November 17, 2014 – Abundance Accelerator Day

I have really GOOD news for you, especially after an intense first half of November and the breakthrough double eclipse month of October!

Today November 17 is a celebration of eternal life. You are an immortal soul, and what you do today will leave a legacy behind.

The Power Of Number 17

numerology wealth moneyThe ancient Chaldean priests called 17 the “Star of the Magi – a powerfully psychic number that delves into the deepest spiritual realms. 17 is symbolized by the 8-pointed Star of Venus and carries tremendous blessings!

This “8-pointed Star of Venus” is aligned with the actual SYMBOL of Infinity – the number eight – and merges it with the abundance of Venus, which is why 17 is such a magnificent and powerful number.

There are many ways this number shares its fortunate gifts with us. For example, Abundance Blessings extend to people whose Current Name adds up to 17. These people always leave behind some kind of legacy after they pass on.

The legacy of a 17 name can be large or small, positive or complicate, local or worldwide… but it will be felt by a community in a lasting way.

For example, both “Michelle Obama” and “Barack Obama” carry the 17 vibration in their current names. And both will leave behind a major legacy, being the first ever African American President and First Lady.

When Samuel Clemens decided to change his name to “Mark Twain”, he activated the powerful 17 frequency. Of course, Mark Twain’s books have left behind a lasting legacy.

I know this may sound strange! How can names resonate to a number that affects you, right?

Numbers, Nouns, And Names

You may be surprised to learn that every number is not just a mathematical value but also a frequency that carries a unique message.

Numbers have a specific symbolic meaning just like how every spoken and written word conveys a meaning. It’s also similar to how your body language sends thousands of signals unbeknownst to you, how every thought affects your energy field, or how the beginning of a song elicits instantaneous feelings.

These meanings are picked up by your subconscious as REALITY.

Number 17, unleashed today in a major way, gives you the strength of an immortal. You can overcome hurdles more easily and transcend difficulties in order to raise your vibration to the greatest heights of happiness and success.

Breaking Down Number 17’s Code

 November 17 is a 17 Universal DAY.

 11.17.2014 = 1+1 + 1+7 + 2+0+1+4 = 17 is a 17 Universal DATE.

What Does November 17, 2014 Mean For You

numerology wealthYour psychic, intuitive abilities are infinitely expanded today.

You are able to clearly see “beyond the veil” into truths that were formerly hidden.

You have the power to heal pain and understand where your pain originated from, without judgment or guilt.

You have the confidence and strength to transcend challenges and embrace them as “disguised opportunities”.

November 17th Is An Abundance Accelerator Day

 1+7 adds up to 8, the number of eternal life, power and wealth. (Keep in mind, 8 is the number all of 2015 will resonate to.)

This means – TODAY is a very important day for you to set intentions about your wealth and financial abundance goals because the meaning of your intentions will carry you through into NEXT year.

Since all numbers “speak” to each other, your intentions will communicate a specific message that will resonate in 2015 – an 8 Universal Year of “Awakened Wealth Consciousness”.

Listen to your intuition – it is your soul’s greatest guidance system.

Intuition defies logic and is instantly connected to Source, to the Divine, to the all realms of existence… to infinite abundance. Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, called intuition “more powerful than intellect”.

3 Tips To Make The Best Of Today Onwards

Here are three tips for you that you can use today and from this day forward:

♦ LISTEN to how the messages from your eternal soul inspire, guide and uplift you today.

ACT on your gut feelings.

MOVE mountains to make your goals and dreams come true.

17/8 lies in what I call the 2-4-8 “Manifestation Triad” in numerology. Manifestation is where the rubber meets the road.

I invite you to unleash your creative power today.

Go manifest something lasting and magical!

Dedicated to Your Abundance,


What blessings and goals will you begin manifesting today? How will you dip into the number 17 energy-stream and activate something of lasting value to you and the world? Drop me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

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