Creating a witch’s ladder charm is a really great way to move magick through you, and into the physical world.

But true, effective magic starts first with joy. 

Maya Angelou reminds us that, “When you wish someone joy, you wish them peace, love, prosperity, happiness…all the good things.”

Magick and spellwork can bring even more of these good things into our lives.

Breathing prepares us for the work, as does our union with nature. At this moment, take a few deep breaths. If possible go outside, and inhale and exhale at your own pace. Breathing brings us into the moment and allows us to be present and have everything else fall away. We can always pick up thinking where we left off!

Yet with the power of presence and pleasure, it’s possible to co-create magick.

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The witch’s ladder, which uses knot magic, can keep our attention and focus away from what we don’t want and on what we do want.

The Witch’s Ladder

In “The Traveling Witch”, Avery Hart explains, “There’s some debate as to whether or not this was a commonly used tool in older European traditions of witchcraft. In the late 1870s a witch’s ladder, along with a collection of brooms, was found in the attic of a recently deceased woman in Somerset, sparking suspicions of witchcraft. Unfortunately, it’s not actually known whether or not this object was really used in witchcraft or how widespread the use may have been if it was.”


Historical evidence on the use of witch’s ladders is scarce at best. I agree with Chris Wingfield’s statement in the article, Witches’ Ladder: the hidden history: “Whether or not the original Witches’ ladder was ever used for magic, today witches’ ladders definitely are.”

A witch’s ladder can be made of anything that can be fashioned into rope. Usually, cord or string are used, and sometimes grasses and hair may be incorporated. Into the rope, a certain number of knots, beads and related objects related such as feathers (for flight, perhaps) are tied, while speaking an incantation to forge the spell.

It’s interesting to note that rosary beads – a string of knots and beads braided together, used to count prayers and ask God for work on one’s behalf, and to give thanks and gratitude – are used in the Catholic Church. Whilst the folk magic and pagan practices associated with this kind of witchcraft are actually much older. A witch’s ladder is similar either as a charm of prayer and affirmation or as a hanging charm.



Step One

Gather items for your witch’s ladder – these can be either trinkets and small objects, so that you can carry this ladder in your purse or pocket, or larger and hung on a wall. Here are some ideas:

  • Cord or string. Try different colors, as you are guided.
  • a small coin or a small drawing of money,
  • a small photo or drawing of a joyful face,
  • alfalfa or thyme (for money),
  • a banknote,
  • dried orange (for joy, luck, money),
  • feathers (green for money, health and prosperity, yellow for cheerfulness and prosperity).

Use this list as inspiration, see what ideas you can come up with on your own!

Step Two

Go outside to connect with nature. Inhale and exhale at your own pace for 3-5 minutes.

Step Three

Speak an incantation while you tie the knots and weave in the objects. Speak from your heart or use this spell: “By the power of three times three, I forge these meanings to be.”

  • As you tie the first two knots say, “Joy and Prosperity come to me.”
  • On the third knot tie in 1-3 items and repeat, “Joy and Prosperity come to me.”
  • As you tie the 4th and 5th knots repeat, “Joy and Prosperity come to me.”
  • On the sixth knot tie in 1-3 items and repeat, “Joy and Prosperity come to me.”
  • As you tie the 7th and 8th knots repeat, “Joy and Prosperity come to me.”
  • On the last knot (the ninth) tie in 1-3 item and repeat, “Joy and Prosperity come to me.”

Step Four

When you have completed braiding witch’s ladder, say aloud THANK YOU and BLESSED BE

 Step Five

Hang up your witch’s ladder charm, or place it in your purse or pocket. Each time you think of it touch your charm and repeat “Joy and Prosperity come to me.”

Wishing you blessings, joy, and prosperity!

By Veronica Schultz