Pin2018 is starting with the biggest of bangs! The radical cosmic shifts we closed the year with show no signs of abating.

January is a month with three lunations (two of them Super Full Moons) and right now, Luna is almost at perigee – the point on her orbit that’s closest to earth – just in time for the Full Moon in her own sign of Cancer. This Super Moon will appear as an enormous globe in the night sky, drawing in our gaze and tugging powerfully on our energetic bodies too – if you’re a sensitive soul, be ready.

Listen in.
Receive the guidance of the divine feminine.

Surrender to the Unknown

This is a Full Moon that reminds us that we don’t need to work out all the answers. We don’t need to work out every strategy and step before we take them. We don’t need to know what the end goal is. Instead, this Moon is asking us to fully engage in the mystery of our lives, by flowing with the river (because surrendering to the unknown is exactly what will lead to the answers, the strategy and the goals … if that’s what you’re still looking for).

It is a beautiful antidote to her opposition to the Sun at 11º of Capricorn, joined by Venus at 9º, plus Pluto and Saturn whose long journey through this sign of opposites is only just beginning. Form and structure are useful and necessary, but within this, we need to be free to express ourselves.

Create a Soft Landing

Cancer encourages personal freedom through intense self-love.

As the most maternal of signs, it offers an energy that feels like a warm woolly blanket, a hot mug of soup and a strong, soft shoulder to cry into. It’s safe. It’s home. But this Full Moon may shine a spotlight onto these parts of yourself and you psyche where you feel unsafe, uncared for, un-mothered. Where Cancer’s energy is unmatched in your own life, the empty spaces may feel a lot emptier than they usually do. So if you’re prone to emotional dives, surround yourself with cushions (real and metaphorical!) for the next few days, to create a soft landing if you do fall.

Family Matters

You may need to be with family, close friends and kin during this lunation. You may need the support that only those who know you intimately can offer. Or perhaps this Full Moon will highlight where you are stifled or stuck in unhealthy patterns with these very same people?

Cancer offers a gentle, tender, loving energy, but if feelings are threatened or hurt, the tendency is to close down and create barriers – think of the hard, impenetrable shell of the crab. With this archetype moving through the collective psyche throughout this lunation, we must each try to be conscious of how we’re expressing and being received by those around us. True free expression creates more of the same, so if what you say and do closes other people down, it’s not coming from a place of genuine, heart-centred freedom. Think carefully about whether this is an experience you recognize (from any angle). It’s time for it to stop.

A Grand Water Trine

There is also powerful geometry in the skies at the time of this Full Moon, a gift to calm and soften the intensity. Luna forms one point of a grand water trine (with the others being Neptune at 11º of Pisces, and Mars and Jupiter at 14 º and 17º of Scorpio). This offers a harmonious backdrop, a soothing support for the movements and adjustments happening within us at this time. So much water tied together in this beautiful way creates a safe and still pool to float upon, a warm lagoon in which to drift and dream and give up any sense of urgency.

So relax.

Release the burdens you are carrying.

So much cardinal energy from four planets in Capricorn may be fuelling a desire to get moving, but resist this for now. The imaginal realms are alive at this time, and this Cancer Full Moon is inviting you to dive right in!

How are YOU feeling about this Full Super Moon?

Are you ready to surrender to the ocean of your dreams (and bring some of them into being this year?)

Share your thoughts below!

And many Full Moon blessings to you and your family.