November 11, 2014 – Triple 11:11:11 Portal of Abundance

By November 10, 2014Astrology, Numerology

key to wealthNovember 11, 2014 is a very special day in Astro-Numerology.

It forms an 11-11-11 Portal of Abundance.

Even in the moments before November 11 arrives this year, a sacred geometric abundance symbol is activated in the heavens. It occurs in the final minutes of November 10 Universal Time.

At the very center of this sacred astrology symbol lies a powerful conjunction (merging together) of two planets: Pluto (empowerment through transformation) and Mars (energetic activation of your inner fire) join at 11 degrees shortly after 11 pm Universal Time.

At that moment a magnificent geometric symbol, called a “kite”, is formed.

In astrology a kite creates an exquisite formula for tension and release, focus and freedom. With Pluto and Mars at the midpoint of this kite, you can usefocused intention to direct this energy towards a successful realization of your goals.

Minutes after the kite is formed, the 11 formula moves into triple overdrive.

November 11, 2014 is an 11 Universal Date in numerology:

11.11.2014 = 1+1 + 1+1 2+0+1+4 = 11

It is an 11 Day, in the 11th month adding up to an 11 Universal Date. This triple 11:11:11 activation opens significant gateways into new realities.

How Can You Use This Portal To Manifest Wealth?

Set the following intentions:

► I am open to and OPTIMISTIC about surprises and see the beauty of opportunity everywhere.
► I walk through the triple 11 portal TRUSTING that everything that occurs in my life is always for the highest good for myself and others.
► I welcome the Divine within me and this allows me to consciously manifest something abundant, loving and infinitely joyous.

No doubt, this 11:11:11 Portal of Abundance will shift you. 11 in numerology is a Master Number. Doubling the number 1 intensifies the energy. The two 1s are pillars that symbolize an initiation – a gateway into the unknown.

In stepping fearlessly through the 11 gateway, you “see the light” and experience the unknowable.

You Are Finally Able To Stop Postponing Fulfillment

happiness and wealthFor example, when you are in a job that feels unfulfilling to you on a core soul level, you avoid action because your deep fear of change has outweighed your natural desire for joy. So you do things that postpone true lasting joy.

When you walk through the 11 gateway, you are set free. You are no longer held hostage to opinions about you, expectations placed onto you, and misaligned goals. You enter into a fun and profound creative relationship with yourself and the universe. You do everything from a perspective of love and abundance.

This 11:11:11 Portal is a magnificent gateway into wealth consciousness.

Right now YOU are invited to the party!

Think BIG. Feel BIG. And PLAY BIG.

Once you do, you will discover that abundance is everywhere!

And that is where the fun begins…

Blessings and Abundance,


PS. What will you be working towards this 11:11:11? What do you hope to achieve or let go? How will you choose to transform your life? Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts!

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