weeks!