May 2015 Astrology & Numerology Forecast With Kari Samuels

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Marvelous May is here! This month will teach you how to slow down and enjoy the sensual pleasures of the Earth.

In numerology, May 2015 is a 13 Universal Month. (5+2+0+1+5 = 13). 13 is the number of the Goddess.

Goddess Venus is with you this month, teaching you to delight in all the luxuries life has to offer. We are in Taurus until May 21st with beautiful Venus as this signs ruling planet, you are sure to learn how to attract love, money and wealth in ways that are easy and enjoyable.

Mercury retrograde rears its winged head May 18. Though not to worry. This transit will teach you how to enjoy your life even more, by investing in your well-being.

In this May 2015 Astrology & Numerology forecast, you will learn how to make the most of May’s magnificent energy, and manifest more joy during Mercury Retrograde.

Live it up!

Calling In Your Angels To Help You During This Mercury Retrograde

In this forecast, Kari will show you 4 things you need to do to make the most of the Mercury Retrograde during this 4 Universal month. Why not call upon the 4 Archangels to help you?

➽ Call upon Archangel Michael, the remover of negativity to clear away any obstacles and help fix your electronics (he’s good at that!)
➽ Ask Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel, to help you communicate with clarity
➽ Invite Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, to remedy your self-esteem so you can value yourself more
➽ And bring Archangel Uriel, angel of light, into your life to lighten up your energy and keep your spirits high.

With these winged warriors on your side, you’ll breeze through our winged messenger Mercury’s retrograde with ease.

About Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Numerologist and Happiness Coach who helps people world-wide align with their soul’s purpose and reclaim their natural spiritual gifts. Through her radio shows, online courses, and inspiring YouTube videos, Kari has taught thousands of people how to interpret the letters of their name and numbers in their birth date to heal their past, tune into their present, and decipher their destiny. Check out more of her awesome stuff at, where you can receive her free Numerology Guide to a Happy Life.



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